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The impact of deepfakes on the credibility of television news A field study on workers in television newsrooms

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Deepfakes have a large number of social, political, propaganda, and public opinion influences. As well as its impact on the credibility of television news. This research is descriptive, and the researcher relied on the survey method to study the contact person working in TV newsrooms. The researcher chose the channels (Al-Iraqiya, Al-Raba'a, iNews, Al-Rasheed) as a research community to distribute the contact forms on...

Author(s):Mohaned Hameed Obaid

Impact of Mass Media on Nigeria’s National Development: Continuity and Challenges

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This paper examined the impact of mass media on Nigeria’s national development. Media plays an important function in education and information dissemination to the society. The media initiates public participation through knowledge exchange and advocating issue, technologies and skills to the people. While Agenda setting and Framing theories as well as survey method were adopted by the study, findings showed that the...

Author(s):Olatunde Taiwo, OKEOWO and Amos Olanrewaju, ARISOYIN

Grounded Theory Method and Media Research

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The grounded theory method (GTM) occupies a grey area within the discussion on the method in social research. On the one hand, the proponents of the quantitative methods do not agree on the call for more reflexive theories on the data, there is the qualitative pressure to be more reflexive on others. The GTM has evolved over the years, responding to such an array of critics of its claims of a unique methodological place....

Author(s):Vijai Pratap


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Media is a vehicle for social change and development. The inception of Counties in 2010 led to establishment of county development programs. Vihiga County hosts several community radio stations broadcasting in various dialects. This study therefore endeavored to investigate the role of community radio programmes in the implementation of development programs in Vihiga County. This study was guided by the development...

Author(s):Bongo Ngoseywi and Charles Ongandi Nyambuga


Article in Press

The paper examined and interrogated the communicative competencies and appropriateness of translations of selected COVID-19 expressions from English to Yoruba in news broadcast and media usages in the Yoruba-speaking region in Nigeria. Thirty concepts were sampled from news bulletins presented by the news presenters across six major Yoruba-speaking states of Nigeria while only sixteen of the samples were extracted and...

Author(s):Francis Yede and Dayo Akanmu

News trends and issues in international media realities

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The new media has affected the contemporary practice of journalism and communication studies. Today, there is a paradigm shift in news coverage and flows, with the internet and the smartphone being significant trends in international media and communication. While the new trends have resulted in the globalization of information flows, evidence suggests that the developing nations have immensely been affected by these...

Author(s):Maxwell Tongola Madara

Lightning Disaster in Bangladesh: Analysis of Media Response

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This study aims at analyzing lightning reports published in Bangladeshi mass media in the year of 2019. Two mainstream online news portals, four other web portals of print media, and one news agency have been selected to conduct the study. Content analysis has been applied to understand the lightning hazards in Bangladesh, and 606 stories have been imported for analysis. The study found that media reports significantly...

Author(s):Juel Mia

Higher Education Institution Students’ Social Media Literacy in Ethiopia: a Case of Bahir Dar University Students

Article in Press

This study generally aims to investigate the status of Bahir Dar University students’ social media literacy and associated factors affect developing core competences of social media literacy. A mixed method design was employed in the study. Both descriptive and inferential were used to analyze data gathered from the quantitative design. Data gathered from Focus Group Discussion was analyzed qualitatively. Accordingly,...

Author(s):Behailu Atinafu

Corporate governance and the problematic communication strategy: A Case Study of the Public Economic Corporation-NAFTAL as a Model-

Article in Press

In the era of organizations or institutions of all kinds and disciplines, the subject of communication has become the main engine of any organization seeking to impose itself in a market economy and competition era. The need for effective strategic communication has never been more important at the moment. In order to ensure strategic coherence, and in this important work of strategy development, implementation, review...

Author(s):Abdallah Tani Mohammed EL Nadir

Perceived use of social media by registry staff of federal universities in Southwestern Nigeria

Article in Press

Nigeria universities are experiencing changes in administration because of innovation arising from Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to promote effective communication and efficient administrative services delivery. Timely information flow and effective communication are prerequisite of efficient policy dissemination. However, engagement of traditional or manual communication to disseminate information is...

Author(s):Lolade Osinulu and Fadekemi Oyewusi

Suitability and recall of radio jingles for malaria control among rural people in South-West Nigeria

Article in Press

Communication plays a key role in the creation, gathering and sharing of information that can influence people to adopt malaria prevention behaviours. However, content of such information has not been sufficiently studied to know their suitability. This study therefore investigated the suitability and recall of radio jingles for malaria control among rural people in south-west Nigeria. Survey, focus group discussion and...

Author(s):Abiodun, Solomon Oyeleye

'Sanitized, made lie supine and left fanged'. The final version of the 2010 Protection of Information Bill / Secrecy Bill and its threats to freedom of expression in South Africa

Article in Press

The African National Congress (ANC) at the helm of the current South African government may have succeeded towards the end of 2013 in using its majority voting clout inside the country’s national parliament to forcibly push through the passing of the controversial and now infamous 2010 Protection of Information Bill / Secrecy Bill, and thereafter declared it tame enough, ready to be signed and enacted into law by the...


The Effect of Communicative Grammar on Students’ Writing Development

Article in Press

Language skills are taught at all levels with varying degrees of attention. The teaching of grammar is, however, contested although one can hardly find an English lesson without grammar at all. However, the grammar explanation efforts as in English as a foreign language classes is an arguable issue that research indicating whether a writing class involving grammar lessons pertaining to the kind of the text students want to...


Smartphone Practice and Lifestyle: The Case of urban Iran

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This paper explores the relationship between smartphone practices and lifestyle in urban Iran. Recently, the use of smartphones has dramatically increased in Iran and this trend is expected to impact users’ lifestyle in the everyday context. So to test this hypothesis, I follow use the notion of “lifestyle” advanced by Pierre Bourdieu to offer an analysis of this changing trend. I choose the sample based on purpose...

Author(s):Hossein Kermani


Article in Press

The political climate in Nigeria towards the build-up to the 2015 presidential elections were charged with language of hate and abuse. The definition of political communications in Nigeria was re-evaluated within the contexts of the elections. Language is a potent tool of engagement in political communication. This study thus examine the intent and content of hateful words as language of political change, the framing of...

Author(s):Ngozi Uduma

Potrayal of cultural values in Jan cartoon: a content analysis

Article in Press

This paper is the study of portrayal of cultural values through Jan cartoons. This is an effort to explore how Jan cartoons are depicting our cultural values. The main focus of study was the content that is being portrayed in Jan cartoons and see how cultural values are implanted in programs and to which extent children are getting information after watching these cartoons. We collected our data through content analysis in...

Author(s):Kainat tahir


Article in Press

Media are usually used to make fun and to spend enjoyable time, but they are the most effective instruments in a society. Media always convey attractive and interesting messages, but people want to learn from media too. This study examines social responsibility of media on health problems and evaluates responsibility of media by warning people about health risks. Media are the most common instruments in social life and...

Author(s):Cereci Sedat

The Cyber Space and Cultural Identity: The Social Responsibility of Modern Media and their Influence on Moroccan Youths' Lives

Article in Press

The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of the Internet and satellite channels on the behaviours of Moroccan high school pupils. It explores the implicit and denotative consequences of modern media upon the values, behaviours and lifestyles of young Moroccans. This article tries to ascertain whether the dissemination of global cultural products influences teenagers’ attitudes towards their own cultural...



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Though the relationship between the environment, security and development has long been established, it is often overlooked. Though complex, it can be noticed that there is a direct correlation between environmental degradation, social disruption and conflict and consequently the level of development a society attains. This paper brings this relationship to the fore in the light of the current environmental, security and...



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The present investigation was conducted to study the “Study viewing behaviour of televiewers regarding Assamese channels” with the objectives (i) to study the personal and demographic characteristics of viewers, (ii) to analyze the viewing behaviour of the respondents, (iii) to rank different programmes that preferred by the respondents.The study was conducted in Jorhat district of Assam. A purposive multi stage...

Author(s):Borgohain Sikhamoni

Impact of Internet on Social Capital in Family System in Pakistan (A Survey Study of Lahore City from 1st Jan- 31st December 2013)

Article in Press

This study aims to investigate the influence of internet on family connections in joint family & relative system in Pakistani society. The findings of the study showed that internet has very strong impact on the social capital of low income & middle income demographics with having slight influence on high income class in Pakistan. The researchers also found that internet has great impact on females; students and youths as...

Author(s):Jam Sajjad Hussain Sajjad Hussain

Emerging Global Journalism

Article in Press

Freedom of information is one of the fundamental human rights, the right of every citizen to express his or her opinion through the written and the spoken word. It is clear today that the technology of communication has revolutionized the spread of information, making it instantaneous and allowing it to reach an ever-widening public. Thus a new power is born, the power of global journalism and social media. What is the...

Author(s):Jallow Alagi Yorro

Exploring Channels of Cultural Communication between Pakistan and China

Article in Press

This paper traces the channels of intercultural communication between China and Pakistan, the oldest strategic allies in the region. The study explores two government’s initiatives, academic programs and projects aimed at promoting intercultural communication through the opening up of Chinese language and cultural centers. The globalization has opened new channels of interaction with nations, societies, cultures and...


Ethical dilemmas in journalism practice in Nigeria: The way forward

Article in Press

The unethical attitude, behaviours and practises exhibited by most Nigerian journalists in recent times is a matter of concern. Most journalists are so irresponsible that one begins to imagine if there is actually any professional code of ethics guiding the profession in Nigeria. However, based on the x-ray done on the position of journalism ethics in Nigeria, this study found that there is in fact code of ethics in the...

Author(s):Ukam Ivi Ngwu

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