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Table of Content: 23 August 2015; 10(16)

August 2015

The effect of recycling education on high school students’ conceptual understanding about ecology: A study on matter cycle

The objective of this study is to analyze and determine whether a developed recycling education program would lead to a positive change in the conceptual understanding of ecological concepts associated with matter cycles by high school students. The research was conducted on 68 high school 10th grade students (47 female and 21 male students). The research has been contextualized as a quasi-experimental design model with...

Author(s): Ilker Ugulu, Nurettin Yorek, and Suleyman Baslar

August 2015

Developing local curriculum framework on water resource and disaster course for enhancing students’ learning achievements in the basic educational system

The aim of the paper was to administer and prepare teachers for management to their students’ learning achievements within the curriculum framework of water resource and disaster management. This course was compared to manage learning into different school sizes with the sample size in the lower secondary education schools with two groups of 28 controlled teachers, who managed teaching of 68 students in 3 classes,...

Author(s): Chunwadee Chunrasaksakun, Unchalee Sanrattana, Angkana Tungkasamit, and Niwat Srisawat

August 2015

Development of the inner wisdom development programs with Buddhist doctrines to improvement of self-mindedness for bachelor educational students

To investigate inner wisdom development programs with Buddhist doctrines of 508 educational students and 104 lecturers, a wisdom test, diary short note, interview, and observation were used. The principle of Specific Conditionality; the 5-Aggregates, Rule of 3-Characteristics, and practice of 4-Foundations of Insight Meditation were needed. Inner wisdom skills perceived greater actual students considered with the...

Author(s): Janphen Phusopha, Patananusorn Sathapornwong and Khanchit Saenubon

August 2015

High school students' time management skills in relation to research anxiety

This study aimed to determine the opinions of high school students relating to time management and present a correlation of their time management skills with demographic variables, as well as examining the relation between their level of research anxiety and time management skills. The study group composed 270 12th-grade students (127 males and 143 females) from the same socio-economic level attending seven state high...

Author(s): Alpturk Akcoltekin

August 2015

Perspectives of prospective elementary school teachers on feedback in the Mathematics Instruction I and II courses

The purpose of this study was to examine prospective elementary teachers' views on the feedback provided by the instructor and their peers during the courses, Mathematics Instruction I and II, and its contribution to their learning. Forty participants were regularly given feedback by the instructor and their peers while they were taking Mathematics Instruction I and II in the 2013-2014 academic year. At the end of...

Author(s): Davut KÖÄžCE

August 2015

Development of knowledge, awareness, global warming decreasing behavior and critical thinking of grade 11 students using the Four Noble Truths method with meta-cognitive techniques

This study aims to investigate the effects of learning environmental education on the knowledge, awareness, global warming decreasing behavior, and critical thinking of eighty grade 11 students from two classes. The Four Noble Truths method with metacognitive techniques and traditional teaching method were used for the investigation. The sample was obtained by using cluster random sampling techniques. The Four Noble...

Author(s): Sakkarin Chattuchai, Adisak Singseewo and Paitool Suksringarm

August 2015

A daunting task for pre-service mathematics teachers: Developing students’ mathematical thinking

The purpose of this study was to examine pre-service teachers’ teaching practice in terms of providing suitable conditions for developing students’ mathematical thinking in the frame of the Advancing Children's Thinking framework. In the study, Advancing Children's Thinking framework developed by Fraivillig et al. was adopted as theoretical framework. Case study was used and participants were...

Author(s): Berna TATAROÄžLU TAÅžDAN, Ayten ERDURAN and Adem ÇELÄ°K

August 2015

Mutual investigation about study process approach of Physical Education and Sports Faculty and students of Faculty of Education

This study was conducted to examine the differences between the study approach of students studying in Physical Education and Faculties of Education. For the study, Dumlupınar University School of Physical Education and Sports and Faculty of Education students were voluntarily participated to the study. As a data collection tool, conducted with the Turkish adaptation by Yilmaz and Orhan (2011), the studying process...

Author(s): Duygu Harmandar Demirel

August 2015

The guiding effects of a critical reading program on the use of external reading strategies when confronting an ironical text

This study employed a sample of 60 pre-service teachers to examine the guiding effects of under-standing critical reading theories on using external reading strategies such as note-taking and underlining when confronting an ironical literary text. The study broke down the teachers into one control group of 30 teachers and one experimental group of 30 teachers. Two ironical texts were used to collect data from the sample...

Author(s): Aysegul Karabay

August 2015

Assessment of prospective teachers’ views regarding the concept of criticism

Critical thinking is one of the skills that exist in the Turkish course curriculum and is aimed to be acquired by students. The objective of the study is to determine prospective Turkish teachers’ perspectives regarding the concept of critism, which is both a mental exercise and carries an important role in the world of ideas. In order to assess this, voluntary interviews were conducted with prospective teachers...

Author(s): Neslihan KARAKUS

August 2015

Examining the permanence of the effect of an empathy program for the acquisition of empathy skills on gifted adolescents

This study aimed to examine the permanence of the effect of an Empathy Training Program, administered 8 months ago on[DAS1]  gifted adolescents studying in 6th and 7th grades. The sample of this study consisted of 60 students with IQ scores of above 130 and studied in Enderun Gifted Children Center. Bryant’s Empathy Scale for Children was administered to these students. Then, 16 students whose empathy scores...

Author(s): Pervin NEDÄ°M BAL

August 2015

Development of learning management model based on constructivist theory and reasoning strategies for enhancing the critical thinking of secondary students

The objectives of this research were to study issues around the management of science learning, problems that are encountered, and to develop a learning management model to address those problems. The development of that model and the findings of its study were based on Constructivist Theory and literature on reasoning strategies for enhancing critical thinking among secondary school students. In the demonstration...

Author(s): Dudduan Chaipichit, Nirat  Jantharajit and Sumalee Chookhampaeng

August 2015

An analysis of the quality assurance policies in a Ghanian University

The study examined the implementation challenges of quality assurance in public universities in Ghana with a focus on University for Development Studies (UDS). The study adopted a qualitative case study design. The data for the study was collected through in-depth interviews, document analysis and participants observation. The study revealed that the Directorate of Academic Quality Assurance (DAQA) undertakes many...

Author(s): Joseph Attiah Seniwoliba and Richard Nalarb Yakubu

August 2015

Investigating lifelong learning dispositions of students studying English language and literature in terms of different variables

This study aims to determine lifelong learning dispositions of English Language and Literature students in terms of gender, grade levels, and age variables. Descriptive research design was used. The study group consisted of 402 students studying English Language and Literature at Cumhuriyet University in Sivas, Turkey. Research data were collected with “Lifelong Learning Tendency Scale” developed by CoÅŸkun...

Author(s): Şenel Elaldı

August 2015

An examination in Turkey: Error analysis of Mathematics students on group theory

The aim of this study is to analyze the mistakes that have been made in the group theory underlying the algebra mathematics. The 100 students taking algebra math 1 class and studying at the 2nd grade at a state university in Istanbul participated in this study. The related findings were prepared as a classical exam of 6 questions which have been presented by 3 academic members working at the same university and these...

Author(s): Elif Esra ARIKAN, Ayten OZKAN and E. Mehmet OZKAN

August 2015

Effects of leisure education programme including sportive activities on perceived freedom in leisure of adolescents with intellectual disabilities

The objective of this experimental study is to determine the effect of  leisure education programme including sportive activities on the perceived freedom in leisure of adolescents with mild intellectual disabilities. The research was designed with an experimental group (n= 37) and a control group (n= 34), and was conducted among a total of 71 adolescent students with mild intellectual disabilities in the spring...

Author(s): Ezgi ERTUZUN

August 2015

Turkish EFL pre-service teachers’ pronunciation problems

This classroom research deals with pronunciation problems that Turkish EFL teacher candidates would encounter. The participants were 22 EFL pre-service teachers with B2 level of proficiency in English. The presentations which were carried out by these participants were analyzed both by the participants themselves and the researcher. The results revealed a dominant mispronunciation of the sound schwa /É™/ along with...

Author(s): Mehmet BARDAKÇI

August 2015

Multidimensional computerized adaptive scholastic aptitude test program used for grade 9 students under different reviewing test conditions

The aim of this research is to study the accurate prediction of comparing test information and evaluation result by multidimensional computerized adaptive scholastic aptitude test program used for grade 9 students under different reviewing test conditions. Grade 9 students of the Secondary Educational Service Area Office in the North- east of Thailand, in 2014 academic year were the sample used in this research. The...

Author(s): Naruemon  Khunkrai, Tatsirin  Sawangboon and Jatuphum  Ketchatturat

August 2015

Developing public mind curriculum for lower secondary school classes using contemplative education methods

The purposes of this study were to develop a public mind curriculum with Contemplative Education and to study the effect of using the curriculum to enhance public minds. The study was carried out using the research and development process, consisting of three phases: investigating fundamental data, developing a curriculum, and evaluating the results after using the developed curriculum. The sample group was made up of...

Author(s): Sirithorn Srijumnong, Pissamai Sri-ampai and Jiraporn Chano

August 2015

The role of university students’ attitude towards Turkish language lesson in interpreting reading strategies

In this study, the aim is to measure the effect of students’ reading strategies and attitudes towards Turkish language on reading habits. 323 first grade students receiving education in 2014-2015 semester in International Antalya University located at the center of Antalya were involved in the study. As the method, relational screening model was used because the degree of two variables was determined....

Author(s): Necmi Aytan