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Table of Content: January 2011; 6(1)

January 2011

Teacher education and training for Africa in the twenty-first century: What form should it take?

  No nation can develop beyond the quality of its education system, which depends on the quality of teachers. Much of what teachers need to know to be successful is invisible to lay observers leading to the view that teaching requires little formal study. On the contrary, teachers seek answers to questions to enable them help students learn. They learn about literature and appropriate technology, curriculum,...

Author(s): Nana Adu-Pipim Boaduo FRC, Khazamula Samson Milondzo and Daphne Gumbi

January 2011

Facilities offered by the University of Ibadan (Nigeria) distance learning centre towards learners’ academic goal-an evaluation

Distance learners in the University of Ibadan, Nigeria unlike other distance learners of different parts of the world are faced with various educational, social and psychological problems associated with the code of distance learning. The facilities offered by the University of Ibadan distance learning centre towards the users’ multifarious needs are not sufficient. The level of adequacy of facilities provided by...

Author(s): J. A. Adegbile and J. O. Oyekanmi

January 2011

Child labor and school attendance in Kenya

  Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest incidence of child labor in the world and estimates show that it continues to grow. This paper examines the causes and magnitude of child labor in Kenya. Unlike previous studies that examined child labor as only an economic activity, this paper includes household chores. Including household chores is important because majority of child labor takes place within the household....

Author(s): Peter Moyi

January 2011

Is constructivist learning environment really effective on learning and long-term knowledge retention in mathematics? Example of the infinity concept

  This study investigates the long-term effects of instructing Cantor set theory using constructivist learning approach on student knowledge retention. The participants included 60 first-year secondary mathematics pre-service teachers. Students were divided into two classes one of which was taught via traditional lecture (n = 30) and the other was taught using active learning approach (n = 30). A pre-test named...

Author(s): Serkan Narli

January 2011

Aesthetic leadership (AL): Development and implementation of aesthetic leadership scale (ALS) of the school directors

This study aims to develop a scale for measuring the aesthetic leadership (AL) characteristics of the school directors and to show that it can be applicable. The population of the study is composed of the teachers who are on duty in the elementary, secondary and high schools located in Ä°zmit, Kocaeli. Sample of this descriptive study comprises 400 teachers selected by random sampling amongst the teachers who are on...

Author(s): Soner Polat and Zehra Öztoprak-Kavak

January 2011

The effect of cooperative learning on students’ approach to general gymnastics course and academic achievements

  The subjects of the present study are comprised of 50 university students who were enrolled in two classes of the general gymnastics course in the first year of Physical Education and Athletics Teaching during the 2009 to 2010 academic years. The purpose of this research, is to determine the effect of two different (cooperative and traditional) teaching methods over students’ academic achievements and...

Author(s): Gökhan Bayraktar

January 2011

The importance of ecology-based nature educatıon project in terms of nature integration and understanding the human-ecosystem relationship

  The aim of this project is to define the importance of 12-day ecology-based education training upon integration with nature and understanding the human-ecosystem relationship. In accordance with this purpose, there has been collected some survey data interviewing with the participants of “Lake Beysehir National Park and Ecology-based Nature Education Project around Konya”. In the qualitative...

Author(s): Ali Meydan

January 2011

Perceptions of prospective teachers about tolerance education

  The purpose of this study is to ascertain the perceptions of prospective teachers about tolerance education. This research is a descriptive, qualitative study. A semi-structured and non-directive interview technique is used for collecting data. Research is carried out with 30 prospective teachers who attend Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University Faculty of Education during the 2009 to 2010 academic years. Each...

Author(s): ÇavuÅŸ Åžahin

January 2011

Using children as research subjects: How to interview a child aged 5 to 7 years

  Traditional research focusing on children has been carried out by collecting information from the children’s parents, teachers, and other adults. Information acquired from the children themselves has been considered of secondary importance. As the number of studies focusing on children has increased, it is important to consider the children themselves as research subjects. This article investigates the...

Author(s): Taina Kyronlampi-Kylmanen and  Kaarina Maatta

January 2011

Turkish high school students’ perceptions of leaders and characteristics of leadership

  Leaders mentioned in history courses are often viewed by Turkish students either as positive role models or as perpetrators of negative deeds. The leadership models included in Turkish high school course materials may significantly influence student perceptions. The purpose of this research study was to determine the effect of a history course in influencing Turkish high school students’ identification...

Author(s): Kadir Ulusoy

January 2011

Effects of cooperative integrated reading and composition (CIRC) technique on reading-writing skills

  The aim of this study was to analyze the effects of the cooperative integrated reading and composition (CIRC) technique and the traditional reading and writing pedagogical methods for primary school students.  The study group was composed of 45 7th grade students enrolled at a primary school at the centre of Giresun Province in the 2009/2010 academic year. “Pre-test-post-test control...

Author(s): Erhan Durukan

January 2011

An educational dilemma: Are educational experiments working?

  The main aim of this study is to investigate the biased effects which affect scientific researches; although most of the researchers ignore them, and make criticism of the experimental works in the educational field, based on this viewpoint. For this reason, a quasi-experimental process has been carried out with five different student teachers groups, to see the John Henry effect which is one of those biased...

Author(s): Serhat Kocakaya

January 2011

The profession of elementary teaching from the perspective of school administrators

  The purpose of this study was to identify how school administrators perceive the elementary teaching profession and elementary teachers. The population of the study comprised the administrators of elementary schools located in the center of ElaziÄŸ, Adana and Malatya. A total of 185 questionnaires were sent to the school administrators included and they were included in the sample. Of these, 153 were returned...

Author(s): Mehmet Turan and Muhammed Turhan

January 2011

Use of new approaches in teaching sociology (application of a technique for producing idea)

  Society-based research subjects are the study of sociology which is an important branch of science in the field of social science. It is a branch of studying society, social values, social groups, social classes and economical, political, social, religious, lawful...

Author(s): Levent Eraslan