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Table of Content: 29 March, 2012; 6(12)

March 2012

Effect of curcumin on proliferation, cell cycle, and caspases and MCF-7 cells

We examined the mechanisms by which curcumin inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. First, we investigated its antiproliferative effects on MCF-7 cells exposed to 2.5 to 40 μM curcumin for 24, 48 or 72 h. Curcumin inhibited cell proliferation in a dose-dependent and time-dependent manner (p<0.05) and resulted in significant cell cycle arrest in G1 phase after 72 h of treatment at concentrations of over 10 and...

Author(s): Hua-qiang Li,, Li-ji Jin,, Fei-fei Wu,, Xiao-yu Li,, Jian-song You,, Zhen-hui Cao,, Dan Li and Yong-ping Xu,

March 2012

Cardiovascular activity of total protein extract of Morinda morindoïdes (baker) Miln-Redhon on rabbit blood pressure and isolated rat heart

Total protein extract of the leaves of Morinda morindoïdes were investigated for rabbit blood pressure and mechanical activity of isolated rat heart. Total proteins of M. morindoïdes (PT-Mm) were extracted according the saturation related to Dawson method. The blood pressure was analysed using the mercury manometer of Ludwig. The mechanical activity of the heart was realized with...

Author(s): Abiba Ouattara Gboko, Gervais Melaine M’boh, Founzégué Amadou Coulibaly, Jean David N’Guessan, Allico Joseph Djaman, and Adama Coulibaly

March 2012

Rational drug prescribing for elderly inpatients in a Brazilian hospital: A pilot study

Inadequate prescriptions are one of the biggest causes of adverse events related to medications. The aim of this study was to evaluate rational drug prescribing for elderly inpatients. A cross-sectional study was conducted to monitor the quality of drug prescriptions of patients admitted from May to August 2009, in a cardiovascular ward in Brazil. The quality evaluation of drug prescribing for elderly inpatient...

Author(s): Jullyana S. Siqueira, Angelo R. Antoniolli, Carina C. Silvestre, Daniel T. Silva, Mairim R. Serafini, Alfredo D. Oliveira-Filho and Divaldo P. Lyra Jr

March 2012

Comparative wound healing efficacy of ampucare and becaplermin in diabetic rat

To determine the comparative wound healing efficacy of ampucare and becaplermin drugs in diabetic rats, diabetes was induced by alloxan 75 mg/kg body weight via intraperitonial route. 500 mm2 wound were created on the dorsal area of all animals. Wound lesions were cleaned with normal saline and treated with respective drug for 14 days. Our results revealed that the catalase activity, reduced glutathione,...

Author(s): Vivek Kumar Dwivedi and Manu Chaudhary

March 2012

The effects of salidroside on transcription factors and cell growth inhibition in human lung adenocarcinoma epithelial cells

Salidroside is thought to be one of the compounds from Rhodioladumulosa, responsible for neuroprotective, antidepressant, anxiolytic and anti-tumor actions. Our research focused on the effects of Salidroside on transcription factors and cell cycle inhibitors in A549 cells. We found out that the gene and protein expression of c-Myc were down-regulated significantly, while it was the opposite with P21. C-fos is...

Author(s): Yunyi Yao, Fan Li, Hua Jin, Yanshan Zhang, Jianhong Xue, Huijuan Wang, Xiaoli Zhou, Huarong Hong and Fang Chen

March 2012

Antibiogram pattern in extended spectrum beta lactamase nano enzyme producing gram negative bacilli in Iranian urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection is one of the most prevalent infections worldwide. Extended spectrum beta lactamase (ESBL) is defined as beta lactamase capable of hydrolyzing third generation cephalosporin's, and is inhibited by beta lactamase inhibitor. Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae are relevant opportunistic pathogens that account for nosocomial infections. Antibiotics resistance in...

Author(s): Shila Jalalpour

March 2012

FK506-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles: Preparation, characterization and in vitro transdermal drug delivery

FK506-loaded solid lipid nanoparticles (FK506-SLNs) were prepared by a modified emulsification and low temperature solidification method and characterized by size analysis and entrapment efficiency. The influence of experimental factors, such as lipid carriers, surfactant concentration, emulsification temperature and stirring velocity on particle size and entrapment efficiency were investigated to optimize the...

Author(s): Ruihua Wang#, Longnian Li#, Bing Wang, Tangde Zhang and Ledong Sun

March 2012

Phytochemical screening and antibacterial activity of the leaf and root extracts of Senna italica

The leaf and root extracts of Senna italica were screened for phytochemical properties and antibacterial activity using standard methods.  Alkaloids, steroids and flavonoids were detected in aqueous-methanol, n-hexane and aqueous extracts while tannins, glycosides and saponins were not detected in all the extracts.  Sensitivity testing of the extracts showed a strong activity against all the test...

Author(s): Y. U. Dabai, A. H. Kawo and R. M. Aliyu

March 2012

Melanin inhibitory and melanin stimulatory effects of extracts of Chlorophytum tuberosum and Chlorophytum borivilianum on isolated fish scale melanophores

The epidermal scale melanophores of fishes are disguised type of smooth muscle cells and behave differently when exposed to certain hormones and drugs; however, their responses to plant extracts have not been studied. Chlorophytum species holds an important position in Indian herbal medicine; hence, in the present investigation, effects of extracts of two species of Chlorophytum, that...

Author(s): Sangita A. Chaudhari, Jaya Peter, Jyoti M. Galgut and Sharique A. Ali

March 2012

Utilization of lipid modifying agents in the Karvina district: A comparison with the Czech Republic, 2002 to 2009

The objective of this study was to evaluate the structure and development of consumption of hypolipidemic agents. Data concerning utilization of individual hypolipidemic drugs from 2002 to 2009 were obtained from the State Institute for Drug Control database and General Health Insurance Company, Karvina district database. Utilization of hypolipidemic drugs were stated in DDDs in correspondence with the anatomical...

Author(s): Robert Bartas, Jozef KoláÅ™, Tünde Ambrus, Robertas Lažauskas, Jurga BernatonienÄ— and Rimantas PečiÅ«ra

March 2012

Comparative protein binding of naringin and its aglycone naringenin in rat, dog and human plasma

Naringin and its aglycone naringenin, widely distributed in traditional Chinese medicines, had received extensive studies on their bioactivities. However, the plasma protein binding ratio, which played a very important role on pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, remained unclear. In this present study, the protein binding of naringin and naringenin in rat, dog and human plasma was investigated using equilibrium...

Author(s): Meng-hua Liu, Wei Zou, Luo-di Fan, Pei-bo Li and Wei-wei Su

March 2012

Evaluation and optimization of factors affecting novel diclofenac sodium-eudragit RS100 nanoparticles

The major concern of the present study was to evaluate the processing conditions and formulation factors affecting diclofenac sodium –eudragit RS100 nanoformulation size and their optimization to reach optimized nanoparticle (size below 200 nm). Diclofenac sodium –eudragit RS100 nanoparticles were formulated using nanoprecipitation – solvent deposition technique (the single emulsion technique). The...

Author(s): Khosro Adibkia, Mahmood Alaei-Beirami, Mohammad Barzegar-Jalali, Gobad Mohammadi and Mehdi Shafiee Ardestani