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Table of Content: 4 February 2010; 5(3)

February 2010

Resource use efficiency in sole sorghum production in three villages of Kaduna State, Nigeria

  In explaining the differences in the efficiency of farms, it is necessary to look into the use of resources to show the close links existing between the performance attained from resources on individual farms and efficient allocation of resources between farms of different sizes. This study attempts to estimate the productivity of farm resources on small and large scale farms, it uses the double log...

Author(s): L. J. S. Baiyegunhi, D. O. Chikwendu  and G. C. G. Fraser 

February 2010

Land use pattern and sustainability of food crop production in the fadama of Southern Guinea Savanna of Nigeria

  An assessment of the sustainability of food crop production in the fadamas of Southern Guinea Savanna of Niger State, Nigeria was carried out within the framework of small-scale farming households utilizing fadama for the cultivation of food crops. The study determined profitability of food crop production in thefadama and identified the pattern of land use and management and...

Author(s): A. F.  Lawal, O. A. Omotesho,   and    M. O. Adewumi

February 2010

The effects of irrigatıon methods on input use and productivities of sugarbeet in central Anatolia, Turkey

  Today, global climate change and the decrease in ground and surface water sources have increased the importance of the rational and economic use of water as a scarce resource. The selection of irrigation systems in the cultivation of agricultural products is also very important. In this study, sugarbeet which is one of the first established agricultural industries, forms the basis of contract-based...

Author(s): Mevhibe Albayrak, Erdogan Gunes and Bulent Gulcubuk

February 2010

A multivariate analysis of variance (MANOVA) of the performance of sorghum lines in different agro-ecological regions of Zimbabwe

This study presents a multi-environment trial to evaluate the performance of sorghum lines in a target population of environments in Zimbabwe. The study attempts to determine whether genotypic variation and/or genotype-environment interaction have a significant effect on sorghum performance. It also attempts to determine whether the promising sorghum lines perform better than the established varieties with the aim of...

Author(s): D. Maposa, E. Mudimu and O. Ngwenya

February 2010

Livelihoods diversification and gender in Malawi

  Scholarly literature portrays rural livelihoods diversification as a continuously occurring phenomenon that results from the increased importance of off-farm wage labor in the household livelihood portfolio or through the development of new forms of on-farm commodities. The fact that women and men particularly in Africa have significantly different roles in the making of livelihoods decisions suggests the...

Author(s): Franklin Peter Simtowe

February 2010

Farmers’ information acceptance behaviour in China

  This study attempts to provide insights into farmers’ information acceptance behavior in China. The paper proposes an integrated model based on the technology acceptance model (TAM). Correlation and regression analyses are used to investigate the determinants. The results show that income, attitude, risk preference, perceived usefulness, searching motivation and experience affect farmers’...

Author(s): Jingjing Zhang, Xiaoping Zheng, Xiaoshuan Zhang and Zetian Fu,

February 2010

Agronomic assessment of grain yield and nitrogen loss and gain of old and modern wheat cultivars under warm climate

  In cereals, the main source of nitrogen for grains is nitrogen remobilized from vegetative parts shown to be depended on environmental and genotype factors. Field experiments were conducted to study the effect of various N rates on four Iranian wheat cultivars which have been released at different periods. The experimental design was split plots, arranged in randomized complete block with three replications....

Author(s): A. Aynehband, A. A. Moezi and M. Sabet

February 2010

The effects of different treatments on seed germination of the Cassia fistula L. and Cassia nodosa Buch.-Ham. ex Roxb. in Kuwait

  Most of the trees introduced for the development of landscape agriculture in Kuwait are meant only for foliage and greenery purpose. Therefore, the study was initiated to introduce flowering trees of the genus cassia (Cassia fistula L. and Cassia nodosa Buch-Ham. ex Roxb.) to the landscape architecture of Kuwait and to break their seed dormancy. Three experiments were conducted on both species...

Author(s): H. S. Al-Menaie, O. Al-Ragam, A. Al-Shatti, M. Mathew and N. Suresh

February 2010

Comparisons of alternative feedlot runoff management systems

  Two vegetative treatment and containment systems were designed in Oliver and Dunn Counties of North Dakota, USA. The results showed that unit costs for the systems designed in Oliver County were 8.83 and 7.18 $/m2 for vegetative treatment system and containment systems, respectively. Same values for Dunn County design were 7.22 and 5.82 $/m2. According to the results, vegetative treatment systems are not...

Author(s): Unal Kizil

February 2010

The investigation of the ergonomic aspects of the noise caused by agricultural tractors used in Turkish forestry

  Agricultural tractors in various types and dimensions are generally used in forest depots in Turkey for loading and stacking the forest products. In recent years, using machines for loading forest products has increased more and more due to the high productivity obtained from the machines and hardships in finding skilled workers. However, the risks accompanying these developments threaten the health of the...

Author(s): Kenan Melemez and Metin Tunay

February 2010

Identification of the S-genotypes of several sweet cherry (Prunus avium L.) cultivars by AS-PCR and pollination

  Sweet cherry cultivars display a self-incompatibility system that restricts self-fertilization and fertilization between cultivars bearing identical S-alleles. PCR-based S-allele typing system for sweet cherry cultivars has been recently developed. It has been reported that all known self-incompatibility (S) alleles of sweet cherry were more than 16 based on the AS-PCR analysis. In this work, two sets of...

Author(s): Hongxia Wang, , KaiChun Zhang, Naihaoye, and Huairui Su 

February 2010

Brucellosis in extensive management system of Zebu cattle in Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia

  The study was conducted in six districts of Sidama Zone, Southern Ethiopia. During the study a total of 1627 indigenous zebu cattle in 124 herds were considered from extensive management system. Serum samples collected were screened using Rose Bengal plate test (RBPT) and positive reactors were further subjected to complement fixation test to maximize specifity and positive predictive value. In the study, an...

Author(s): Kassahun Asmare, Yilkal Asfaw, Esayas Gelaye and Gelagay Ayelet

February 2010

A study of ecto- and endo-parasites of domestic pigeons in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania

  A study was conducted to assess the prevalence of parasites of domestic pigeons in Morogoro Municipality, Tanzania. 100 nestlings and 100 adult pigeons were examined for the presence of ecto- and endo-parasites. 159 pigeons (79.5%) were infected with one or more species of gastrointestinal helminthes, 124 (62%) had one or more ectoparasites and 74 (37%) were infected with haemoparasites. The 3 subfamilies...

Author(s): P. L. M. Msoffe, A. P. Muhairwa, G. H. Chiwanga and A. A. Kassuku