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Environmental Science and Technology

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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJEST
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Table of Content: March 2012; 6(3)

March 2012

Assessment of ill health behaviors of lime kilns workers at Maihar and Jhukehi region of Madhya Pradesh, India

  In present study, an extensive health survey of 573 lime kiln workers of Maihar and Jhukehi region of Madhya Pradesh was done for impact assessment of occupational and environmental health hazards’ exposure on their health behavior. Various physical and physiological disorders of workers were screened with the cooperation of physicians and consultants. Among the observed health anomalies, eye disorders...

Author(s): Mahendra Kumar Tiwari  and Sandhya Dwivedi

March 2012

Fluoride adsorption onto an acid treated lateritic mineral from Kenya: Equilibrium studies

  Adsorption of fluoride (F) ions from water using acid treated lateritic mineral (LM-1) from Kenya was studied by batch experiments. The effect of acid-treatment of adsorbent and change in temperature, mass of LM-1, pH and selected competing ions was evaluated. The adsorption process was strongly influenced by temperature, pH and adsorbent dosage. The percentage F removal increased the presence of the nitrate...

Author(s): Enos W. Wambu, Charles O. Onindo, Willis J. Ambusso and Gerald K. Muthakia

March 2012

Metals in water samples from an urban lagoon in Tabasco, Mexico

  Las Ilusiones lagoon is located in Villahermosa city, Mexico. Lack of a steady source of water, contaminants inflowing lagoon through residual and pluvial water drain from populated areas that surround it, and garbage accumulated on banks of the lagoon, have caused an alteration in its auto-purification capacity, producing eutrophication of its waters. The aim of this study was to analyze metals dissolved in...

Author(s): Tere Gamboa-Rodríguez, Roberto Gamboa-Adeco, Liliana Saldívar-Osorio and Rodolfo Gómez-Cruz

March 2012

Deflouridation of water using physico-chemically treated sand as a low-cost adsorbent: An equilibrium study

  In this study, heat and chemically treated sand was applied as an adsorbent for the removal of fluoride ions from aqueous solutions. The influence of different parameters such as calcination time, dosage, initial fluoride concentration and pH were evaluated. Results indicated that activated sand can be used for defluoridation of water. This can be achieved by coating sand with 10% Fe2O3, a calcination time of...

Author(s): Eric Togarepi, Courtie Mahamadi and Abigail Mangombe

March 2012

Analysis of some meteorological parameters using artificial neural network method for Makurdi, Nigeria

  The mean daily data for sunshine hours, maximum temperature, cloud cover and relative humidity data, were used to estimate monthly average global solar irradiation on a horizontal surface for Makurdi, Nigeria. The study used artificial neural networks (ANN) for the estimation. Results showed good agreement between the predicted and measured values of global solar irradiation. A correlation coefficient of...

Author(s): Chukwu, S. C., and Nwachukwu, A. N.