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Table of Content: 23 August, 2016; 11(16)

August 2016

Elaborating the purpose and content of professional development plan for preschool teachers

Professional development of educators, especially in preschool years has been neglected in Iran. The purpose of this study was to investigate the viewpoints of experts and teachers about the purposes and content of the professional development plan for preschool teachers. This research is a descriptive-analytic study conducted through both qualitative and quantitative methods. The statistical population included...

Author(s): Mohammad Hossein zareie, Ahmad Reza Nasr, Seyyed Ebrahim Mirshahjafari and Mohammad Javad Liaghatdar

August 2016

Science teacher trainees’ microteaching experiences: A focus group study

Microteaching is widely used in many countries to prepare trainees for the complexity of the actual classroom environment but has limited use in Turkey. The main objective of this action research was to evaluate and increase in the effectiveness of microteaching, and determine the contribution of microteaching to trainees from their own perspectives through their reflections on their own experiences. Semi-structured...

Author(s): Yasemin GÖDEK

August 2016

Students’ thinking process in solving combination problems considered from assimilation and accommodation framework

This study aims to explain the thinking process of students in solving combination problems considered from assimilation and accommodation frameworks. This research used a case study approach by classifying students into three categories of capabilities namely high, medium and low capabilities. From each of the ability categories, one student was chosen as a research subject. The results of this research showed that the...

Author(s): Sukoriyanto Sukoriyanto, Toto Nusantara, Subanji Subanji and Tjang Daniel Chandra

August 2016

A research on future mathematics teachers’ instructional explanations: The case of Algebra

In this study, explanations of future mathematics teachers about algebra were analysed according to the levels of understanding used by Kinach (2002). The participants for the study were 101 teacher candidates attending the final semester of a teacher training program. For data collection, a form containing four scenario-type items were administered to the participants. In addition, interviews were carried out on six...

Author(s): Mustafa Guler and Derya Celik

August 2016

What makes a mathematical task interesting?

The study addresses the question of what makes a mathematical task interesting to the 9th year students. Semi-structured interviews were carried out with 15 students of purposive selection of the 9th year. The students were asked to recall a task they found interesting and engaging during the past three years. An analysis of the tasks was made with respect to the context, cognitive demand, and task structure, while...

Author(s): Rimma Nyman

August 2016

The awareness and educational status on oral health of elite athletes: A cross-sectional study with cluster analysis

In this cross-sectional survey, this study aimed to determine the factors associated with oral health of elite athletes and to determine the clustering tendency of the variables by dendrogram, and to determine the relationship between predefined clusters and see how these clusters can converge. A total of 97 elite (that is, top-level performing) male handball players aged 18 to 29 years participated in the study. Two...

Author(s): Bahar Odabas Ozgur

August 2016

Using Bursa folk songs for voice training in departments of music education in Turkey

The training of a music teacher’s voice,  via the examples in his own culture  can contribute to getting better results in music education. Therefore, it is believed that transition to Contemporary Turkish Music and then to universal music from our traditional music may be much easier. Accordingly, the use of national resources in voice training is seen to be quite important. In this context, Bursa Folk...

Author(s): Gülnıhal GüL, Nedim Yıldız, Goknur Yıldız, Lale Necef, Nilüfer Özer and   Mehmet EÄŸri

August 2016

Relationship between philosophical preferences of classroom teachers and their teaching styles

The purpose of this study is to examine the philosophical preferences of classroom teachers, their teaching styles and the relationship between the two variables. Participants are 301 volunteered classroom teachers who teach at the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes in primary schools. To collect the data, philosophical preferences assessment form which was developed by Wiles and Bondi (2007) and adapted to Turkish by...

Author(s): Emel SaritaÅŸ

August 2016

Content analysis of memory and memory-related research studies on children with hearing loss

Memory plays a profound role in explaining language development, academic learning, and learning disabilities. Even though there is a large body of research on language development, literacy skills, other academic skills, and intellectual characteristics of children with hearing loss, there is no holistic study on their memory processes. Accordingly, the aim of this study is to examine memory-related research on...

Author(s): Murat DOÄžAN and Gülcihan HASANOÄžLU

August 2016

The shifting of students' epistemological belief about mathematics in polytechnic

The research aims to figure out students' epistemological belief shift about mathematics after having attended a lecture in a Polytechnic. In addition, it also aims to find out the relationship between their beliefs and mathematics performance. The study applied mix method with explanatory sequential design approach by conducting first study quantitatively and further study qualitatively. The sample consists of 223...

Author(s): Arif Rahman Hakim, Ipung Yuwono, Subanji and Swasono Rahardjo

August 2016

Enhancing argumentative writing skill through contextual teaching and learning

This study aims to describe the influence of contextual learning model and critical thinking ability toward argumentative writing skill on university students. The population of the research was 147 university students, and 52 university students were used as sample with multi stage sampling. The results of the research indicate that; group of contextual learning model has more significant influence than group of...

Author(s): Aceng Hasani

August 2016

Variance difference between maximum likelihood estimation method and expected A posteriori estimation method viewed from number of test items

The aim of this study is to determine variance difference between maximum likelihood and expected A posteriori estimation methods viewed from number of test items of aptitude test. The variance presents an accuracy generated by both maximum likelihood and Bayes estimation methods. The test consists of three subtests, each with 40 multiple-choice items of 5 alternatives. The total items are 102 and 3159 respondents which...

Author(s): Jumailiyah Mahmud, Muzayanah Sutikno and Dali S. Naga

August 2016

Analyzing the dissertations about differentiated instruction in terms of their contents in Turkey

This study aims to analyze the dissertations about differentiated instruction in terms of their contents in Turkey. The data of the study was collected from Council of Higher Education National Thesis Center database. The dissertations were searched without any year limitation. As a result of searching, 19 dissertations were found. The data obtained from the thesis was analyzed with content analysis. The dissertations...

Author(s): Fatih Karip

August 2016

An analysis of social, literary and technological sources used by classroom teachers in social studies courses

In this study, social, literary and technological sources used by classroom teachers in social studies courses are analyzed in terms of frequency. The study employs mixed methods research and is designed following the convergent parallel design. In the qualitative part of the study, phenomenological method was used and in the quantitative dimension, scanning model was used. The participants of the study were 305...

Author(s): Nuray Kurtdede Fidan and Mustafa Ergün

August 2016

The development desire of Non-English major teachers in small rural primary schools in Thailand: Participatory action research

The purpose of this study was to explore some problems and desires of developing self-confidence in teaching English of non-English major teachers in rural small primary schools in Thailand with participatory action research. This study also aims to develop teacher’s confidence in teaching English, enhance communicative competence and to assess effectiveness of teaching English of non-English major teachers in the...

Author(s): Usanee Doungprom, Songsak Phusee-on and Nawamin Prachanant