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Table of Content: 8 January, 2013; 7(2)

January 2013

Advances in tuberculosis

The review attempts to highlight recent advances in understanding the epidemiology, pathogenesis and treatment of tuberculosis. Strategies in the development of new tools should consider the needs of target populations that are dictated by the diversity in host and pathogen genetics.   Key words: Advances, tuberculosis, review

Author(s): Aseffa A, Mihret A, Habte A, Abebe M, Wassie L, Tschopp R, Beyene D, Ameni G, Berg S, Doherty TM, Gagneux S, Young D, and Howe R

January 2013

Phenotypic and molecular characterization of strains of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale isolated from poultry in Turkey

Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale has been identified as a newly emerging respiratory bacterial pathogen that has been causing significant economic losses to the poultry industry. In this study, a total of 30 isolates of O. rhinotracheale isolated (2 from layer pullets, 5 from broilers, 21 from turkeys and 2 standart strains) from chickens and turkeys were characterized by Polymerase Chain Reaction...

Author(s): Osman Erganis, Hasan Huseyin Hadimli, Kursat Kav and Zafer Sayin  

January 2013

Isolation and molecular characterization of Japanese encephalitis virus GZ strain from piglets, China

JEV GZ strain was isolated from piglets. The fragments of E and NS1 gene of GZ strain were successfully amplified by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR), then cloned into pMD19-T vector and sequenced. The homology of E and NS1gene of GZ strain and amino acid sequence were analyzed using the software’s DNAStar Clustal_1.81 and Mega. Compared with other JEV...

Author(s): D. Y. Tang, J. Liu, F. Wang, Z. Y. Zeng, X. F. Luo, P. Ma and C. Y. Li

January 2013

The role of various proteins of Toxoplasma gondii in provoking immune response at different stages of infection

Toxoplasma gondii is the causative protozoan of toxoplasmosis which has a worldwide distribution among humans and warm-blooded animals. The diagnosis generally depends on serologic tests but the persistently high Immunoglobulin M (IgM) or low IgG avidity complicate diagnosis. It is essential to identify acute-stage-specific antigen to use in a single test for the definitive diagnosis of the acute disease,...

Author(s): Canan Kızılkaya, Gülay Aral Akarsu, ÇiÄŸdem Güngör , Kerem Yaman and Ali Murat Aksoy

January 2013

Comparative study on the protective effect of carnosine and carnitine against pro-inflammatory/pro-oxidant effects of clindamycin and propionic acid administrations to hamsters

This study aimed to compare the neuroprotective potency of carnosine and carnitine supplements against the proinflammatory and prooxidant effects of orally administrated propionic acid and clindamycin induced changes in microflora of hamsters. Nine experimental groups, each consisting of six young male golden Syrian hamsters were investigated: control group (received only phosphate buffered saline), oral buffered...

Author(s): Afaf K. El-Ansary,, Sooad Al-Daihan  Abir Ben Bacha, Ghada H. Shaker and Laila Y. Al-Ayadhi,

January 2013

vanA in vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis isolated in Baghdad

Enterococcus faecalis has emerged as an important nosocomial pathogen worldwide, infections and outbreaks of Vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) still appear to be rare in Baghdad. In the present study, 20 isolates of E. faecalis were collected from 252 clinical samples (151 urine and 101 blood) from different hospitals in Baghdad and 3 isolates from 50 stool samples...

Author(s): Mohammed F. AL-Marjani

January 2013

The influence of carbon and nitrogen supplementation on alpha amylase productivity of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens IIB-14 using fuzzy-logic and two-factorial designs

This study is concerned with the production and optimization of alpha amylase by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens IIB-14 in the presence of additional carbon and nitrogen sources using solid state fermentation. Alpha amylase is of special importance in the starch fermentation industry, as it has significant commercial applications in starch processing, beverages, foods, bread and baking, medicines, textile, paper,...

Author(s): Mian Sahib Zar, Sikander Ali and Ahmad Ali Shahid

January 2013

Plasmid mediated transfer of antibiotic resistance and heavy metal tolerance in thermotolerant water borne coliforms

The antibiotic resistance and heavy metal tolerance pattern of 201 water borne thermotolerant coliforms isolated from rural areas were studied. Most of the isolates exhibited resistance to one or more antibiotics under study, and expressed tolerance to multiple metals. Twenty four strains representing different resistance combinations were tested for plasmid transfer to Escherichia coli K-12 recipient strain....

Author(s): Suman Tewari, Pramod W Ramteke, Manikant Tripathi, Shailendra Kumar and Satyendra Kumar Garg

January 2013

Isolation, identification, culture and production of adenosine and cordycepin from cicada larva infected with entomopathogenic fungi in Thailand

In this study, cicada larvae infected with entomopathogenic fungi were collected from Maha Sarakham Province in northeast Thailand. One strain of entomopathogenic fungi with cottony white cream colonies was isolated. Small subunit (SSU) rDNA, large subunit (LSU) rDNA, the elongation factor 1α (EF-1α) and the largest subunit of RNA polymerase II (rpb1) sequence analyses were used for identification...

Author(s): Aphidech Sangdee and Kusavadee Sangdee

January 2013

Plant growth promoting abilities of phosphate solubilizers from the rhizosphere of Parthenium hysterophorus

Analysis of diversity of phosphate solubilizers in agricultural soil is essential to understand their ecological role and their utilization in sustainable agriculture. One of the factors contributing to the success of weeds, even in nutrient limiting conditions, is the microbial community they select in their vicinity. Phosphate solubilizers from the rhizosphere of a widely growing weed, Parthenium hysterophorus,...

Author(s): Gaurav Dugar, B. Gopinath, B. Arun and Shilpi Sharma