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Plant Science

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  • ISSN: 1996-0824
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJPS
  • Start Year: 2007
  • Published Articles: 807

Table of Content: October 2022 ; 16(9)

October 2022

Physical, mechanical and acoustic properties of Terminalia superba, Cleistopholis patens and Holarrhena floribunda woods used in sculpture and instrument making in Benin

Wood is important in several fields including sculpture and instrument making. In the last two fields, Terminalia superba, Cleistopholis patens, and Holarrhena floribunda are three of Benin’s most used wood species. In this work, we have, on prismatic samples (500 mm × 20 mm × 20 mm) of the wood of these species, used the acoustic method Beam Identification by Non-destructive Grading (BING) of...

Author(s): Montcho Crépin Hounlonon, Comlan Aristide Houngan, Clément Adéyèmi Kouchadé, Alexis Enagnon Medehouenou and Basile Bruno Kounouhéwa

October 2022

Seed dispersal of a range restricted and vulnerable species, Guibourtia copallifera Benn. in Sierra Leone

In the early 20th Century, Guibourtia copallifera Benn. was extensively exploited as a source of gum copal.  Its geographic distribution in Sierra Leone is now restricted to a few square kilometers in a single badly degraded forest reserve. We conducted a series of seed rain experiments to quantify its seed dispersal potential. Transects of seed traps were laid out and a total of 1,164,880 seeds were collected over...

Author(s): Jonathan Johnny, Aiah Libbie and Richard Wadsworth

October 2022

Screening for complete submergence seedling tolerance in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes collected from Sudan and South Sudan

Eighteen rice genotypes from Sudan and South Sudan and two genotypes (FR13A tolerant and IR42 sensitive checks) from the International Rice Research Institute were screened for complete submergence at seedling stage in a protected house. Most of the genotypes showed zero survival, except genotypes [NBGA (2.08%), Banban (3.92%), Masury1 (5.56%), Pipanfary Red2 (11.11%) and Sommboy (14.58%)]. Sensitive genotypes...

Author(s): El Dessougi Hanadi, Gasim Seif, Abuanja Ishraka, Abdella Abdelwahab and Nile Eltayeb 

October 2022

Molecular characterization of banana genotypes by SSR markers

Banana and plantain are monocotyledonous herbs in the genus Musa (Musa spp.) and grown globally due to their diverse uses as export income, food and fiber. Banana is also grown widely in Ethiopia; however, the crop attracted very limited research attention and has little genetic information available. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to assess the genetic diversity and population structure of banana...

Author(s): Solomon Tamiru Workneh, Sisay Kidane Alemu, Gamachu Olani, Abel Debebe, Biruktait Berhanu, Asmare Dagnew and Wegayehu Assefa