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Agricultural Research

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Table of Content: 4 January 2010; 5(1)

January 2010

Economic valuation of soil erosion in a semi arid area in Turkey

Economic valuation deficiency of soil erosion (because of its complex structure) is a well known matter. In this research it has been purposed to determine and calculate the economic value of the soil erosion event according to nutrient loss and their market prices as fertilizers, using the “market value of soil” method. The soil loss amounts were obtained from the measurement plots and the nutrient loss...

Author(s): Sezgin Hacisalihoglu, Devlet Toksoyand Adem Kalca

January 2010

The impact of changes in Turkey’s hazelnut policy on world markets

The present study analyzes the manner in which changes in Turkey’s hazelnut policies shall affect the world hazelnut markets via price impacts of these policy changes. For this aim, a multi-region partial equilibrium model for Turkey, Italy, Spain, USA and Germany, the main participants in the world hazelnut market, was developed. Since most of the world hazelnut production and export belongs to Turkey, export...

Author(s): Zeki Bayramoglu, O. Orkan Ozer, Erdemir Gundogmus and F. Fusun Tatlidil

January 2010

Food consumption patterns in rural Turkey and poverty

The paper investigates food consumption patterns including total food expenditures and food budget shares, sources of food, food expenditures by major food group and expenditures for food consumed outside the households. The survey with households was conducted in 2007. The survey was performed through face to face interviews with 386 households from the provinces. Of the total household expenditures, an average of...

Author(s): Sevtap Guler Gumus, Fazıl Akın Olgun and Hakan Adanacioglu

January 2010

Productivity of MB Trac 900 tractor at beech stands on mountainous areas in Blacksea region

Research of productivity of MB Trac 900 tractor in beech stands was performed in the area of Golkoy Local Forest Enterprise within the Ordu Forest Administration in Turkey. Timber was skidded uphill by MB Trac 900 tractor in felling area. Time study of a cycle was carried out by using collected data and by statistical analysis. In this study, skidding distance ranges between 55 and 105 m. Hourly productivity are 14.400...

Author(s): Tolga Ozturk

January 2010

An action plan for promoting physical activity in women and sensitive to social gender equity: Case of Bartin/Turkey

The purpose of this paper was to investigate physical activity opportunities from the point of gender issue of Bartin City, also to investigate in the context of the important health indicators of the Healthy Cities Union such as physical environment, inequalities, physical and social infrastructure of the city. Additionally, the second aim is to determine the effects of these conditions to the physical and mental...

Author(s): Sebahat Açiksöz and Aysel   Uslu

January 2010

Barley companion crop management in red clover establishment

This study was conducted to determine the effects of seeding rate and harvest stage of barley as a companion crop on the hay yield and number of red clover and weeds. Red clover was established with barley (150, 300, 450 and 600 seed m-2) and cut at the flag leaf emerged or milk dough stage of barley. Also, red clover was sown alone and harvested at 50% flowering stage. Two separate field experiments were conducted....

Author(s): Ozlem Onal-Asci, Zeki Acar, Ugur Basaran, Ilknur Ayan and Hanife Mut

January 2010

Effects of compaction and maturity stages on sunflower silage quality

The aim of this research was to determine sunflower silage quality under different compaction conditions of the whole-plant sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) harvested at three different maturity stages. These were the beginning of Anthesis, one-third Milk Line, and Black Line. Five compaction applications (control, vacuum and compaction with 150, 248 and 498 kPa) were carried out in the study. For this purpose,...

Author(s): F. Toruk, E. Gonulol, B. Kayısoglu and  F. Koc

January 2010

Evaluation of variation of useful storage of reservoir in stream dams by GSTARS3 software

Stream dams are small dams. If the conditions of site are not suitable for construction of reservoir dams, stream dams will be constructed. These dams have small reservoirs. These dams are without gate or these are controlled by gates. The major problem of stream dams is sedimentation special in rivers with high sediment load. In gated stream dams, flushing is accomplished by opening of the gates in flood condition....

Author(s): M. Mahmoodian Shooshtari, A. Adib and M. H. Ranginkaman

January 2010

Neural network approach for modeling the mass transfer of potato slices during osmotic dehydration using genetic algorithm

In this study, an approach for designing a neural network based on genetic algorithm has been used to model mass transfer during osmotic dehydration of potato slices. The experimental data were obtained through a complete randomized design with different osmotic solutions (5, 10 and 15% w/w) and potato to solution ratios (1:6, 1:8 and 1:10) at varying temperatures (30, 40 and 60°C) and the best model obtained...

Author(s): M. R. Amiryousefi and M. Mohebbi

January 2010

Improving germination, seedling establishment and biochemical characters of aged hybrid rice seed by priming with KNO3 + PVA

Using naturally aged F1 seed and artificially aged F1 seed of hybrid rice cultivar “Shan-you 63” as materials, 20 traits (10 traits measured in laboratory and 10 traits measured in paddy field) were compared between primed seed and corresponding control (non-primed seed). Results showed that germination percentage increased by 11.7% for naturally aged F1 seed after primed with 0.5% PVA...

Author(s): Shi-yang Zhu, De-lin Hong , Jin Yao, Xiao-ling Zhang, Tian-kuan Luo

January 2010

Evaluation of some robusta coffee (coffea canephora pierre ex a. Froehner) clones for optimal density planting in Ghana

Increasing productivity is a main objective in Robusta coffee improvement in Ghana. A field trial was established in 1998 to evaluate the potential of ten Robusta coffee clones for optimal density planting, at the experimental field of the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana sub-station, Afosu. The clones were evaluated at three planting densities (1667, 2222 and 2667 trees ha-1) in a split plot design with three...

Author(s): G. J.  Anim-Kwapong,  E.  Anim-Kwapong and Oppong, F. K.

January 2010

Decomposition and nitrogen release by green manure legume residues in different soil types

A laboratory incubation experiment was conducted over a 16-week period to determine decomposition and N release by three green manure legume species, Mucuna (Mucuna pruriens), Lablab (Lablab purpureus cv. Rongai) and Sunhemp (Crotalaria juncea), in three soil types from South Africa. The amount of N mineralized from the residues was determined at 2, 4, 8 and 16 weeks from the onset of incubation. Nitrogen release...

Author(s): Jude J. O. Odhiambo

January 2010

Genetic diversity in hulless barley based on agromorphological traits and RAPD markers and comparison them with storage protein analysis

Genetic diversity among 63 hulless barley accessions originating from ICARDA (International Centre for Agricultural Research in the Dry Area) was investigated using agromorphological traits and random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) variation. Among 20 agromorphological traits under study, a considerable diversity was observed for grain yield per plot, 1000-grain weight and peduncle length. High estimates of...

Author(s): R. Eshghi and E. Akhundova