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IJPS Articles

Modelling the geothermal potentials Energy of Abakaliki Lower Benue Trough Nigeria using Fourier transform of digital aeromagnetic data

June 2024

Aeromagnetic data over part of the Abakaliki Lower Benue Trough has been evaluated to estimate the geothermal energy potential and model the morphology of the basin through assessing the depth to the magnetic basement and modeling prominent magnetic anomalous bodies. The data were acquired, analyzed, and interpreted. Qualitative analysis, using visual inspection of Total Magnetic Intensity (TMI), Residual Anomalous...

Author(s): Usman Ayatu Ojonugwa, Mbachu Victor Mmerichukwu, Okonkwo Churchii Chinonso, Chinwuko, Augustine Ifeanyi and Chizoba Chima Joshua  

The nexus between land surface temperature and vegetation condition: The case of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

June 2024

Examining the spatial relationship of surface temperature and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in the urban center helps to balance heat island effect and creates sustainable urban environment. This study identifies the relationship between vegetation condition and surface temperature of Addis Ababa over various land use/cover (LU/LC) types. For this purpose, Landsat 8 OLI and TIR sensor data which were...

Author(s): Dagnachew Sisay Chaka and Binyam Tesfaw Hailu  

Effect of waste crumb rubber tyre as partial replacement of fine aggregates on fresh and hardened properties of concrete

June 2024

Concrete has remained challenging to replace for an extended period due to its inherent strength and minimal maintenance needs over the lifespan of structures, coupled with its versatile applications in various infrastructure projects such as foundations, superstructures, and more. Additionally, concrete components, including fine crushed rock and river sand, are readily accessible in the environment. Recently, waste...

Author(s): Jonathan Uno and Khaled Marar  

Estimation of porosity and specific yield from vertical electrical sounding (VES) measurements in Anambra State, Southeastern Nigeria

May 2024

Estimation of porosity and specific yield was carried out from Vertical Electrical Sounding (VES) measurements in Anambra State, Southeastern Nigeria. The study area lies within longitudes 06° 38I 00IIE and 007° 15I 00IIE and latitudes 05° 42I 00IIN and 006° 45I 00IIN with an area extent of about 4844 km2 (1870 ml2), underlain by formations within two geological basins. It falls within the Anambra River...

Author(s): Austin C. OKONKWO, Chidiebere H. NNAMANI, Anthonia N. NWOBODO, Ejiofor C. EZIKE, Chigozie I. AGANIGBO and Victor O. MBAH.  

Application of geological and geo-electric methods in the assessment of corrosivity, competence, and vulnerability of soils around Southeastern Nigeria

March 2024

The study investigates the electro-geophsysical method's application to assess corrosivity, competence, and aquifer vulnerability in Njaba and its environs, in southeastern Nigeria, aiming to determine soil suitability for engineering constructions and estimate aquifer vulnerability. Urbanization in the area has led to increased man-made structures and surface pollution exposure. Twenty-three geo-electric...

Author(s): Uzochi Bright Onyeanwuna, Obinna Chigoziem Akakuru, Alexander Iheanyichukwu Opara, Samuel Okechukwu Onyekuru, Sabinus Ikechukwu Ibeneme, Ifeyinwa Juliana Ofoh, Godwin Okumagbe Aigbadon, and Hope Isreal  

Modelling and optimization of rice production in Nigeria: bibliometric analysis and future research.

March 2024

Rice production plays a vital role in enhancing employment opportunities, GDP, and food security, thereby contributing to the prosperity of the country. This study aimed to evaluate the current state of research in the field and identify potential areas for future modeling and optimization of rice production. Data were sourced from the reputable academic citation database and research tool, Web of Science, spanning the...

Author(s): Ezra Daniel Dzarma, Ngutor NYOR and Guy Degla  

Study of the high pressure and temperature response of silicon, germanium and gallium arsenide electronic energy bands

March 2024

In this study we investigate the different temperature electronic energy band structure responses of silicon, germanium and gallium arsenide at various applied hydrostatic pressures within a range that does not exceed their structural phase transition pressure. The pressure coefficients for each material have been determined. An atomistic insight was presented into the question of how much of the electronic band...

Author(s): A. Habanyama, D. Nyirenda, J. Simfukwe, S. K. Mkhonta and A. Srivastava  

Extraction of ionospheric vertical total electron content (VTEC) using global navigation satellite system-continuously operating reference station (GNSS-CORS) data from station BF01 in Ouagadougou

March 2024

Numerous raw data concerning the ionosphere exist almost everywhere in Africa. However, these data are underexploited due to the lack of simple methods to extract ionospheric parameters from the data. This paper presents a method for extracting vertical total electron content (VTEC) using Global Navigation Satellite System-Continuously Operating Reference Station (GNSS-CORS) raw data recorded between 01/01/2013 and...

Author(s): Pouraogo Ouédraogo, Karim Guibula, Abidina Diabaté, Rolland Fleury and Frédéric Ouattara  

Evaluation of particle size, flowability and thermal properties of formulated composite wheat-sologold sweet potato flour for baked products

March 2024

This paper attempts to formulate a composite wheat-sologold sweet potato flour that would have good texture, water absorption, dough rheology and heat transfer required for quality baked products. In this study, a completely randomized design was used to determine the best blend of composite flour, followed by the evaluation of its particle size, flowability and thermal properties. The results showed that a lower mean...

Author(s): Paul Tosin, Olosunde William Adebisi and Antia Orua Okon

Mapping of geological structures controlling mineralization in parts of the Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria, using high resolution aeromagnetic data

February 2024

Nine Regional Aeromagnetic data sheets from the Lower Benue Trough, Nigeria have been interpreted using the centroid and forward modelling technique of spectral analysis with the aim of delineating structures that can possibly control mineralization within the trough. The residual magnetic map was analyzed using the geological cross-section to determine the number of anomalies and the Fourier transform method was used...

Author(s): Chukwuebuka J. Magbo and Chukwudi C. EZEH  

Effect of basalt on the mechanical and thermal behavior of a lightweight concrete based on Typha australis

February 2024

This article examines the impact of integrating basalt aggregates into concrete based on Typha australis for housing applications. We conducted an experimental study focusing on mechanical and thermal characterization to analyze the influence of basalt aggregates compared to the results of previous work on T. australis concrete without basalt. The results indicate that both density and mechanical resistance to...

Author(s): Azibert Oumar Abdelhakh, Alhadj Hisseine Issaka, Malloum Soultan, Djibril Sow and Salif Gaye  

Variability of the electric field of magnetospheric convection in recurrent activity during the solar cycle 24

December 2023

This paper employs a statistical approach to investigate the diurnal variability of the magnetospheric convective electric field (MCEF) during recurrent activity, considering the phases of solar cycle 24. This study reveals that the magnetosphere exhibits greater dynamism during the maximum and descending phases on recurrent days. The diurnal variability of the MCEF on days of recurrent geomagnetic activity indicates...

Author(s): Dama Alfred Stéphane, Kaboré Salfo, Sandwidi Sibri Alphonse and Ouattara Frédéric  

Contribution of solar quiet (Sq) daily current variations to the deep earth conductivity within the Southern African Region

November 2023

This work focuses on determining the source current systems by applying the method of spherical harmonic analysis (SHA) to geomagnetic field data obtained from ground measurements. The objectives are to establish the mantle conductivity-depth profile and to compare the results of the profiles from four stations with other research findings. The study utilizes magnetometer data obtained for the year 2011 from geomagnetic...

Author(s): Ngozi Agatha Okwesili, Francisca Nneka Okeke and Igwe Emmanuel Awucha  

foF2 diurnal variation at Dakar station during the period of geomagnetic shock of variable duration over solar cycle 21 and 22: Prediction with IRI 2016

November 2023

This work concerns the comparative study of the diurnal variation of the critical frequency of the F2 layer (foF2) between experimental data from the Dakar station and those of the IRI 2016 model through its URSI. The comparison was conducted during solar cycles 21 and 22, across different phases, and on various days of geomagnetic shock activity. The results indicate that during solar minimum, the graphs of the...

Author(s): Ali Mahamat Nour, Douzane Gouara, Sibri Alphonse Sandwidi and Frédéric Ouattara

Hydrogeological assessment of groundwater resources within Isuikwuato and environ South Eastern Nigeria: Agenda for food agriculture and clean water policies

October 2023

Groundwater resources of the Isuikwuato area, south eastern Nigeria, have been evaluated using integrated geophysical and hydrogeochemical techniques, to determine the quality and usability of the groundwater for domestic and agricultural purposes. Twenty Vertical Electrical Soundings (VES) physicochemical analyses were done. Depth to aquiferous unit varies from 38 to 148 m. The hydrogeochemical characterization shows...

Author(s): Joshua Chima CHIZOBA, Ayatu Ojonugwa USMAN, Chukwudi Chris EZEH, Ifeanyi Augustine CHINWUKO, George-Best AZUOKO, Obinna Chigoziem AKAKURU and Kenneth Obinna IHEME  

Geo-spatial distribution of radio refractivity and the influence of fade depth on microwave propagation signals over Nigeria

July 2023

The need for more bandwidth for a broad range of purposes necessitates research into how radio refractivity, multipath fading, and geoclimatic variables affect terrestrial and satellite propagation links. In this study, a geographical distribution approach to radio refractivity and fade depth over five locations in Nigeria—Akure, Enugu, Jos, Minna, and Sokoto based on five-year (2017–2021) measured data of...

Author(s): Olalekan Lawrence Ojo

Rainfall and sea-surface temperature analyses over Maiduguri, Nigeria using Mann-Kendall test

May 2023

Monitoring of rainfall has become necessary, because of the adverse effects of rainfall variability (e.g. floods, drought, poor harvests, etc.) on agriculture as well as economy. This study is geared towards a better understanding of rainfall variability in Maiduguri, an agrarian community, and sea-surface temperature using Mann-Kendall statistical analyses of data for a period of thirty-four years from Nigeria...

Author(s): Obiageli J. Ugonabo, Ernest Benjamin Ikechukwu Ugwu, and Abigail Alfa  

Mannheim partner curves in the special linear group

March 2023

In this study, we state some basic results about the geometry of the special linear group SL(2,R), seen as a subset of  in terms of the left invariant fields, such as bracketing, Levi Civita connection ∇ and Riemann curvature tensor R, we give some basic theorems for Mannheim partner curves  in the special linear group. We also find the relations between the curvatures and torsions of these...

Author(s): Thiago A. DE A. Mendonça  

Study of diffusion processes in contact areas of thermocouples with metals

March 2023

Diffusion processes on the contact areas of the metal-solder-semiconductor system are experimentally studied in this work. Diffusion coefficients, activation energies and pre-exponential factors in samples commutated with solders based on Pb-Sb are determined. It has been established that lead-based solder has a significantly higher inertness to thermoelectric materials. The nickel-phosphorus coating was coated with a...

Author(s): K. E. Onarkulov and T. M. Azimov  

A mathematical model development to investigate the impact of key parameters on the generated voltage hysteresis of silicon anode based lithium half cells

March 2023

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various energy storage systems. In this article, a physics-based mathematical model of silicon micro-particle (SiMP) anode is developed to identify the principal reasons of voltage hysteresis occurrence during lithiation and delithiation battery cycling of silicon (Si) anode-based lithium half cells. Firstly, lithium diffusion, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics and mechanical...

Author(s): Al-Mustasin Abir Hossain

Using vertical electrical sounding and 2D resistivity tomography to investigate Osogbo central waste dumpsite, Osun State, Nigeria

February 2023

The Osogbo central solid waste dumpsite in Osun State, Nigeria falls within the Ilesha Schist Belt, southwestern basement complex of Nigeria. Thirty-three (33) Vertical Electric Sounding (VES), and 2-D Electric Resistivity Tomography (ERT) data were acquired across various locations in the study area using ABEM Terrameter SAS 300, respectively. Schlumberger configuration with a maximum spread length of 100 m, for the...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. Ezeh and Shukwunweizu M. A. Maike  

Indoor ionizing radiation measurement in different departments of the Federal University of Technology Owerri

February 2023

The indoor background ionizing radiation of various offices of the various departments in Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) was estimated in this study. This was conducted using a well calibrated digital Geiger - Muller Counter (GCA - 04W). The highest value measured was 0.0873 ± 0.1432 µSv/h while the lowest value was 0.0006 ± 0.0001 µSv/h with an average value of 0.0052 ±...

Author(s): Chinaza C. Abara, Dominic  D. O. Eya, Mbamara. U.S. and Chijioke M. Amakom  

Design of a low-cost electronic board for monitoring photovoltaic systems

January 2023

The development of renewable energies is essential to meet the energy demand which is growing year after year. Africa has a strong solar potential which is, however, little exploited. The development of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy will be more favored with the democratization of performance monitoring and characterization tools for PV systems. Monitoring systems are very important because they allow the monitoring of...

Author(s): Pape Alioune Dia and Ababacar Ndiaye

Performance comparison of diversity techniques with Addictive White Gaussian Channel (AWGC) in free space optical communication (FSO) under atmospheric turbulence scenario

January 2023

The spatial diversity techniques are broken down and explained systematically along with its combination which includes Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC), Equal Gain Combining (EGC) and Simple Selection Combining (SC) under the influence of atmospheric-induced turbulence fading in Free Space Optical (FSO) communication. Diversity is a technique used to prevent or reduce multipath. Multipath is a phenomenon describing...

Author(s): Ayeni O. O., Ojo J. S., Owolawi P. A. and Ajewole M. O.

Solution of Einstein's equations, for a fluid and homogeneous star

December 2022

Using the mathematical aspects of the Schwarzschild metric, we present different variables transformation which proves that the central singularity hypothesis does not exist. The geometric interpretation of the black hole from the Schwarzschild metric is not mathematically convincing. The different mathematical approaches taken by many authors were viewed, such as the Painleve metric and its complex variant, and the...

Author(s): Jean-Max CORANSON-BEAUDU and  Xavier LAMPLA  

Uncooled PV cell under variable light concentration: Determination of profiles of the temperature, the intrinsic properties and the carrier density

December 2022

Studies on concentrated light influence do not take into account the effect of the heating and this proves to be harmful on photovoltaic parameters. The main purpose of this work is to study the effects of light concentration and the heating caused by this concentration on intrinsic properties and carrier density profile. A thermal model of the PV cell is proposed. By applying the power balance at the steady-state, the...

Author(s): Mahamadi SAVADOGO, Pegdwindé Ousséni Fabrice OUEDRAOGO, Adama OUEDRAOGO, Lamine ZIDA, Martial ZOUNGRANA and Issa ZERBO

Delineation of potential zones of lead-zinc mineralization in Uburu Ohaozara L.G.A South Eastern Nigeria, using electrical resistivity tomography and induced polarization methods

December 2022

An integrated geoelectrical study combining electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) and induced polarization (IP) have been used to delineate potential zones of Lead-Zinc mineralization in Umuobuna, Uburu, Ohaozara local government area, southeastern Nigeria. The wenner array configuration was used to acquire resistivity and induced polarization data sets along three traverses of approximate length of 1 km each and...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. EZEH and Ifunanya C. IKEGBUNAM  

Mineralogical evaluation of clay deposits of Nanka formation in parts of South-eastern Nigeria

November 2022

Detailed field geology and laboratory studies of the Eocene Nanka Formation were carried out where they outcropped in places like Ogbunike, Umunya, Nanka, Ekwulobia and Ogbu all in Anambra State, South-eastern Nigeria to determine their mineralogical composition. Samples of clay and unconsolidated sands were collected from outcrop locations within the formation and subjected to X-ray diffraction and granulometric...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. EZEH and Benjamin A. UTAZI

Solar wind and geomagnetic activity during two antagonist solar cycles: Comparative study between the solar cycles 23 and 24

October 2022

To better understand the geomagnetic conditions and the particularities of solar cycles 23 and 24, we present analysis from morphological variations of solar and geomagnetic activities parameters IMF-Bz, the interplanetary electric field (E), the proton density (N), Dst (disturbance storm time), Polar cap (PC) indices (PCN and PCS), and geomagnetic activity index aa. The occurrences of the different classes of...

Author(s): Koala Somaïla, Sawadogo Yacouba and Zerbo Jean Louis,  

Combined application of vertical electrical sounding and 2D electrical resistivity tomography for groundwater exploration in parts of Enugu metropolis, Southeastern Nigeria

October 2022

Vertical electrical sounding (VES) and 2D electrical resistivity tomography (ERT) employing the Schlumberger and Wenner configurations respectively were combined for groundwater exploration in parts of Enugu metropolis. The area is underlain by Enugu Shale and Mamu Formation. A total of twenty (20) VES and four (4) 2D ERT traverses were acquired in the study area. VES and 2D ERT data were processed and interpreted using...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. EZEH, Chibuzo P. AGU and Austin C. OKONKWO  

Research for fabrication and antibacterial properties of hybrid nanoparticles Ag-MnFe2O4

September 2022

The hybrid nanoparticles Ag-MnFe2O4 was successfully fabricated by the seed-growth method and thermal decomposition method. The shape and size of these nanoparticles were evaluated by Transmission electron microscopes (TEM) images showing that these nanoparticles are quite uniform and have a diameter of about 20 nm. The UV-Vis spectrum of hybrid nanoparticles Ag-MnFe2O4 shows that in the wavelength region from 300 to...

Author(s): Le Thi Thanh Tam and Giap Van Cuong  

Excitation of 3G° levels of nickel atom by electron impact

September 2022

Excitation of 3G° levels of the nickel atom was investigated using the method of extended atomic and electron crossing beams with registration of the optical signal of excited atoms. At an energy of exciting electrons of 50 eV, 14 excitation cross sections were measured. In the electron energy range of 0 to 200 eV, optical excitation functions (OEF) were recorded for transitions from five levels. Based on the...

Author(s): Yu M. Smirnov  

2D electrical resistivity imaging of fracture zones in Isu-Awaa, Enugu State, Southeastern Nigeria

August 2022

2D electrical resistivity imaging technique has been used to investigate the nature and dimensions of the fracture prone zones in Isu-Awaa, Enugu State, Nigeria. The study area lies within Latitude 06° 14I 0II N to 06° 17I 0II N and Longitudes 007° 23I 0II E to 007° 28I 0II E, with an area extent of about 51 Km2. The area is underlain by three main geological units (Enugu Shale, Owelli Sandstone and Mamu...

Author(s): Chukwudi C. Ezeh, Nneka O. Nwankwo and Austin C. Okonkwo  

Effect of soaking sample cubes on concrete compressive strength: The case of Ethiopian Construction Industry

February 2022

Concrete is a major component of construction work composed of fine and coarse aggregates bound together with a cement-water solution paste produced with hydration process. Concrete is best characterized by its compressive strength and relatively low in cost as well as the availability of ingredients that makes it the most favorable component of construction compared to other materials like steel. However, this...

Author(s): Zinabu Tebeje  

Mantle electrical conductivity determination employing the ionospheric solar quiet day (Sq) currents in the Southern African regions

January 2022

Solar quiet (Sq) daily currents variation obtained in the Hermanus (34.34oS, 19.22oE), Tsumeb (19.24oS, 17.72oE), Hartebeesthoek (25.68oS, 28.09oE) and Maputo (25.97oS, 32.57oE), were employed in determining the mantle electrical conductivity depth profile of the Southern African region. The external and internal contributions in the solar quiet field were separated using the spherical harmonic analysis (SHA), after...

Author(s): Ngozi Agatha Okwesili, Francisca Nneka Okeke, Daniel Nnaemeka Obiora, John Akor Yakubu, Johnson Uchenna Abangwu and Kiyohumi Yumoto  

Space-earth coupling with relation to earth’s thermal capacity: A case study for Nsukka Region, Nigeria

January 2022

The radiation coming from the sun to the earth is the only form of incoming radiant energy that determines the heat balance and thermal regime of the earth. Variation of solar radiation is the single most important factor affecting the earth’s surface temperature. This study seeks to investigate the relationship between ambient temperature and soil temperature with a view to determine the existence of space-earth...

Author(s): Yakubu J. A., Onyeodi U. A., Daniyan L. O., Shuaibu A. and Abangwu U. J.  

Solar activities and geomagnetism: Long-term statistical study of magnetics clouds activity day’s occurrence as a function of the phases of solar cycles 11 to 24

December 2021

This article examines magnetics clouds activity day’s occurrence as a function of the different phases of the solar cycle and the duration of their geoeffectiveness. The study period extends from cycle 11 to cycle 24. Magnetic clouds activity day’s occurrence were identified using pixel diagram from the years 1867 to 2019, that is to say, fourteen (14) solar cycles. The results show that in the study period:...

Author(s): Kaboré Salfo, Guibula Karim, Zerbo Jean Louis, and Ouattara Frédéric,  

Theoretical and experimental studies of effective carriers lifetime: Magnetic effects

December 2021

In this manuscript, we present a study on the effects of magnetic field on charge carrier effective lifetime within the base of a polycrystalline PV solar cell p-n junction. This study is elaborated in two forms as a theoretical study and an experimental study. Indeed, under various magnetic field values, PV solar cell is illuminated by using the light from stroboscopic. From a theoretical approach mainly use the open...

Author(s): SAM Raguilignaba, DIASSO Alain, ZOUMA Bernard and ZOUGMORÉ François

Plastics: The good, the bad and the ugly

December 2021

Plastics’ demand and consumption is on the increase since 1950s due to their unique properties. Their high use coupled with challenges in end-of-use handling and their inherent resistance to degradation has led to their accumulation in the environment, which is a matter of grave concern. This review presents a general overview of the state of knowledge of the diverse faces of plastics with special reference to...

Author(s): Kamweru Paul K. and Tindibale Edward L.  

Monitoring the loss of mass or the volume recessed into a waveguide by resonant signal principle: Nano-inscribed slots in DUV210 micro-resonators

November 2021

The goal of this paper is to study the impact of a differential mass loss or a lack of material (void) directly located into the core structure of matter together with the possibility of measuring its effect by a resonant signal surface at optical frequencies. To this end, the focus has been on the evolution of effective indices or eigenvalues of micro-resonators as relevant models. Specific lack of mass was measured by...

Author(s): Arthur Doliveira, Lucas Garnier, Fabrice Mahé, Hervé Lhermite, Etienne Gaviot and Bruno Bêche  

High pressure phase stability, elastic anisotropy and electronic properties of BC2N

November 2021

Crystal lattice structure searching by Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) and first-principles structural optimization have been used to explore polymorphs of BC2N, possessing sp3 hybridization, under a varying applied hydrostatic pressure. Two low Gibbs free energy structures were identified: one with a primitive orthorhombic structure and Space Group, Pmm2, and the other with a primitive tetragonal structure and Space...

Author(s): Habanyama A., Samukonga G., and Mumba N. K.  

Total electron content (TEC) seasonal variability under fluctuating activity, from 2000 to 2002, at Niamey station

October 2021

This paper presents the Total Electron Content variability, during the solar cycle 23 maximum under geomagnetic fluctuating activity conditions from 2000 to 2002 at Niamey station (lat. :13°28’N ; long : 2°10’E) in Niger. A comparative study of TEC profiles variation under quiet and fluctuating geomagnetic activity conditions allowed us to analyze the effects of fluctuations in solar wind on...

Author(s): Zoundi Christian, Bazié Nongobsom, Kaboré M’Bi, and Ouattara Frédéric

Design, green synthesis and reactions of 2,3-dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoxaline-6 sulfonohydrazide derivatives

October 2021

2,3-Dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoxaline-6-sulfonohydrazide and its derivatives were synthesized and characterize by IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR and mass spectrometry analytical methods. The 2,3-dioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroquinoxaline-6-sulfonyl hydrazide (compound 1), was synthesized from the reaction of o-phenylenediamine with oxalic acid to obtain quinoxaline-2,3-dione, which was subjected to chlorosulfonation with chlorosulfonic...

Author(s): Festus O. Taiwo and Craig A. Obafemi

Performance analysis of the 23 MWp grid connected photovoltaic plant in Diass Senegal

October 2021

This paper presents the performance analysis of a 23 MWp photovoltaic solar power plant installed in Diass, Senegal. The solar photovoltaic power plant is composed of 85608 polycrystalline PV modules and 8 transformer stations (TS). Each TS consists of 4 inverters, several DC BOX and 2 transformers. The environmental and performance data of the plant used in this work were recorded throughout the year 2020. The...

Author(s): Fatima LACH-HEB, Mamadou Lamine NDIAYE, Anna Kerstin USBECK and Mohamed Cherif AIDARA  

Physical-chemical characterization of kanyu almond oil (Sclerocarya birrea) for use as biofuel

September 2021

Plant oil extracted from Kanyu almonds offers the potential to be an alternative to fossil fuel resources. This study aims to characterize the physico-chemical properties of kanyu almond oil, as safe indicators of the use of this biofuel for energy generators. Samples of the oils examined were density, kinematic viscosity, acid value, and oxidation stability. The experimental results showed that the oils had different...

Author(s): Alberto Julião Macamo, Jardel Lourenço Macuácua and Lina Rafael Langa Macamo

Thick lenses systems

July 2021

The matrix optics formalism is applied to show that a simple Gaussian equation is enough to relate object and image distances in an optical system consisting of an arbitrary number of thick lenses in cascade immersed in air. First, the case of a single thick lens was studied. Applying sequentially the optical matrixes corresponding to refraction and displacement of the optical ray, and imposing certain conditions on the...

Author(s): Fulvio Andres Callegari

Adsorption and thermodynamic studies of the corrosion inhibition effect of Rosmarinus officinalis L. leaves on aluminium alloy in 0.25 M HCl and effect of an external magnetic field

May 2021

The corrosion inhibition of Aluminium alloy AA8011 in 0.25 M hydrochloric acid solution by Rosmarinus officinalis L. (rosemary) leaves extract was studied using the gravimetric technique at 303, 313, 323 and 333K, and in the presence of an external magnetic field. The study reveals that the methanolic extract of rosemary leaves inhibits corrosion of Al in 0.25 M HCl. The inhibition efficiency was found to increase with...

Author(s): Paul A. Andoor, Kelechukwu B. Okeoma and Uchenna S. Mbamara  

Analysis of wind distribution and potential wind energy in Senegal with a focus on Basse Casamance

April 2021

This work uses the Weibull distribution for assessing the wind potential in Senegal; a country located in West Africa. In this study, data from the ERA5 reanalysis and the Ziguinchor station were used to characterize the spatio-temporal variability of wind and its available power density at 10 m and 100 m of altitude. The results showed that the wind potential was stronger on the coast and the north-western part of the...

Author(s): Hamady N. Sabaly, Jules Basse, Ibrahima Diba, Alioune B. Sarr and Moctar Camara  

Evaluation of PV performance prediction model in tropical environment in Senegal

April 2021

Many authors in the literature have worked on models for producing PV module performance, but the question of a climate-specific model is problematic. Some studies have shown more appropriate models for any PV module technology, while others have highlighted models that are more appropriate for a given climate. The aim of this work is to evaluate our model which is based on the I-V characteristic and their accuracy was...

Author(s): Issa Faye, Ababacar Ndiaye, Diouma Kobor and Moustapha Thiame  

Evaluation of the anti-microbial efficiency of scrap metal-based coagulant and local salt modified-biomaterials for point-of-use water treatment

March 2021

The anti-microbial efficiency of a composite material formulated from a scrap metal-based (iron (III) sulphate) coagulant and indigenous salt (NaCl) activated biomaterials (coconut shell carbon and counter wood) were evaluated by using the composite materials as coagulant and disinfectant adsorbent by treating borehole water and river samples at point-of-use. The results of the microbial analysis of the untreated and...

Author(s): David Obasi Igwe, Joseph Nwode Afiukwa and Frank Ikenna Nwabue  

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