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  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 10 August, 2017; 12(15)

August 2017

Fathers in Turkey: Paternity characteristics, gender role, communication skills

Objective of this study is to examine the correlation the quality of paternity, gender roles and communication skills of fathers. The scores in the scale of supporting developmental tasks were used in order to determine the quality of paternity. The other data collection tools were the BEM sex role ınventory and the communication skills ınventory. The study included a multiple regression analysis for predicting the...

Author(s): Perihan üNüVAR

August 2017

An instructional design model with the cultivating research-based learning strategies for fostering teacher students’ creative thinking abilities

Designing the instructional model with the innovative the Research-Based Learning Strategy Lesson Plans of the effectiveness of the processing performance and the resulting performance (E1/E2) with the IOC value determining standardized criteria of 80/80 were developed. Students’ perceptions were assessed with the 30-item Research-Based Learning Strategies (RBLS) in six scales. Students’ creative thinking...

Author(s): Khwanchai Khuana, Tanthip Khuana and Toansakul Santiboon

August 2017

Cul-de-sac from diehard traditions: The demise of action research in teacher education

Reflective practice has become the global prime educational trend expected of education practitioners but some teacher educators tend to stifle its development. It is strongly believed in critical pedagogy, the theoretical framework of action research theorists that reflective practice is inherent in an introspective disposition and is developed through participatory action research. Reflective practice is the...

Author(s): Davison Zireva

August 2017

Secondary school teachers’ perceptions on their school’s openness to change

Any possible difference to occur in the subsystems or dimensions of the organization or the interrelations between them is called organizational change. Organizational change means an organization’s adapting a new way of thinking or an action. In this sense, change is such a comprehensible term that includes all events and phenomena related to creativity, renovation, growth and development. The purpose of this...

Author(s): Rüyam KüçüksüleymanoÄŸlu and Cem TerzioÄŸlu

August 2017

Using Valsiner’s zone theory for identifying the forms of students’ pseudo responses in mathematics teaching process

Various methods of teaching had been implemented to create an active and fun teaching process by teachers for students. Teachers’ actions during class could lead to different responses from students. However, those actions are not always well accepted by students. Valsiner suggested a theory on a set of teachers’ actions for promoting students’ response called zone of promotion action (ZPA). The...

Author(s): Jauhara Dian Nurul Iffah, Akbar Sutawidjaja, Cholis Sa’dijah and Subanji