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Table of Content: 23 July 2013; 8(14)

July 2013

Reliability and construct validity of Turkish version of physical education activities scale

  This research was conducted to examine the reliability and construct validity of Turkish version of physical education activities scale (PEAS) which was developed by Thomason (2008). Participants in this study included 313 secondary and high school students from 7th to 11th grades. To analyse the data, confirmatory factor analysis, post hoc analysis and modification indices were conducted by...

Author(s): UÄŸur Altay MemiÅŸ

July 2013

Opinions of class and subject matter teachers and candidate teachers on the effectiveness of creative drama in teaching activities

  The objective of this research is to establish the opinions of teachers and candidate teachers on the effect of creative drama. Descriptive research method is used in line with the objective of the research. Questionnaire is used for collecting data for the research. Questionnaire was prepared by the researcher. For the reliability of the questionnaire used, cronbach alpha reliability coefficient was detected...

Author(s): Cevdet Epçaçan

July 2013

The investıgation of social problem solving abilities of university students in terms of perceived social support

  The purpose of this study is to analyze of university students’ perceived social support and social problem solving. The participants were 827 (474 female and 353 male) university students. Data were collected Perceived Social Support Scale-Revised (Yildirim, 2004) and Social Problem Solving (Maydeu-Olivares and D’Zurilla, 1996) translated and adapted by (Dora, 2003). In order to analyze data,...

Author(s): Zeliha TRAÅž

July 2013

The effectiveness of education and schooling activities with respect to learning styles on the learning of abstract and tangible concepts of social studies by students

  This research reviews the effects of education and schooling activities that are conducted with respect to different learning styles on the success of teaching abstract and tangible concepts of 6th Grade Social Studies, and researches whether the demographic variables (age, gender) of the students had any effect on this success levels. To do so, 2 different groups from a school in the Umraniye District...

Author(s): Mustafa SEKER

July 2013

Self-values held by primary and secondary education school principals: A case in Canakkale

  The research aims to describe primary and secondary education school principals’ self-values and to check whether or not those values differ significantly on the basis of gender, seniority, marital status and having or not having children. The participants in the research was composed of school principals working in the primary and secondary education schools of the Ministry of Education which were...

Author(s): Ä°lknur Maya

July 2013

Conceptualizing the play policies in preschool curriculums

  This research attempted to describe the play policies in preschool institutions in Ankara, Turkey. The aim of this study is to determine the approaches of the preschools to the children’s play. “Play Policy Questionnaire” administered to all directors and teachers of 20 public preschools and 20 private preschools. Play policy of each preschool was obtained and compared. The data was analyzed...

Author(s): Tülin ÅžENER

July 2013

The development of foreign language substance group curriculum based on Marzano’s taxonomy

  This study was firstly aimed to develop the Foreign Language Substance Group Curriculum for enhancing students’ four English skills required to promote learning in the different areas of subject. It used Marzano’s Taxonomy as a framework for curriculum design. To articulate this framework, the study used content-based instruction (CBI) to pave a way for the meet of academic contents and...

Author(s): Jirapan Nakyam, Thoopthong Kwangsawad and Pissamai Sriampai

July 2013

Analyzing the psychological symptoms of students in undergraduate program in elementary mathematics teaching

  The main purpose of this research is to analyse whether there is a difference or not in levels of having psychological symptoms of the students of undergraduate program in elementary mathematics teaching. Another aim of the research is to determine whether the levels of having psychological symptoms of the students differ or not regarding various variables during undergraduate program in elementary...

Author(s): Ercan Masal, Mustafa Koç, TuÄŸba Seda Çolak and Mithat Takunyaci

July 2013

An appraisal of spoken English Language in Nigeria

  A general observation in the Nigerian classrooms today is that spoken language has not been accorded the recognition it rightly deserves. This is not surprising for approaches to language teaching in these areas have not been reviewed to reflect the revolutionary trend of communicative language teaching pedagogy. To underscore this, a study was carried out among two Nigerian speakers of English who were...

Author(s): Famogbiyele Taiwo

July 2013

Distance education students’ self-efficacy levels of mathematical literacy

  It is of great concern that individuals can use mathematics as a tool today, when distance education is being adopted in several fields. The concept of mathematical literacy has also come to the fore due to the use of mathematical efficacy at various grade levels. Therefore, this research aims to investigate distance education students’ self-efficacy levels of mathematical literacy. Survey model was...

Author(s): Dilek ÇAÄžIRGAN GÜLTEN

July 2013

Effects of interfaith dialog activities: The role of a Turkish Student Association at an East Coast U.S. University

  The purpose of this case study is to analyze a Turkish Student Association’s (TSA) extracurricular activities involving interfaith dialog with respect to their contributions to students’ academic and social development in a predominantly white, Catholic, liberal arts college located in the Northeastern United States. The study aims to explain how such activities are important for students’...

Author(s): Erkan Acar

July 2013

Cross - cultural validity of the almost perfect scale-revised on the college students in the United States and Turkey

  This study investigated the cultural validity of the almost perfect scale-revised (APS-R) with 300 Turkish and 300 American and international college students. First, the validity of the original APS-R was conducted on American students and international students. Hence, exploratory factor analysis (EFA) offered two-factor scale to be consistent with previous studies: High standards and discrepancy....

Author(s): Kamile Bahar Aydin

July 2013

The effects of learning styles on high school students’ achievement on a mathematics course

  This study examined the relationship between learning styles of students and their success on a mathematics course. In this study, the categorization of high school students’ learning style scores was defined. The given method for calculating the learning style scores was developed by the author. The purpose of this study was to raise the success level of high school students on a mathematics course....

Author(s): Nevin Orhun

July 2013

Incoming engineering students’ self-assessment of their mathematical background

  The aim of this study was to develop a tool to measure levels of mathematical knowledge gained in high school, as perceived by incoming engineering students. The study included 657 engineering students in the 2011–2012 academic year. Factor analysis was used to obtain a scale consisting of 47 items (Cronbach Alpha coefficient, 0.975). The mathematical knowledge scale consisted of five sub-dimensions...

Author(s): Necdet GÜNER

July 2013

Impacts of authentic listening tasks upon listening anxiety and listening comprehension

  Although listening is the skill mostly used by students in the classrooms, the desired success cannot be attained in teaching listening since this skill is shaped by multiple variables. In this research we focused on listening anxiety, listening comprehension and impact of authentic tasks on both listening anxiety and listening comprehension. Authentic learning environments/tasks can be prepared that will...

Author(s): Deniz MELANLIOÄžLU

July 2013

Relationship between whistle-blowing and job satisfaction and organizational loyalty at schools in Turkey

  This paper examines whistle-blowing at schools in Turkey. Firstly, wrongdoings observed by teachers at schools, and their preference for reporting these were analyzed. Then, differences between the teachers, who blew whistle and the others who did not were examined according to the research variables. The study group involved 283 teachers. The author used a questionnaire to obtain the results. Results showed...

Author(s): Asiye Toker Gokce