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Agricultural Research

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 4 August, 2016; 11(31)

August 2016

Efficiency of commercial products for the control of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary in soybean cultivar NS 5909 RG

The constant assessment of methods of disease control is essential in achieving production regularity and for ongoing increments in soybean productivity. Among the various diseases, the intensity of the white mold has been increasing, caused especially by the fungus Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary. The present work has the objective to assess different seed treatments in association with fungicide application to...

Author(s): Alfredo José Alves Neto, Álvaro Guilherme Alves, José Renato Stangarlin, Jéssica Caroline Coppo, Leandro Rampim Bruna Broti Rissato Diego Augusto Fois Fatecha, Eloisa Lorenzetti, Paulo Sérgio Giacomelli and Cristiane Belmonte.

August 2016

Growth and production of common bean in direct seeding under irrigated deficit condition

Plant growth is one of the most sensitive physiological processes to water deficiency. The objective of this study was to evaluate different levels of water replacement combined in two periods of the bean cycle, cv. IAC Alvorada, with respect to the biometric parameters. The study was carried out for two years (2010 and 2011) in a Red Latosol, distroferric, of clay texture, in Botucatu, SP. The experimental design was a...

Author(s): José Joaquim Carvalho, João Carlos Cury Saad, Marconi Batista Teixeira, José Alves Júnior, Melissa Selaysim Di Campos, Ana Carolina Oliveira Horschutz and Fernando Nobre Cunha

August 2016

Study of the genetic variability, correlation and importance of phenotypic characteristics in cactus pear (Opuntia and Nopalea)

The cactus pear is a widely cultivated plant in the Northeast of Brazil, contributing significantly to the feeding of livestock, especially in times of drought. Because of the high variation between phenotypic varieties grown in this region, it is essential to study the genetic diversity. The objectives of this study were to characterize the genetic diversity in seven varieties of cactus pear, genera Opuntia and...

Author(s): Francisco Abel Lemos Alves, Albericio Pereira de Andrade, Riselane de Lucena Alcântara Bruno, Djalma Cordeiro dos Santos and Vanda Lucia Arcanjo Pereira

August 2016

Challenges facing agricultural cooperative system: Analysing participation using a discrete choice model for the southern communal area of Namibia

The problem of trust, non-transparency, and dysfunctionality has been ascribed to the character and the nature of the agricultural cooperative system in Namibia. Perhaps the true characterisation of the problem is not known with certainty albeit, the concern about the role of the institution, government intervention and member laxity. Further insight from the institutional economics suggests that organisational...

Author(s): Uchezuba, D. I., Mbai, S. and Laubscher, K.

August 2016

Nitrate leaching in irrigated inorganic agriculture: A case study of Mashare commercial farm in Namibia, Okavango River Basin

Irrigation schemes in old flood plains of the Okavango River were identified as major non-point sources of sediment nutrients and leachates despite lack of supporting evidence from studies that measured nutrient levels in the river’s mainstream using grab samples. Hence this study sought to check for evidence of loss and transport of nitrates from an irrigated field into the uncultivated riparian zones of the...

Author(s): Andrea Vushe, Loffie von Landsberg, Alexander Groengroeft and Damas A. Mashauri

August 2016

Study of the variability, correlation and importance of chemical and nutritional characteristics in cactus pear (Opuntia and Nopalea)

Cactus pear is a widely cultivated plant in the Brazilian semiarid region that contributes significantly to the feeding of livestock, especially in times of drought. Because it has a great phenotypic variability among the varieties cultivated in Brazil, there is need to characterize the diversity of chemical and nutritional characteristics. The objectives of this study were to characterize the diversity in seven...

Author(s): Francisco Abel Lemos Alves, Albericio Pereira de Andrade, Riselane de Lucena Alcântara Bruno and Djalma Cordeiro dos Santos

August 2016

Effect of seed component ratios and cutting regime on the performances of annual ryegrass and burr medic mixtures

A research was carried out in Sardinia (Italy) to identify the best combination and management in binary mixtures of Lolium rigidum Gaudin Nurra (L) and Medicago polymorpha L. Anglona (P) new released varieties of both species. Two pure stands (L100P0 and L0P100) and three mixtures (L75P25, L50P50 and L25P75) were compared under two cutting regimes; a commercial mixture was also included in the experiment as test....

Author(s): Giovanni Antonio Re, Claudio Porqueddu, Federico Sanna, Leonardo Sulas, Antonio Franca, Giovanna Piluzza and Simonetta Bullitta

August 2016

Drying of hulled naturally processed coffee with high moisture content and its impacts on quality

This study aimed to propose a new method to reduce the time needed for coffee processing and drying and to verify this method’s possible impact on both the sensorial and physiological qualities of coffee. The method, which entails hulling coffee with different moisture contents by removing the entire pericarp before completing the drying, reduced the operating time by more than 50% as compared to the normal drying...

Author(s): Valdiney Cambuy Siqueira, Flavio Meira Borem, Eder Pedroza Isquierdo, Guilherme Euripedes Alves, Diego Egidio Ribeiro, Afonso Celso Ferreira Pinto, and Jose Henrique da Silva Taveira

August 2016

Special liming materials for acidity control of soils with variable charge

Soil acidity has been the major limiting factor to farming activities in the tropics and subtropics. The objective of this study was to verify the efficacy of special liming materials, when compared with the dolomitic limestone, regarding the correction of soil acidity with variable charge in controlled conditions. Samples of a Typic Dystrudept and Rhodic Hapludox were collected from a of layer 0-20 cm, and used to...

Author(s): Jessica Alves dos Santos, Adriel Ferreira da Fonseca, Domenico Zocco and Igor Vieira

August 2016

Morphological analysis of fruits, seeds, and seedling germination Acacia farnesiana (L.) Willd

The understanding of the morphology of fruits, seeds and seedlings is very important on the identification and the preservation of species. The work describes and illustrates morphological characteristics of fruits, seeds, germination, and seedlings of Acasia farnesiana. The fruits were collected manually from parent trees selected at random, in the municipality of Sousa State of Paraíba. After collection, they...

Author(s): Paulo Alexandre Fernandes Rodrigues de Melo, Kelina Bernardo Silva, Edna Ursulino Alves, Robson Luis Silva de Medeiros, Antônio Pereira dos Anjos Neto, Kedma Maria Silva Pinto, Wallace de Sousa Leite and Valderez Pontes Matos