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Table of Content: September 2009; 1(9)

September 2009

Research and Development of Drugs – unequal for certain diseases

Author(s): Dr. John Ibekwe

September 2009

South Asian version of flatbush diabetes mellitus- A case report and review article

Ketosis prone type 2 diabetes mellitus which was once described as “atypical diabetes” is being recognized increasingly worldwide; being originally described in African population has been seen in multiple ethnic groups, especially in urban areas. These patients are typically obese, middle-aged men with a strong family history of type 2 diabetes. The pathophysiologic mechanisms involved in its cause are...

Author(s): Khurshid Ahmad Khan and Javed Akram

September 2009

Knowledge of diabetes management and control by diabetic patients at Federal Medical Center Umuahia Abia State, Nigeria

This survey was undertaken to assess knowledge of diabetes management and control techniques on diabetic patients attending Federal Medical Center, Umuahia and Abia States, Nigeria. A descriptive research design was used for the study and a sample of 96 patients was used. The instrument used for data collection was the questionnaire. The data were analyzed using percentages. The major findings showed that 80.2% knew...

Author(s): Okolie, V. Uchenna, Ehiemere, O. Ijeoma, Iheanacho, N. Peace and Kalu-Igwe I. Ngozi

September 2009

Clinico-biochemical correlation with special reference to oxidized LDL and small dense LDL in Indian women with CAD

In women with coronary artery disease (CAD), clinical presentation is different enough from men which lead to missed or delayed diagnosis of CAD. We therefore assessed the major risk factors and biomarkers in female subjects with CAD. Venous sample of control, unstable angina (UA) and myocardial infarction (MI) patients were taken. In Both UA and MI patients, predominant risk factor was menopause (76.7% UA,...

Author(s): Sunita Suman Bala Sharma, Dinesh Puri, Ram Lagan Tripathi and Sridhar Dwivedi

September 2009

Determination of insulin resistance in non-diabetic Saudi adults by including fasting free fatty acids into QUICKI

Most available diagnostic methods of insulin resistance are either unsuitable for screening or fail to detect marginal cases. It was reported that including plasma free fatty acids (FFA) into QUICK (quantitative insulin sensitivity check index) I improves its diagnostic power. The aim was to test the effectiveness of modified QUICK I against HOMA (homeostasis model assessment) and QUICK I in identifying insulin...

Author(s): Eman M. Alissa, Suhad M. Bahijri, Daad H. Akbar and Tawfik M. Ghabrah

September 2009

An assessment of the histomorphometric evidences of doxorubicin-induced testicular cytotoxicity in Wistar rats

Doxorubicin (DOX) also known as hydroxydaunorubicin is a drug used in cancer chemotherapy. It is one of the earliest compounds derived from an antibiotic group of chemotherapy known as anthracycline. It strives to kill malignant cells and produces tumor regression in a variety of human neoplasms. However, its clinical usefulness is limited by its proven toxicity to certain organs particularly the heart and the kidney....

Author(s): L. C. Saalu, L. A. Enye and A. A. Osinubi

September 2009

Preparation and evaluation of aceclofenac sustained release formulation and comparison of formulated and marketed product

The objective of the study was to develop matrix tablets for oral controlled release of aceclofenac. Matrix tablets of aceclofenac, using various viscosity of hydrophilic polymer HPMC in two different proportions, hydrophobic polymer ethyl cellulose and Guar gum were prepared by wet granulation method and subjected to in vitro drug release studies. The drug release from all HPMC matrix tablets followed various...

Author(s): Santanu Ghosh and B. B. Barik

September 2009

Penta- and hexapeptide sharing between HPV16 and Homo sapiens proteomes

The primary sequence of the HPV16 proteome was analyzed for penta- and hexa-peptide sequences shared with human proteins. The following data were obtained: 1) HPV16 andHomo sapiens proteomes share thousands of identical peptide motifs; 2) the overlaps are inter-dispersed among human proteins involved in fundamental housekeeping functions as well as crucial processes such as cell growth, differentiation...

Author(s): Darja Kanduc

September 2009

A study of the role of hydrogen peroxide production by lactobacilli in preterm labor

Some species of lactobacilli are hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) producers which may have a protective effect against vaginal colonization by pathogenic species. The aim of this study was to investigate the lactobacillary flora in normal pregnant women and pregnant women with preterm labor, by smear and Nugent score and to assess the distribution of lactobacilli generating hydrogen peroxide in both groups and its correlation...

Author(s): Alaa Mosbah and Maggie Reda Mesbah

September 2009

Ameliorative effects of α-tocopherol on cypermethrin induced oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation in Wistar rats

Environmental contamination of pyrethroids is responsible for increasing oxidative stress in man and animals. The present study was aimed to investigate the ameliorative effects of α-tocopherol on different stress parameters in rats. Significant (p<0.05) increased catalase activity in cypermethrin treated rats is maintained normal by the supplementation of α-tocopherol. Significantly reduced (p<0.05)...

Author(s): Rajinder Raina, Pawan Kumar Verma, N. K. Pankaj and Vinay Kant

September 2009

Effects of soy protein on selected enzymes in tissues of rats fed a cholesterol diet

Soy protein, an important component of soybeans is unique among plant-based protein because of its associated isoflavones. Isoflavones are a group of compounds with variety of biological properties that may potentially benefit human health. Their actions in various tissues have motivated researchers to access the possible related mechanisms and functions. This study is aimed at determining the effect of soy protein on...

Author(s): Olarewaju M. Oluba, E. Chukwu Onyeneke, Godwin C. Ojieh and George O. Eidangbe