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Financial planning for the preventive maintenance of the power distribution systems’ critical components using the reliability-centered approach

February 2015

Among different maintenance strategies that exist for power distribution systems, the Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) strategy attempts to introduce a structured framework for planning maintenance programs by relying on network reliability studies and cost/benefit considerations. For the implementation of the RCM strategy, the electricity distribution companies try to optimally utilize the existing financial...

Author(s): Mansour Hosseini-Firouz and Noradin Ghadimi

Relation between classical mechanics and physics of condensed medium

February 2015

An equilibrium system of potentially interacting material points in a nonhomogeneous field is studied by numerical simulations, as well as criteria which are needed in order to switch from the quantified model to the thermodynamic one. This paper studies the system passing a potential barrier and factors which affect the change of the system’s internal energy. These factors include width of the barrier, number of...

Author(s): V. M. Somsikov, A. B. Andreyev and A. I. Mokhnatkin

Photoluminescence from GaAs nanostructures

February 2015

The confinement properties of semiconductor nanostructures have promising potential in technological application.  The main objective of this study is to describe the dependence of Photoluminescence (PL) intensity on different parameters like temperature, excitation wavelength, time and photon energy of GaAs quantum dots (QDs). The model equations are numerically analyzed and simulated with matlab and FORTRAN...

Author(s): Alemu Gurmessa, Getnet Melese, Lingamaneni Veerayya Choudary and Sisay Shewamare

Recent astronomical tests of general relativity

January 2015

This history of experimentation relevant to general relativity covers the time post-1928. Classes of investigation are the weak equivalence principle (equivalence of inertial and gravitational mass and gravitational redshift), orbital precession of a body in gravitational fields (the relativistic perihelion advance of the planets, the relativistic periastron advance of binary pulsars, geodetic precession and...

Author(s): Keith John Treschman

On the hydrogenation-dehydrogenation of graphene-layer-nanostructures: Relevance to the hydrogen on-board storage problem

January 2015

Herein, results of thermodynamic analysis of some theoretical and experimental [thermal desorption (TDS), scanning tunneling microscopy (STM), scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS), high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy/low-energy electron diffraction (HREELS/LEED), photoelectron spectroscopy (PES), angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES), Raman spectroscopy and others] data on...

Author(s): Yu S. Nechaev and Nejat T. Veziroglu

Correlation between milling time, particle size for stabilizing rheological parameters of clay suspensions in ceramic tiles manufacture

January 2015

Several parameters governed the rheological properties as well as the nature of the constituents, to the process of implementation. One of the major solution is to master the milling time which is responsible for the fineness of the grains, which in turn, conditioned the correct handling of the sintering mechanism, and allows highlight of the correlation between the size of the powders and the rheological properties....

Author(s): Halima Chemani

Characterization of porcelain tableware formulation containing bentonite clay

January 2015

Aluminosilicate are often produced from kaolin with a kaolin bond in the formulation intended to increase the thermal strength of the product. Because kaolin formulations do not sinter well, investigation of methods for increasing the density of kaolin is highly relevant. The density can be increased by increasing the degree of dispersion. An additive which improves sinterability would be especially effective. Bentonite...

Author(s): H. Boussak, H. Chemani and A. Serier

A theory of the relativistic fermionic spinrevorbital

January 2015

The Little Rules and Effect describe the cause of phenomena of physical and chemical transformations on the basis of spin antisymmetry and the consequent magnetism of the most fundamental elements of leptons and quarks and in particular electrons, protons and neutrons causing orbital motions and mutual revolutionary motions (spinrevorbital) to determine the structure and the dynamics of nucleons, nuclei, atoms,...

Author(s): Reginald B. Little

UV Absorption and dynamic mechanical analysis of polyethylene films

December 2014

Photooxidative processes that lead to chain scission and chain linking in polymers play an important role in polymer degradation. These processes are induced by both ultraviolet (UV) and visible light absorption. The capability of these radiations to be absorbed depends on the existence of chromophores in the polymeric material. Assessment of photodegradation data obtained from a polymer material processed in a...

Author(s): P. Kuria Kamweru, F. Gichuki Ndiritu, T. Kinyanjui, Z. Wanjiku Muthui, R. Gichuki Ngumbu and P. Migunde Odhiambo

Computational calculation of the electronic and magnetic properties of 1x1-MN/GaN (M = V, Cr and Mn) multilayers

December 2014

We employed density functional theory (DFT) in order to study the electronic and magnetic properties of 1x1-MN/GaN (M = V, Cr, and Mn) multilayers, in the wurtzite-type hexagonal structure. The calculations were carried out using a method based on full-potential linearized augmented plane waves (FP-LAPW), employed exactly as implemented in Wien2k code. For the description of the electron-electron interaction,...

Author(s): Miguel J. E. R., Gladys C. J. and César O. L.

Application of soft computing techniques for multi source deregulated power system

December 2014

In this paper, an interconnected power system is proposed for Automatic Generation Control (AGC) in restructured power environment. The customized AGC scheme is projected in deregulated environment for multi-source combination of hydro, reheat thermal and gas generating units in entire area. Proportional integral derivative controller is offered for AGC scheme and the gains are optimised through soft computing...

Author(s): S. Baghya Shree and N. Kamaraj

Construction of some new exact structures for the nonlinear lattice equation

December 2014

In the present work we examine a generalized coth and csch functions method to construct new exact travelling solutions to the nonlinear lattice equation. The technique of the homogeneous balance method is used to handle the appropriated solutions. Some exact solutions obtained are new.   Key words: Nonlinear lattice, travelling wave solutions.

Author(s): W. Djoudi and A. Zerarka

Theoretical studies of CO converted to CH3OH by ZINDO/1-DFT methods

December 2014

The aim of this study is to simulate co-catalysts of titanium nitride nanotubes (TiN-NTs) with Cu nano-particles for converting carbon monoxide (CO) and water into methanol. This method may provide a new way to reduce carbon-monoxide levels in the atmosphere rising due to our planet's heavy use of fossil fuels as well as to produce alternative fuels. Using TiN-NTs has shown the efficiency to remove CO from the...

Author(s): Leila Mahdavian

Primordial radionuclides in potable water from former tin-mining areas with elevated activity

December 2014

The activity concentrations of the primordial radionuclides in potable water from 2 former mining areas (Bisichi and Bukuru) in Jos, Plateau state in Nigeria have been studied. The activities were determined by a non-destructive analysis using a computerized gamma ray spectrometry system with high purity germanium (HPGe). The results show the average activity concentrations for 226Ra, 232Th and 40K for Bukuru and...

Author(s): O. I. Adekoya,

Flat gravity based on Hubble’s law which expanded Newtonian gravity

November 2014

Hubble’s law, formulated by Edwin Hubble and Milton Humason in 1929, tells us that space is expanding. However, over short distances, flat gravity caused by the expanding universe is described by the inverse square law of Newtonian gravity. This leads to heretofore unsolved gravity anomalies, such as the pioneer anomaly, which involves an abnormal slowdown relative to the Sun of the Pioneer spacecraft and the...

Author(s): Shinsuke Hamaji

Measurement, prediction and modeling the impact of vibration as the possibility of protection cultural heritage objects

November 2014

This article describes the possibility of using prognostic equations and the theory of fuzzy logic to predict the intensity of vibrations resulting from the use of construction machinery and heavy traffic. Vibrations from construction machinery can be particularly dangerous if they affect heritage buildings. By analyzing the measured results of vibrations at various facilities, we found that using the theory of fuzzy...

Author(s): Sebastian Toplak, Andrej Ivanic, Primoz Jelusic and Samo Lubej

Modifying the chaotic behavior in the quadrupole wiggler free-electron laser using ion-channel guiding

November 2014

The principles of free-electron laser (FEL) are explained. The motion of an individual electron in a FEL in a field configuration consisting of a quadrupole wiggler magnetic field is investigated. The general formulation of the dynamical problem is given. The Hamiltonian and Hamilton's equations of motion are derived. The problem of integrability and the Hamiltonian chaos is discussed. Upon plotting the...

Author(s): Mustafa Abu Safa

Analytical investigation of convective heat transfer of a longitudinal fin with temperature-dependent thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient and heat generation

November 2014

In this article, the heat transfer through a longitudinal fin is studied. The heat transfer coefficient, thermal conductivity and heat generation are variables and supposed to be temperature-dependent. The temperature distribution in fin with longitudinal rectangular profile was carried out by using the differential transformation method (DTM) which is an analytical solution technique. For validation of the analytical...

Author(s): D. D. Ganji and A. S. Dogonchi

Estimation of heavy metals contamination and silicate mineral distributions in suspended sediments of Subansiri River

November 2014

Suspended sediments samples were collected from ten different locations through the Subansiri River to assess heavy metals contamination such as Fe, Al, Ti, Pb, Zn, Cu, Ni, Co, Mn and Cr. The enrichment factor (EF), contamination factor (CF), geo-accumulation index (Igeo) and pollution load index (PLI) were investigated for evaluate metal contamination in the sediments. The relative distribution of major minerals such...

Author(s): B. J. Saikia, S. R. Goswami and R. R. Borah

Chemical composition and antioxidant capacity of the leaf extract of Justicia insularis

October 2014

The leaves of Justicia insularis have been generating a lot of interest among the Yoruba people in the Southern Nigeria. They provide useful source of human nutrition and medicinal value. In this study, J. insularis leaves were harvested, processed and analysed to determine their chemical compositions and also to investigate their antioxidant properties. The proximate analysis showed that the sample contained 15.955%...

Author(s): O. T. Adeyemi and O. Babatunde

Detection of energetic particles from plasma focus using Faraday cup and SSNTD (LR-115A)

October 2014

A Mather-type plasma focus device is used in this work which is prefilled with helium at 0.8 Torr. The total ion current density of the plasma stream is measured to be 750 mA/cm2. From time-resolved measurements (Faraday cup), the ion beam energy was distributed with energy ranging from 0.3 to 540 keV. The ion flux density of ion beam is estimated to be 4.47 × 1011 ion/steradian using track etching technique...

Author(s): G. M. El-Aragi

Guiding of light with pinholes

October 2014

A new type of light waveguide using linearly aligned pinholes is presented. Results of basic experiments are compared with theoretical estimates calculated using continuous model. This model predicts that the loss per unit length of the light inside this waveguide is proportional to the square root of the spacing between the pinholes. Since this waveguide utilizes no transparent material, it can be used to guide...

Author(s): Makoto Morinaga

On solving the nonlinear Schrödinger-Boussinesq equation and the hyperbolic Schrödinger equation by using the (G'G,1G) -expansion method

October 2014

The propagation of the optical solitons is usually governed by the nonlinear Schrödinger equations. In this article, the two variable(G'⁄G,1⁄G) -expansion method is employed to construct the exact traveling wave solutions with parameters of two nonlinear partial differential equations (PDEs) namely, the (1+1)-dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger-Boussinesq system and the (2+1)-dimensional...

Author(s): E. M. E. Zayed and K. A. E. Alurrfi

A novel method to develop an automobile assembly line system

October 2014

The assembly line is an important component of the automobile production process. The function of the assembly line is to produce different models of vehicles with minimum work in the process. For better performance, activities on the assembly line should be performed to minimise the process steps and achieve other objectives. This study develops a new dynamic sequencing method to improve activities on the assembly line...

Author(s): Ali A. J. Adham and Ahmad N. N. Kamar

Wet chemical synthesis of Tin Sulfide nanoparticles and its characterization

September 2014

Nanostructured materials have attracted much attention in various fields of science and technology.  Tin sulfide (SnS) nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by wet chemical method. The as-prepared tin sulfide nanoparticles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and dielectric studies. The SEM measurements show the aggregates of small...

Author(s): S. Suresh

Effects of land use on river water quality of Awat-Awat Lawas Mangrove Forest Limbang Sarawak Malaysia

September 2014

Water quality and trace elements of river water of Awat-Awat, Sundar and Trusan river from Awat-Awat Lawas Mangrove Forest Limbang (AALMFL) Sarawak, Malaysia were investigated in the current research. This study used the application of Water Quality Index (WQI) and National Water Quality Standards (NWQS) provided by Department of Environment (DOE) Malaysia in evaluating the quality of the river. Fifty two different...

Author(s): Seca Gandaseca, Noraini Rosli, Ahmad Mustapha Mohamad Pazi and Chandra Iman Arianto

Electrical study of plasticized carboxy methylcellulose based solid polymer electrolyte

September 2014

The electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity of carboxyl methylcellulose doped with oleic acid and plasticized with glycerol have been measured by the electrical impedance spectroscopy method in the temperature range of 303 – 393 K. The composition of glycerol was varied between 0 and 50 wt. % and the samples were prepared via solution casting technique. The highest ionic conductivity at room temperature,...

Author(s): M. N. Chai and M. I. N. Isa

Strength improvement of a High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HPFRC) containing local raw materials

September 2014

Improvement of mechanical strength of a High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HPFRC) containing local raw materials at a cheap rate was investigated in this present work. An experimental study was conducted on different concretes based on dune sand and reinforced by metallic fibers. The concretes studied are formulated based on a Portland Cement (PC), Dune Sand (DS), Dust of Electro-filter (DE), Metallic Fibers...

Author(s): Farida Ait Medjber, Mohammed Saidi, Brahim Safi and Madjid Samar

Comment on "Combined heat and mass transfer by mixed convection magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) flow along a porous plate with chemical reaction in presence of heat source" by Zueco, J. and Ahmed, S., 2010, [Appl. Math. Mech. -Engl. Ed. 31(10), pp. 1217-1230]

September 2014

In this paper, we demonstrate that the previously reported effect of the transverse magnetic field on a steady mixed convective heat and mass transfer flow of an incompressible viscous fluid past an infinite vertical isothermal porous plate considering the induced magnetic field with viscous and magnetic dissipations of energy by Zueco and Ahmed (2010) [Appl. Math. Mech. -Engl. Ed. 31(10), pp. 1217-1230] has some major...

Author(s): Bhupendra Kumar Sharma and Ajit Pratap Singh

Study of miscibility of liquid mixtures with a critical point: A new experiment for a physical chemistry course

August 2014

This paper describes a new experiment for undergraduate students in physical chemistry. This experiment describes a separation process of liquid-liquid extraction using mixtures with a critical point of miscibility. In this experiment, students will learn how to measure solute concentration, and a new liquid-liquid extraction technique that we called Phase Transition Extraction (PTE). In this experiment, a liquid...

Author(s): Filomena Califano, Guram Nozadze, Alexander Ly van Manh and Ahmed Farhat

Electrical properties and crystal structure of Y123, Y358 and Y257/Y211 composite bulk superconductors

August 2014

The Y123, Y358 and Y257 bulk superconductors mixed with various ratio of non-superconducting Y211 (Y2BaCuO5) were synthesized by solid state reaction. The physical properties of pellets were investigated by d.c. four-probes measurement. The crystal structure was determined using powder X-ray diffraction and the characteristic peaks were determined using the Rietveld full-profile analysis method. Results showed that the...

Author(s): Kruaehong T.

Effect of an axial magnetic field on the heat and mass transfer in rotating annulus

August 2014

This study is interested in the effect of an axial magnetic field imposed on incompressible flow of electrically conductive fluid between two horizontal coaxial cylinders. The imposed magnetic field is assumed uniform and constant. The effect of heat generation due to viscous dissipation is also taken into account. The inner and outer cylinders are maintained at different uniform temperatures and concentrations. The...

Author(s): Sofiane ABERKANE, Malika IHDENE, Mourad MODERES and Abderahmane GHEZAL

Some classifications on Kenmotsu manifolds

August 2014

In this paper, we investigate some curvature problems of Kenmotsu manifolds satisfying some certain conditions and we reach some classicifications. We consider -recurrent Kenmotsu manifolds and we show that -recurrent Kenmotsu manifolds are also -Einstein manifolds. Next, we study  -Ricci symmetric Kenmotsu manifolds and we find this manifolds are Einstein manifolds too. In addition, we examine locally -symmetric...

Author(s): Saadet DOÄžAN and Müge KARADAÄž

Analysis and evaluation of differential inductive transducers for transforming physical parameters into usable output frequency signal

August 2014

This paper presents a novel hybrid oscillating inductive sensor circuit converting deflection oscillations into useful signal and thus being used to support an oscillatory circuit mechanism and management of their resulting oscillation in a real-time implementation. This circuit does not only detects and optimizes the deflections produced in an oscillation in instrumentation electronics, but also provide an improved...

Author(s): A. Deji, S. Khan, M. M. Ahmed, J. Chebil and A. H. M. Z. Alam

Optimal transformer allocation in electrical distribution using genetic algorithm

July 2014

The optimization of transformers allocation is a major challenge to the operators of electrical energy distribution in several developing countries. In this research, a Generic Algorithm model for the optimization of transformer allocation in electrical distribution networks is developed. The algorithm employed the principles of selection, crossover and mutation to allocate transformers of different capacities to...

Author(s): Oluwole Charles Akinyokun, Gabriel Babatunde Iwasokun and Akinwale Michael Ojo

Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) boundary layer stagnation point flow with radiation and chemical reaction towards a heated shrinking porous surface

July 2014

This paper is an investigation of the effects of chemical reaction on two dimensional steady stagnation point flow of an electrically conducting, incompressible, and viscous fluid with radiation towards a heated shrinking porous surface. A chemically reactive species is emitted from the vertical surface into the flow field. The governing partial differential equations are solved using the Newton-Raphson shooting method...

Author(s): E. J. Christian, Y. I. Seini and E. M. Arthur

Internuclear forces: Physical and chemical reasons

July 2014

The arguments, obtained in favor of the hypothesis on internuclear interaction of atoms (offered by author in the preceding publication), are presented. It is proposed an interpretation of physical phenomenon Bragg peak, which is discovered 100 years ago but is not understood hitherto. An extremely simple and natural explanation of chemical covalent bond (which unlikely may be considered satisfactory at present) is...

Author(s): B. A. Mosienko

Optical observation of streamer propagation and breakdown in seed based insulating oil under impulse voltages

July 2014

Increasing demand of electricity and high consumption of natural fuel resources has raised countless challenges for the electricity industry. For years, transformers were equipped with mineral oil for better and lasting performance but the recent uncertainty about the future of oil availability is motivating the researchers to find out the “Green Insulating Oils” for transformers. Thus, green insulating oils...

Author(s): Mohammed I. Qureshi, Abderrahmane Beroual and Essam A. Al-Ammar

An efficient technique for morphing zero-genus 3D objects

July 2014

In this paper, we present an algorithm to morph a zero-genus mesh model to a topologically equivalent one based on spherical parameterization, as it is the natural parameterization method for this kind of objects. Our algorithm starts by normalizing the two objects to the cube of unity, as a preprocessing step. Then, the two normalized models are parameterized onto a common spherical domain. We reposition the points of...

Author(s): A. Elef, M. H. Mousa and H. Nassar

Measurement and modeling of the effect of gamma irradiation on radiofrequency dielectric properties of bovine kidney tissue

June 2014

The effect of gamma irradiation on the radiofrequency dielectric properties of bovine kidney tissue has been investigated using gamma irradiator (Gs 1000), booton (7200) capacitance meter, signal generator (Lodstars SG-416013) and Dielectric cells Mathematic models of the following dielectric structural parameter, Dielectric spread parameter (), dielectric decrement () and Dielectric relaxation time (), were also...

Author(s): E. H. Agba, T .Sombo and T.A Ige

Research in physical properties of AlxGa1-xAs III-V Arsenide ternary semiconductor alloys

June 2014

General description of III-Arsenide semiconductors is presented and significance of the present work is stressed. The electrical and optical properties of III-Arsenide from binary semiconductors are evaluated using the principle of additivity involving quadratic expressions. The electrical and optical properties studied in this group include refractive index, optical polarizability, absorption coefficient and energy...

Author(s): Alla Srivani, Vedam Ram Murthy and G. Veera Raghavaiah

Markov chain model for the dynamics of cooking fuel usage: Transition matrix estimation and forecasting

June 2014

Markov chain models are valuable tools for modeling data that vary over time. They are suitable models to use when modeling the transitions of variables between discrete states over time. In this paper, Markov chain model was applied to the data obtained from 300 households living in the headquarters of three Local Governments (Argungu, Arewa, and Augie) of Kebbi State, Nigeria. The data was information concerning the...

Author(s): Garba S. Adamu and Danbaba A.

Studies on zinc oxide thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis technique

June 2014

Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films were deposited by chemical spray pyrolysis (CSP) technique using zinc acetate dihydrate solutions on microscopic glass substrates by varying the precursor concentration. The prepared films were characterized structurally and optically, using the powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and UV analysis and Photoluminescence analysis. Crystallographic properties were analyzed through powder XRD. The XRD...

Author(s): Prabakaran Kandasamy and Amalraj Lourdusamy

Kinematics of the human hand applied to the design of prosthesis

June 2014

This work shows the application of a mechanism of four bars synthetized function used in the development of a prosthetic device with an underacted movement, for its application in people with a mutilation level close to the distal dislocation of the wrist. A methodology is exposed for this, from which the procedure for obtaining the trajectory of the four bars mechanism through the function synthesis, which was...

Author(s): Luis Antonio Aguilar-Pérez, Christopher René Torres-San Miguel, Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Sosa, Luis Martínez-Sáez, José Alfredo Leal-Naranjo, Beatriz Romero-Ángeles and Guillermo Urriolagoitia-Calderón

Analysis and supervision of the water extraction of a thermal power plant

May 2014

The aim of this paper is to analysis the water treatment process in a thermal power plant (TPP). In fact, we present an application of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system. Thus, an example of a SCADA system of the center of RADES in Tunisia was presented. Our contribution in this work consists in the analysis of the water loss in the TPP on the one hand and the supervision of the water extraction...

Author(s): M. N. Lakhoua

Study of vibrations by Raman spectroscopy low frequencies of the phase transition in pyridinium picrate (C6H2N3O7)-.(C5H6N)+

May 2014

The spectra of the crystals of pyridine picrate crude formula, C11H8N4O7, in the mid infrared (IR) and Raman are studied as a function of temperature. They show some changes, which allowed us to first track and describe the structural changes (in both directions under the effect of heat treatment) accompanying the phase transition between 358 and 383K observed by DSC, Rx. After gradual cooling, the reversibility of the...

Author(s): AZIZI Abdelkader and MEDDOUR Athmane

Simulation analysis of the effect graded Zn(O,S) on the performance of the ultra thin copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cells

May 2014

This paper indicated a numerical modeling of ultra thin copper indium gallium diselenide (CIGS) solar cells. An optimum value of the thickness of the structure has been calculated and it is shown that by optimizing the thickness of the cell, efficiency has been increased and cost of production can been reduced. Numerical optimizations have been done by adjusting parameters such as thickness of the layers and the gap. It...

Author(s): Chihi Adel, Boujmil Mohamed Fethi and Bessais Brahim

Properties of Bertrand curves in dual space

May 2014

Starting from ideas and results given by Özkaldi, Ä°larslan and Yaylı in (2009), in this paper we investigate Bertrand curves in three dimensional dual space D3. We obtain the necessary characterizations of these curves in dual space D3. As a result, we find that the distance between two Bertrand curves and the dual angle between their tangent vectors are constant. Also, well known characteristic property of...

Author(s): Ä°lkay ARSLAN GÜVEN and Ä°pek AÄžAOÄžLU

Angular symmetry of space-time and the spinor representation of Poincaré group

May 2014

In the paper, a relativistic theory is suggested; we add three independent angles to the four coordinates of the Minkowski space that define the (x, t) - position of a moving local observer. These angular coordinates define the orientation of an observer under free rotations and they allow us to introduce the generators of the Poincaré group in the angular representation. Instead of a multi-component wave...

Author(s): R. A. Sventkovsky

Modeling and simulation of watershed erosion: Case study of Latian dam watershed

May 2014

The Latian Dam is one of the important drinking water resources of Tehran, and it also has a role in preventing the flood. It is very important to keep the quality of water and preventing the dam from filling. Considering the special aspects of RUSLE model, it was used for estimating the amount of erosion in the watershed of dam including the sub-basins: Jajrood River, Kond River and Afjeh River, and then compared with...

Author(s): Mirzai M., Sajadi A. and Nazari A.

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