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Table of Content: 8 January, 2013; 8(1)

January 2013

Adoption of climbing beans in the central highlands of Kenya: An empirical analysis of farmers’ adoption decisions

  Common bean represents the second staple crop in the Kenyan highlands. Decreasing yields and overpopulation in this area demand an intensification of food production. The Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute (KARI Embu) has been promoting improved climbing bean varieties in order to boost yields. To quantify the impact of this work, a survey was done in order to (i) assess awareness, trial...

Author(s):   Lara Ramaekers, Alfred Micheni, Paul Mbogo, Jozef Vanderleyden and Miet Maertens  

January 2013

Efficacy of immunization with the recombinant collagen adhesin A region against Staphylococcus aureus–induced mouse mastitis

  Staphylococcus aureus (S. aureus) is a major cause of bovine mastitis. In this present study, we assessed the efficacy of the recombinant A region of collagen adhesin (rCna-A) as a mastitis vaccine in a mouse model. Three groups of mice were immunized with either rCna-A, inactivated S. aureus, or phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) as a control. IgG and IgG subtype titers of mice in the rCna-A vaccine...

Author(s):   Changmin Hu and Aizhen Guo    

January 2013

Assessment on challenges and opportunities of goat farming system in Adami Tulu, Arsi Negelle and Fantale districts of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia

  This study was conducted in Adami Tulu, Arsi Negelle and Fantale districts of Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia. The objective of this study was to assess and identify the challenges and opportunities of  goat production under farmers’ management system. For this study, 6 Peasant Associations (PA: is the smallest administrative unit in Ethiopian government structure),  2 from each...

Author(s):   Arse Gebeyehu, Feyisa Hundessa, Gurmessa Umeta, Merga Muleta and Girma Debele          

January 2013

The effect of castration age on the productivity of meat from lamb hogs

  This article contains information about influence of castration of lamb hogs at the age of 4, 5 and 6 months with Burdizzo forceps on some parameters of meat productivity. This study included 200 lamb hogs divided into 4 groups. The following criteria were studied: Pre-slaughter weight, carcase weight and fatness category of animals, which were monitored by periodical weighting at the age of 4 months before...

Author(s):   Amanzhol Kusaynovich Dnekeshev and Abzal Kenesovich Kereyev        

January 2013

Seasonal habitat use and movement patterns of cattle grazing different rangeland types in the communal areas of the Eastern Cape, South Africa

  Understanding cattle ranging behaviour and habitat selection in African communal rangelands helps to inform resource management strategies. This study investigated seasonal variation in habitat selection and home range size of cattle in two rangeland types in communal areas of the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The average annual home range size of cattle was larger in the sweetveld than the coastal forest...

Author(s):   Bethwell Moyo, Sikhalazo Dube, Mota Lesoli and Patrick Masika      

January 2013

Effect of soil amendment with yeasts as bio-fertilizers on the growth and productivity of sugar beet

  The use of yeast as a bio-fertilizer in agriculture has received considerable attention because of their bioactivity and safety for human and the environment. This study evaluated the effect of soil amendment with three newly isolated yeast strains on the productivity and the external and internal structure of sugar beet to prove their application as bio-fertilizer. We conducted a two-year pot experiment to...

Author(s):   Ramadan AGAMY, Mohamed HASHEM, and  Saad ALAMRI        

January 2013

The influence of rice cultivar and sorghum planting date on crop yield in lowland rainfed double cropping systems in Northern Cameroon

  Double cropping of rice and dry season sorghum on vertisols can significantly increase cereal availability for farmers both for food security and income generation. The objective of the study was to evaluate the influence of rice cultivar and dry season sorghum planting date on crop yield in lowland rainfed double cropping systems in Northern Cameroon. Over two years, the three rice cultivars evaluated were...

Author(s):   Mvondo-Awono J. P., Lawane, Boukong A., Beyegue-Djonko H., Abou Abba Abdoulaye, Adji Abadji and Tchikoua C.  

January 2013

Antioxidant enzyme and morphological characteristics of roots of three Nicotiana Tabacum L. genotype seedlings under chilling stress

  In order to study the morphological and physiological ecological response of root of Flue-cured tobacco seedling after low temperature stress, this experiment was conducted with different stressful period which was 2, 4 and 6 days under 5 to 7°C (day) by the material named Yunyan87, Msk326 and Yunyan85, respectively. The results showed that comparing with favorable temperature (23 to 25°Cday),...

Author(s):   C. Cui and Q. Y. Zhou    

January 2013

Zinc/phosphorous ratio in shoot as an index of evaluating rice salt tolerance

  Rice genotypes of varying salt tolerance [tolerant (T), semi-tolerant (ST) and sensitive (S)] were evaluated in field lysimeters that contained saline soil of ECe 4 and 8 mS cm-1 and alkali soil of pH  9.5 and 9.8 in Karnal, North India. Tolerant rice genotypes accumulated lesser Na+ and higher K+, which led to lower Na/K...

Author(s): Palagummi Surekha Rao, Banwari Mishra and Sharda Rani Gupta    

January 2013

Soil and nutrient losses along the chronosequential forest recovery gradient in Mabira Forest Reserve, Uganda

  Information on the effect of Mabira Forest Reserve degradation on water, soil and nutrient losses is scanty. This study was carried out to quantify runoff, soil and nutrient losses in six restoring forest regimes namely: 0 to 3, 10 to 20, 20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50, and >55 years of last disturbance. In each, a plot measuring 150 by 50 m was demarcated. Within this plot, three sub-plots each of 20...

Author(s):   Kizza C. L., Majaliwa J. G. M., Nakileza B. , Eilu G., Bahat I , Kansiime F. and Wilson J.    

January 2013

Macrofauna of soil treated with swine wastewater combined with chemical fertilization

  This study aimed to evaluate the effects of the application of swine wastewater treated in anaerobic digester(0, 100, 200, and 300 m3 ha-1) combined with nitrogen fertilization (doses of 0 and 100% of the recommendedculture of baby corn) on the edaphic macrofauna. Pitfall traps were used in the evaluation of the macrofauna and the collected organisms were...

Author(s):   D. Tessaro, S. C. Sampaio, L. F. A. Alves, J. Dieter, C. M. D. S. Cordovil, A. Varennes, and W. A. Pansera    

January 2013

Characterization of nematicidal activity of plant residues and their application with moisture approach against Meloidogyne incognita in tomato

  Eco-friendly methods and strategies for nematode management have been recommended due to their non hazardous impact on environment. In this current study, experiment was conducted to control Meloidogyne incognita in tomato cv. ‘K25’ by using organic amendment as dip or soil-additive. The root-dip treatment ofJusticia adhatoda L. inhibited larval penetration in roots of tomato...

Author(s):   Faheem Ahmad, M. A. Siddiqui and Olubukola O. Babalola    

January 2013

Microbial load of processed Parkia biglobosa seeds: Towards enhanced shelf life

  Parkia biglobosa seed is one of the major sources of plant protein in African diet. This work was carried out to improve the shelf-life of the processed seeds of P. biglobosa. The microbial count of the micro-organisms (responsible for the fermentation of the processed seed), sensory and physical characteristics were evaluated on fermented seeds preserved with various salt concentration. Our...

Author(s):   I. T. Ademola, R. A. Baiyewu, E. A. Adekunle, A. B. Awe, O. J. Adewumi, O. O. Ayodele and F. J. Oluwatoke    

January 2013

Evaluation of chloroplast relationship between some apple genotype from Azerbaijan of Iran and their comparison with other local genotypes, cultivars and rootstocks

  Cleavage Amplification Polymorphism (CAP) technique was used to detect chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) diversity in 26 Iranian apple genotypes (19 from Azerbaijan) as well as two commercial cultivars and two dwarf rootstocks. Study of approximately 4.13% of the total chloroplast genome by using three chloroplast universal primer pairs and two restriction enzymes (EcoR I and Mse I) detected 8 haplotypes. The...

Author(s):   Shahin Jahangirzadeh Khiavi, Zabihollah Zamani, Mohsen Mardi and Mohamadreza Fatahi Moghdam    

January 2013

Effect of dietary lysine on performance and immunity parameters of male and female Japanese quails

  The present study was conducted to investigate the effects of dietary lysine (Lys) and sex on growing quail performance and immunity parameters. The six dietary Lys: 10, 11.5, 13.0, 14.5, 16.0 and 17.5 g/kg were provided. This experiment was carried out in a completely randomized design arrangement from 3 to 24 days. Each treatment was consisted of 5 floor pens (50 quail chicks). Body weight (BW) and body...

Author(s):   Hajkhodadadi, M. Shivazad, H. Moravvej and A. Zare-shahneh    

January 2013

Determinants of farmers’ choice of innovative risk-reduction interventions to wastewater-irrigated agriculture

  This paper identifies the innovative methods used by urban farmers to reduce the health and environmental risks linked to wastewater-irrigated agriculture in Nairobi, Kenya. A study involving 317 urban and peri-urban farmers was conducted and innovative methods identified for risk-reduction in wastewater irrigation. According to the results, the farmers’ choice of adaptation measures in wastewater...

Author(s):   Ezekiel N. Ndunda and Eric D. Mungatana    

January 2013

Theoretical and experimental study for rectangular spraying

  The use of rectangular spraying can reduce the water and energy requirements in variable pressurized irrigation system. The water application cost can be minimized in rectangular spraying after theoretical analysis. The aim of this study was to achieve rectangular spraying by variable pressures of the pump. Experiments were carried out on a turbo-type whirling sprinkler to determine the...

Author(s):   Junping Liu, Xingye Zhu, and Shouqi Yuan    

January 2013

Tree species diversity and related mechanism in an evergreen broad-leaved forest in Ailao Mountains, Yunnan, China

  There is no enough data or evidence to reach a firm conclusion for tree species diversity and related mechanism in an evergreen broad-leaved forest in Ailao Mountains, Yunnan, China. A 6-hm2 plot was established in Ailao Mountains State Nature Reserve for the purpose of monitoring long-term dynamics of tree populations. All free-standing trees with diameter at breast height (DBH) ≥ 1 cm were...

Author(s):   Hede Gong, Wen Ye , Xiao Hu and Xiaojun Yang    

January 2013

Incidence and management of the leaf hopper, Busoniomimus manjunathi, on Malabar Tamarind, Garcinia cambogia

  Garcinia cambogia, the Malabar Tamarind is an evergreen spice tree known for its medicinal properties and mainly used as a spice in India. The crop is generally free from severe pests and disease attack. Of late, a leaf hopper Busoniomimus manjunathi was observed for the first time from farmer’s field. Infested plants showed various symptoms of damage from wilting of branches to...

Author(s):   Sivakumar T., Chandrika Mohan and Babu M.