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Table of Content: 23 December, 2013; 8(24)

December 2013

Association between computer use and entrapment neuropathies in the wrist region

There is general consensus in the literature that computer use is often associated with an increased prevalence of hand and wrist disorders. Symptoms may be associated with specific clinical entities such as peripheral nerve entrapment. Motor and sensory nerve conduction velocity and vibration treshold in the hand of computer users have been evaluated in several studies. In this review the relationship between computer...

Author(s): Colak S, Bamac B, Colak T and Ozbek A

December 2013

The relationship between general self-efficacy belief and burnout level among Turkish academicians

The aim of this study is to examine the relation between burnout level and general self-efficacy beliefs of academicians working in School of Physical Education and Sport. 178 Academicians working at various universities in Turkey participated in this study. The General Self-Efficacy Scale developed by Schwarzer and Jerusalem (1995), adapted to Turkish by YeÅŸilay, Schwarzer and Jerusalem (1997) and “Occupational...

Author(s): Tarik Sevindi

December 2013

The role of peer nomination forms in the identification of lower elementary gifted and talented students

The purpose of the current study was to determine if the Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scale (RIAS) scores, as standardized IQ scores, correlate with the children’s judgments of their classmates’ intelligence, as peer nomination scores, in terms of their power to identify intellectually superior children. Guess Who: Peer Nomination Form (GWPNF) was developed for the purpose of this study and administered...

Author(s): Fatih Kaya

December 2013

Enhancing students’ performance in the English language through Literature-in-English in the secondary schools

This paper examines the relationship between the English Language and Literature-in-English in secondary schools in Nigeria.  The purpose is to explore and expose the interdependence of the two subjects in enhancing English language competence.  Apart from the educational advantages, it is also in the opinion of the writer that language is not only a necessity for the formulation of thoughts but also part of...

Author(s): Amuseghan Sunday Adejimola and Momoh Adenike Ojuolape

December 2013

Skills and attributes of instructional supervisors: Experience from Kenya

In recent years, instructional supervision has been given a great deal of attention in teacher education professional literature. However, few reported studies have specifically focused on desired qualities of instructional supervisors, especially in Third World countries. This paper reports the perceptions of teachers, headteachers and senior government education officers regarding skills and attributes of internal...

Author(s): Zachariah Wanzare O.

December 2013

Relationship between pre- school preservice teachers’ environmental literacy and science and technology literacy self efficacy beliefs

This study examined the relationship between preschool teachers’ environmental literacy and their science and technology self efficacy beliefs. 120 preschool teachers from teacher education programme at one university participated in this study. Data were collected by using Environmental Literacy Scale and Science and Technology Literacy Self Efficacy Belief Scale; quantitative data analysis was conducted for each...

Author(s): Hikmet Sürmeli

December 2013

Turkish language teachers’ stance taking movements in the discourse on globalization and language

This study investigates how Turkish teachers take and give  stances in the discourse on globalization and language by using linguistic resources. According to the findings obtained through the discourse analysis of the corpus that consisted of 36 h of recording of the discussion among 4 teachers with 5 to 10 years of teaching experience, the participants opposed to globalization because they claimed that...

Author(s): Ä°brahim COÅžKUN

December 2013

Investigation on the inclusion of socio-scientific acquisitions in curriculum of science and technology lesson

According to its definition, socio-scientific subjects emerge during scientific and technologic developments. Besides information, attitude and value constraints are effective in decision-making processes and thus there is no consensus on socio-scientific subjects yet and it leads to social discussions. These subjects comprise decision making processes in which analysis, synthesis and assessment processes are active,...

Author(s): Mutlu Pinar Demirci Guler

December 2013

The effect of psychological counselling in group on life orientation and loneliness levels of the university students

The present study was an experimental research which was applied for increasing of the life tendencies and decreasing the loneliness of the university students, and in which the effect of psychological counselling in group on loneliness level was analysed. The present study  consisting of mix measurements was carried out by 2x2 split-plot in order to indicate that the factor A (Group: test- placebo-control)...

Author(s): UÄŸur Gürgan

December 2013

Pre-service preschool teachers’ self competency evaluation of challenging play behaviors

Children play more vigorously and more productively when their teachers have formal education or training in the importance of play. Children with challenging play behavior in the play create a difficult situation for pre-service preschool teachers, affecting their achievement in the program objectives. Issues of challenging behavior in preschool classroom settings are, in part, related to teachers’ self...

Author(s): Gokhan Duman

December 2013

Impact of school managers ‘altruist behaviors upon organizational cynicism: The case of Kocaeli, Turkey

The aim of this research is to determine the impact of school managers’ altruist behaviors upon organizational cynicism by examining the relationship between school managers’ altruist behaviors according to teachers and teachers’ perceptions of organizational cynicism. The research sample consisted of 250 teachers employed in 15 primary schools, which were selected through random sampling among the...

Author(s): Tugba Konakli, Gökçe Özyılmaz and Salih Çörtük

December 2013

The plasma-based instruction in Ethiopia: Utopia or Dystopia?

This article highlights the utopian and dystopian viewpoints held on the plasma-based instruction in Ethiopian by looking into the existing literature works and by analyzing attitudes of implementing bodies and implementers towards the program. The article identified that though implementing bodies were enthusiastic in developing and expanding the plasma mode of instruction across the country, the key implementers were...

Author(s): Berhanu Abera

December 2013

The relationship between emotional intelligence and problem solving skills in prospective teachers

This study aims to investigate the relationship between emotional intelligence and problem solving. The sample set of the research was taken from the Faculty of Education of Mugla University by the random sampling method. The participants were 386 students -prospective teachers- (224 females; 182 males) who took part in the study voluntarily. Emotional intelligence levels and problem solving skills of prospective...

Author(s): Sabahattin Deniz