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Table of Content: August 2007; 2(8)

August 2007

Participatory technology development for agroforestry extension: an innovation-decision approach

  In order to facilitate Participatory Technology Development (PTD) in African agriculture, extensionists and scientists must collaborate with local innovators to optimise (where necessary) and disseminate their innovations.  This literature review proposes a conceptual model for PTD in which technology is developed in the context of an adoption cycle. Building on an innovation-decision approach, the...

Author(s): M. S. Reed

August 2007

The sustainability of a groundnut plus maize rotation over 12 years on smallholder farms in the sub-humid zone of Zimbabwe

  An experiment was conducted on four smallholder farms and on-station in the sub-humid zone of northeast Zimbabwe for 12 years to assess how the rotation of groundnut with NPK-fertilized and unfertilized maize affected the productivity and sustainability of this common smallholder cropping system. At the sandy-soil Domboshava station, maize grain yield declined over 12 years of continuous maize cropping, and...

Author(s): Stephen Robert Waddington, Johannes Karigwindi and John Chifamba

August 2007

Effects of planting location and storage time on lipids and fatty acids contents of some Madagascan rice varieties

  Lipid  and  fatty  acid  composition  of  some  Madagascan  rice  varieties  were  analysed by  both  Soxhlet...

Author(s): Rasoazanakolona Voahanginirina  and Rafidinarivo Elie

August 2007

Assessment of selection techniques in genotype X environment interaction in cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.) walp

  Ten genotypes of cowpea were grown in four environments comprising the early and late seasons of Ogbomoso and Abeokuta locations in 2005 and 2006. Joint linear regression analysis indicated the presence of Genotype x Environment interaction even though, a proportion was non-linear. The differences in the values of the regression coefficient and the correlation of grain yield revealed that the genotypes...

Author(s): Aremu, C. O. and O. J. Ariyo and Adewale, B. D.

August 2007

Field evaluation soybean varieties at Ilorin in the southern guinea savanna ecology of Nigeria

  Twenty six newly developed soybean varieties were evaluated for two years at Ilorin in a southern guinea savanna environment of Nigeria. The reaction of the varieties to rust infection was also assessed. Effects due to year, variety and year x variety interaction were significant for all the characters evaluated except for plant height where year x variety interaction had no significant effect. Number of days...

Author(s): Akande, S. R., Owolade, O.F. and Ayanwole J.A.

August 2007

Avian influenza virus H5N1 subtype A diagnosed in sick and dead wild and domestic birds in Pavlodar oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan

  This work describes laboratory tests conducted on biological material taken from sick and dead birds from unknown infection in the Pavlodar oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan. In the course of pathological material laboratory tests electron microscopy revealed virion of type A avian influenza virus. Type A AI virus common protein is recognized with the help of “Directigen Flu A” test system. The...

Author(s): Mamadaliyev S. M. , Koshemetov Z. K., Matveyeva V.M., Kydyrbayev Z. K., Zaitsev V. L., Khairullin B. M., Mambetaliyev M. A., Sandybayev N. T., Nurabayev S. S., Azhibayev A. Z., Bulatov Y. A., Katubayeva B.S., Kozhamkulov Y. M., Tabynov K. K., Kydyrmanov A. I., Daulbayeva K. D. and Shahvorostova L.I.

August 2007

Studying microbial, physiochemical and sensory properties of directly concentrated probiotic yoghurt

  Skim milk with 8.5% total solids was concentrated to 15 and 20% total solids by vacuum evaporation and inoculated with probiotic Lactobacillus. Yoghurts were incubated at 42oC and stored at 4oC. Survival of Lactobacillus, physiochemical (pH, acidity, synersis, and hardness) and sensory properties (taste and texture) of probiotic yoghurts were evaluated every 7 days to 21 days. Results showed that,...

Author(s): Samira Yeganehzad, Mostafa Mazaheri-Tehrani and Fakhri Shahidi

August 2007

The effect of furnace ash on crop yields and macroelement content in selected grass species

  The research aimed at identification of furnace ash effect on crop yield and contents of Mg, Ca, K, Na and P in various grass species. Application of a dose of 0.533 kg ∙ pot-1 affected a significant decline in grass species yield. From among the cultivated grass species perennial ryegrass and meadow fescue produced the greatest yield, whereas meadow-grass gave the smallest. Perennial ryegrass and...

Author(s): Jacek Antonkiewicz

August 2007

Identification, characterisation and composition of scavengeable feed resources for rural poultry production in Central Tanzania

  A participatory study was carried out in four villages of central Tanzania to appraise existing and potential scavengeable feed resources available for rural poultry. In addition, proximate analysis of selected scavengeable feed resources including chicken crop and gizzards contents was carried out to quantify their feeding value. Results indicate that the most important scavengeable feed resources in the dry...

Author(s): E. H. Goromela, R. P. Kwakkel, M. W. A. Verstegen and A. M. Katule

August 2007

Esterase isoenzymes are linked to embryogenic structures induction in cotton cell suspension cultures

  Esterase activity and isoenzymes pattern of two cultivars of cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.), Coker 312 an embryogenic cultivar and ISA 205N a non embryogenic cultivar, were studied and compared during cell suspension cultures. The use of polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis allowed the identification of isoenzymes that number increased with the successive stages of cell culture of the two cultivars. At the...

Author(s): Kouakou Tanoh Hilaire, Kone Daouda, Zouzou Michel, Kouadio Yatty Justin

August 2007

Attitudes towards risk among maize farmers in the dry savanna zone of Nigeria: some prospective policies for improving food production

  This paper applies econometric analyses to quantitatively determine the individual risk attitudes of sampled maize farmers in the dry savanna zone of Nigeria.  The extent of the risk attitudes are then made the basis for categorizing the farmers into three groups of low, intermediate and high risk averse maize farmers. This categorization now forms a necessary condition for improving the typology of the...

Author(s): L. O. Olarinde, V. M. Manyong  and J. O. Akintola

August 2007

The impact of propiconazole (Tilt 250 EC) on the growth and the breathing of hard wheat isolated roots (Triticum durum, GTA and Vitron varieties)

  Fungicides are recognized as non-toxic compounds, or have a weak ecotoxicological risks. The use of these products is responsible for an important part of the increase of the cereals output. However, the exhibition of the consumers to residues in food remained especially preoccupying with regard to some metabolites that put more problems in relation with the human health. In our work we investigate the...

Author(s):   Meksem, L., Rouabhi, R, Djebar-Berrebbah, H. and Djebar, M. R.