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  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006
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Table of Content: 31 May, 2018; 13(22)

May 2018

In vitro regeneration of Treculia africana Decne. from embryo explants on different nutrients and sucrose conditions

The study is essential in reducing germination time of Treculia africana var. inversa. The effect of three different concentrations of sucrose namely 2, 3 and 4% were investigated on the in vitro regeneration of embryo explants of T. africana Decne. on the media of Murashige and Skoog (MS) and Gamborg et al. (B5)  respectively without any growth regulator. The experimental design was a 2 × 5 factorial in a...

Author(s): Isaac, U. G., Okafor, C. U. and Okezie, C. E. A

May 2018

Harnessing cultivar performance and stability for deploying superior groundnut plant types in the Lake Albert Crescent Zone of Uganda

Groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) are the second most important legume crops after beans, an important source of protein (23 to 25%), fats/oils (40 to 52%) and carbohydrates (10 to 20 %) and widely grown and consumed in Uganda including the Lake Albert Crescent Zone (LACZ). Due to susceptibility of local varieties to groundnut rosette, National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO) through the National Semi Arid...

Author(s): Kakeeto, R., Wambi, W., Barwogeza, M., Auma, L., Odongo, W., Ozuma, G. and Ssekiwoko, F.

May 2018

Characterization and evaluation of volatile compounds of three grape varieties (Vitis labrusca) from the region of Bento Gonçalves – RS

In grape must, the aroma is an indication of adequate conservation status. It is able to indicate losses due to thermal degradation, besides representing a great contribution in the properties of the sensorial quality of the grape juices most appreciated by consumers. This study identified the volatile compounds in different must cultivars of Vitis labrusca grapes. The volatile composition was evaluated by the solid...

Author(s): I. T. S. Viana, H. V. Pereira, M. R. Silva, M. N.S. Guedes, A. G. de Souza, R. Augusti, J. R. L. Freitas, G. H. Bueno and J. O. F. Melo

May 2018

Can early peroxidase quantification detect graft-compatible in anonaceous rootstocks?

This study aimed to quantify the class III peroxidase activity in young plants of different species belonging to Annonaceae botany family, with high potential as a rootstock, for early detection of graft-compatible atemoya (Annona x atemoya Mabb.). The experimental design was randomized block, that evaluated the species araticum-de-terra-fria (Annona emarginata (Schltdl.) H. Rainer ‘variety terra-fria’),...

Author(s): Daniel Baron, Amanda Cristina Esteves Amaro, Ana Claudia Macedo, Carmen Sílvia Fernandes Boaro and Gisela Ferreira

May 2018

Nutritive potential of amaranth weed grains

Amaranthus is a species with immense potential; however, information on its nutritional properties is limited, though widely cultivated in some countries. The objective of this work is to characterise the grains of three species of Amaranthus sp. aiming at their food potential, comparing two species considered as weed with a commercially grown species. The selected materials were cultivated and submitted to the same...

Author(s): João Barcellos Xarvier, Douglas Correa de Souza, Leticia Cavalheiro de Souza, Thiago Sampaio Guerra, Luciane Vilela Resende and Joelma Pereira

May 2018

Plant cover management and nitrogen fertilization in maize crop in a dystrophic red Latosol Brazilian Cerrado (Savannah)

An experiment was conducted in the agricultural year 2014/2015, aiming to evaluate the management of anticipated nitrogen fertilization, applied with a slow-release source in maize crop with two plant covers, in a Dystrophic Red Latosol. Matching the Oxisols in Soil Taxonomy and Ferralsols FAO/United States WRB (Unesco soil classification and the World Reference Base for Soil Resources. Pennisetum glaucus (Pennisetum...

Author(s): José Antônio Maior Bono, Bruna Kelle Della Colleta ,Marlos Ferreira Dornas Silvia Rahe Pereira, José Francisco dos Reis Neto, and Bianca Obes Corrêa

May 2018

Effect of splitting nitrogen fertilization on Tifton 85: Yield, nitrogen use efficiency, and nitrogen nutritional status of plants and soil

This two year study aims to verify the necessity of splitting nitrogen (N) fertilization by assessing the effect of different N fertilization strategies (split and not split), on cultivated Tifton 85 (Cynodon spp.) accumulation rate and total dry matter (DM) production, as well as quantifying the levels of nitrate (NO3) in Red Dystrophic Oxisol. Research was carried out at the experimental unit of the Agronomic...

Author(s): Tangriani Simioni Assmann, Etiane Tanise Sonego, Alceu Luiz Assmann, Paulo Fernando Adami and Claucia Cuzzi,