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Table of Content: 4 April, 2011; 5(7)

April 2011

Serologic evaluation of hepatitis B and D in patients with cirrhosis

  Hepatitis D is the important complication in cirrhotic patients. Diagnosis of hepatitis D is based on detection of HBSAg and HDV Ab titer determination. The present research was performed on a number of cirrhotic patients with the aim to assess the prevalence of hepatitis D and B. In present study all the cirrhotic patients who were referred to Gastroenterology and Endoscopy ward of Imam Khomeini hospital...

Author(s): Monireh Rahimkhani, Hossein Khavari-Daneshvar and Sara Jamali

April 2011

Identification of scuticociliate Philasterides dicentrarchi from indo-pacific seahorses Hippocampus kuda

  The “indo-pacific seahorses”, Hippocampus kuda which had been reared in one of the private commercial aquaria for exhibition were sent to the laboratory for diagnosis. Feces and intestinal contents from 5 seahorses were examined microscopically and revealed numerous scuticociliates. We identified the species of scuticociliate by light (wet mount) and scanning electron microscopy, PCR...

Author(s): Sang Phil Shin, Jee Eun Han, Dennis K. Gomez, Ji Hyung Kim, Casiano H. Choresca Jr., Jin Woo Jun and Se Chang Park

April 2011

Sawdust and digestive bran as cheap alternate substrates for xylanase production

  Xylanases are a major group of enzymes, mostly produced from microbial fermentation processes, and  have wide industrial and biotechnological applications. The production cost of xylanase is the major  factor limiting its use, thus indicating the need for low cost production systems for market of this  enzyme. In this study, therefore, sawdust and digestive bran were investigated as...

Author(s): Simphiwe P. Buthelezi, Ademola O. Olaniran and Balakrishna Pillay 

April 2011

Larrea divaricata Cav. enhances the innate immune response during the systemic infection by Candida albicans

  Larrea divaricata Cav. is a plant used in Argentinean folk medicine. The aim of this work was to evaluate the effect of a purified fraction (F1) obtained from an extract of the plant on murine macrophages (MØ) against a systemic infection by Candida albicans. Mice were divided in four groups: 1) healthy without treatment; 2) healthy with F1 treatment; 3) infected, without treatment; and...

Author(s):   Renzo F. Martino, Roberto C. Davicino, María A. Mattar, Yolanda A. Casali, Silvia G. Correa and Blas Micalizzi

April 2011

Extraction and characterization of melanin from Phomopsis: A phellophytic fungi Isolated from Azadirachta indica A. Juss

  A phellophytic fungus Phomopsis (Endophytic fungi residing in the Bark) of Azadirachta indica screened for the presence of melanin on their hyphae using an alkali procedure, yielded a dark brown pigment. The purified pigment was subjected to various chemical and physical tests that are diagnostic for melanin. The pigment responds positively for all the diagnostic tests for melanin. Further...

Author(s): K. Rajagopal, G. Kathiravan and S. Karthikeyan

April 2011

Surface display of multi-epitopes synthetic gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis on Salmonella typhi Ty21a using a pgsA anchor protein

  We have developed a recombinant Salmonella typhi Ty21a vaccine candidate (rSTvacIII) displaying a multi-epitopes mycobacterial antigen called the VacIII (containing ubiquitin and 4 immunogenic mycobacterial epitopes of ESAT-6, PhoS1, Hsp 16.3 and MTB 8.4 genes) on the surface of S. typhi Ty21a (Ty21a) using PgsA protein as a carrier. The expression of VacIII protein on the surface of...

Author(s): Badrul S. M. Zainuddin, Mustaffa Musa and Zainul F. Zainuddin

April 2011

Microfungi associated with surface soil and decaying leaf litter of Quercus serrata in a subtropical natural oak forest and managed plantation in Northeastern India

  Fungi play a major role in forest functioning by regulating the process of litter decomposition and nutrient release and are sensitive to management practices. Species richness and abundance of fungi in surface soil and decaying leaf litter of Quercus serratawere compared between a subtropical natural mixed oak forest and a managed oak plantation in the eastern Himalayan region. During 12 months of study...

Author(s): G. Sharma, R. R. Pandey and M. S. Singh

April 2011

Prevalence of intestinal parasitic infections among primary school attending students in Barandooz-Chay rural region of Urmia, West Azerbaijan province, Iran in 2008

  Duplicate stool specimens from 405 primary school attending students of Barandooz-Chay region of Urmia district were tested for intestinal parasites. Besides, duplicate scotch tape slides were obtained and examined microscopically for Enterobius vermicularis and Taeniasp. eggs. A questionnaire containing demographic data was filled for every case, and the relationship between them and the...

Author(s): Khosrow Hazrati Tappe, Habib Mohammadzadeh, Shahla Khashaveh, Baratali Rezapour and Afshin Barazesh

April 2011

Virulence gene expression, proteins secreted and morphological alterations of Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio alginolyticus in response to long-term starvation in seawater

  In this study, we incubated Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Vibrio alginolyticus (marine food-borne pathogens bacteria) in seawater for 8 months to study their morphologic, proteomic and genetic responses to starvation. The atomic force micrographs of stressed strains showed a reduction of the cells size and an evolution to two coccoid-shape forms whose length is less than 0.4 μm and...

Author(s): Fethi Ben Abdallah, Ali Ellafi, Rihab Lagha, Héla Kallel and Amina Bakhrouf

April 2011

Resistance to β-lactams of human and veterinary Salmonella isolates in Egypt and Algeria

Seventy six non-typhoid Salmonella were isolated from both human and poultry in Egypt and Algeria and tested for their antibiotics resistance. The incidence of multiple antibiotics resistance was high. To study β-lactams resistance mechanisms, double disk synergy test (DDST) with and without cloxacilline was used, results revealed the production of extended spectrum β-lactamases (ESBLs) and...

Author(s): Abdelhakim Aouf, Yamina Messai, Mohammed S. Salama, Hala M. Aboushady, Mervat G. El-Anany, Souhila Alouache and Rabah Bakour

April 2011

Production optimization of an extracellular cold-active alkaline protease from Stenotrophomonas maltophilia MTCC 7528 and its application in detergent industry

  Biodetergents are preferred over the conventional synthetic detergents in view of their better cleaning properties, low energy input and the alleviation of pollution. The biodetergents derived from mesophilic/thermophilic organisms and also peroxide-based synthetic detergents require high temperature for their optimum activity. Thus, cold-active enzymes are very useful as they work at lower temperatures and...

Author(s): Mohammed Kuddus and Pramod W. Ramteke

April 2011

Analysis of the RNAi targeting FAD2 gene on oleic acid composition in transgenic plants of Brassica napus

  Oleate-Δ12 desaturase (FAD2) is a key enzyme involved in the conversion of oleic acid (C18:1) into linoleic acid (C18:2). Brassica napus FAD2 gene was targeted for silencing by its RNAi gene under the control of a seed-specific napin promoter. This study aims to identify the transgenic plants, and analyze the level of BnFAD2 transcripts in addition to fatty acid profile...

Author(s):   Tian Baoming, Sun Dandan, Lian Yuli, Shu Haiyan, Ling Hua, Zang Xin, Wang Bonan and Pei Zhenqiang

April 2011

Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli isolated from pigs at slaughterhouses in Korea

  The objective of this study was to ascertain the nationwide prevalence and antimicrobial resistance rates of Salmonella spp. and Escherichia coli amongst domesticated finisher pigs. Fecal samples (n=840) were collected at 84 slaughterhouses in Korea in May 2009.Salmonella spp. was isolated from 21 of the 840 samples (2.5%), and comprised the following isolated...

Author(s): Hyo Bi Kim, Hyun Baek, SooJin Lee, YangHo Jang, SukChan Jung, Aeran Kimand Nong Hoon Choe

April 2011

Multi-metal resistance study of bacteria highly resistant to mercury isolated from dental clinic effluent

  Heavy metals pollution represents an important environmental problem. One of these metals is mercury. The aim of this research was isolating bacteria highly resistant to mercury from dental clinic effluent to investigate their growth potential in the presence of other heavy metals, such as Zn, Cu, Ni, Ag, Cd and Pb. Three dental wastewater samples were selected and their mercury concentrations, pH, EC,...

Author(s): Parisa Keramati, Mehran Hoodaji and Arezoo Tahmourespour

April 2011

Status of Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) in Peninsular Malaysia

  Citrus tristeza virus (CTV) is the most important viral disease of Citrus spp. and has a worldwide distribution. Results of ELISA and PCR showed that all Citrus varieties includingFortunella sp., Citrofortunella microcarpa and Citromelo in major citrus growing areas of Malaysia had a high infection rate with CTV. In most areas, pomelo however was free of infection, but in Cameron...

Author(s): Kavous Ayazpour, Kamaruzaman Sijam, Ganesan Vadamalai, Hawa Jaafar