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Water Resources and Environmental Engineering

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  • DOI: 10.5897/IJWREE
  • Start Year: 2009
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Table of Content: July 2013; 5(7)

July 2013

Application of AquaCrop model in deficit irrigation management of cabbages in Keiyo Highlands

Crop growth can be simulated under different water application using simulation models. The main purpose of deficit irrigation is high water productivity with less application of water to plants. In this research, the potential of AquaCrop to simulate the growth of cabbages in Keiyo Highlands (0°22’45’’N and 35°32’9”, 2586 m.a.s.l) under nine different irrigation treatments in the...

Author(s): Kiptum C. K, Kipkorir E. C, Munyao T. M and J. M. Ndambuki

July 2013

Study of double breakpoints during chlorination of River Yamuna water, Delhi, India

  A study on chlorination of raw Yamuna River water is reported in this study. Samples were chlorinated with increasing doses of standard chlorine water and residual chlorine (Cl2) was measured by Starch-Iodide method. For each sample, the chlorination curve (chlorine residual versus chlorine dose) was obtained. Curves showed the typical irregularity attributed to the formation and destruction of chloramines...

Author(s): Lokesh Kumar

July 2013

Study of major and trace elements in groundwater of Birsinghpur Area, Satna District Madhya Pradesh, India

  The present paper deals with major and trace elements geochemistry from the groundwater of Birsinghpur area, Satna district, Madhya Pradesh, India. Geologically, the area comprises sandstone and shale formations of the Proterozoic Upper Vindhyan Supergroup. The study reveals that the water is hard to very hard (The classification as hard to very hard is possibly based on incorrect analytical data); the...

Author(s): R.N. Tiwari, Shankar Mishra and Prabhat Pandey

July 2013

Geoelectric study of major landfills in the Lagos Metropolitan Area, Southwestern Nigeria

  Geoelectric study of Abule Egba, Igando and Olushosun landfills within Lagos municipality has been undertaken to determine their hydrogeologic implications. The field technique involved vertical electrical soundings utilizing Schlumberger electrode array. At Abule Egba, landfill materials are defined by resistivity varying between 1.6 Ω-m at decomposed stage and 144 Ω-m within fresh dump. The...

Author(s):   Oladapo, M. I., Adeoye-Oladapo, O. O.  and Adebobuyi, F. S.

July 2013

Performance assessment of some developed surface irrigation methods

  Irrigation development is a gateway to increased agricultural, water and land productivity, increased household and national food security. However, irrigation development has been a major challenge in many developing countries, including Egypt. The overall objective of this study is to detect the influence of different irrigation systems on water-use efficiency, crop and soil salinity in highly soil...

Author(s):   N. B. Abdelmageed

July 2013

Performance analysis of the storm water management and road tunnel – SMART in Kuala Lumpur

  Storm water management and road tunnel (SMART) was built to direct water around a major meeting point of two major rivers located in a large urban area; in addition, it doubles up as a road tunnel, though that section is only used in major storms. Much information has come from the Malaysian Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID), in the form of data and reports. Pre-project historical water flow data as...

Author(s): Ramani Bai Varadharajan, Craig James Bailey

July 2013

Assessment of groundwater quality for irrigation of Bhaskar Rao Kunta watershed, Nalgonda District, India

  Semi-arid region of Bhaskar Rao Kunta watershed groundwater quality was evaluated for suitability irrigation; in this situation twenty groundwater samples were collected at identical locations from deeper bore wells. The American Public Health Association (APHA) standard methods were followed and the concentrations of physicochemical parameters of pH, electrical conductivity (EC), total hardness...

Author(s):   K. Srinivasa Reddy  

July 2013

Investigating rainwater harvesting on highly permeable soils - baseline conditions

  Dune sand was subjected to varying rainfall intensities in order to generate runoff under laboratory conditions on slopes of 20 and 30°. Soil moisture probes were inserted into the soil at varying depths to investigate the movement of water through the profile. Results indicate that in spite of continuous simulated rainfall administered for over 4,000 min, no runoff could be generated over the sand...

Author(s):   AMU-MENSAH Frederick K., YAMAMOTO Tahei and INOUE Mitsuhiro

July 2013

Study of heavy metals pollution and physico-chemical assessment of water quality of River Owo, Agbara, Nigeria

  The various selected physicochemical and biological condition of freshwater bodies which receive varying number of outfalls of industrial and domestic effluents containing heavy metals of River Owo, Agbara Industrial Estate, a boundary town between Lagos and Ogun state, along Badagry Expressway in Nigeria, was assessed for five consecutive months. Four sampling points were chosen from the water body to...

Author(s):   Kuforiji Titilope Shakirat and Ayandiran Tolulope Akinpelu        

July 2013

Geophysical and hydrochemistry methods for mapping groundwater contamination around Aule area, Akure, Southwestern Nigeria

  An integrated geophysical investigation involving 2D-Wenner profiling, very low frequency electromagnetic, vertical electrical sounding (VES) and water quality analysis was conducted around Aule area within Akure the capital city of Ondo state southwestern Nigeria where there have been reported cases of groundwater contamination. Also hydrochemical analysis was carried out on five water samples in the area;...

Author(s):   A.O. Adelusi,  A .A. Akinlalu and S.S. Adebayo