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Classroom teachers' perceptions of their own digital literacy

May 2024

Starting from early childhood, children require proper guidance for their spiritual, physical, and mental development, as well as for fostering awareness of digital environments and achieving academic success.Classroom teachers play an important role in helping students become aware of digital environments and acquire effective digital literacy skills. The data of this study, which was conducted to examine the...

Author(s): Hatice Degirmenci Gündogmus

The realities of tutor pedagogical practices and adaptation of gender pedagogy: A comparison of implementation in selected teacher colleges in Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda

April 2024

The study examined the strategies used by teacher educators in their teaching practices and gender integration in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The nature of the engagement of educational leaders and administrators in supporting teaching, learning and mainstreaming gender issues in teaching was also examined. A total of 165 sampled respondents were reached. This included 81 government officials and educational leaders (18...

Author(s): Nyagwegwe C. Wango, Jane F. A. Rarieya, Omari M. Abunga, Mary Oluga and Aqeela Datoo

Promotion of academic relationship leadership practice and productivity of lecturers in public universities in Delta and Edo states, Nigeria

April 2024

The study investigated the promotion of academic relationship leadership practice and productivity of lecturers in public universities in Delta and Edo states, Nigeria. Adopting an ex-post-facto design, it encompassed a population of 3,492 academic staff in four government-owned universities located in Delta and Edo States, Nigeria. A sample of 676 academic staff was selected through stratified random sampling...

Author(s): Patience OKORO, Nelson Ejiro AKPOTU and Romina Ifeoma ASIYAI

Synthesizing validity and reliability evidence for the draw a scientist test

March 2024

The purpose of this synthesis study was to assess the reliability and validity of the Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST) and its variations across multiple studies, aiming to understand limitations and propose modifications for future application within and beyond the science domain. Given the existence of multiple DAST versions, this study quantified the frequency of validity threats across various DAST variations....

Author(s): Julia Brochey-Taylor and Joseph A. Taylor

A review on the effect of school principals' perceptions of professional loneliness on their performance

February 2024

In this research, it is aimed to make a compilation based on studies in the literature on the reflection of professional loneliness levels of Educational Managers, especially school principals, on their individual and organizational performances, and to raise awareness by drawing attention to the problems experienced. Based on the literature, the variables affecting the professional loneliness levels of school...

Author(s): Hasan Bahsi, Hüseyin Yüksel Oflaz, Selda Saydam, Ebru Aktepe, Hüseyin Balcak, Ahmet Aktepe and Hüseyin Çulluoglu

An examination of pre-service teachers’ Van Hiele levels of geometric thinking and proof perception types in terms of thinking processes

January 2024

The primary goal of advanced mathematics courses is to equip students with proof skills. That is why the competence of pre-service mathematics teachers in proof is considered an assessment of their performance. Despite the emphasis on mathematical proof in undergraduate education, students studying higher mathematics at university often face difficulties with proofs. Therefore, it is essential to examine students’...

Author(s): Filiz Tuba Dikkartin Övez and Emine Özdemir

Integrated approach for sustainable urban early childhood education and development: The case of urban planning and preschool infrastructure in rapid urbanization context

January 2024

This study explores an integrated approach for sustainable urban early childhood education and development within the context of urban planning and preschool infrastructure in rapidly urbanizing areas. It focuses on a case study conducted in both private and public preschools in Addis Ababa. The study adopts a qualitative case study design, utilizing data from secondary sources such as documents related to urban...

Author(s): Tsiyon Ermyas Helesabo and Filmon Hadaro Hando

Professional identity development in bioscience education: A systematic review of the literature

January 2024

This article addressed the significant issue of identity crisis experienced by students in their choice of profession, as highlighted in various research studies. The importance of examining professional was emphasized to identity development from a disciplinary perspective, particularly in the biosciences and allied fields. To achieve this, we conducted a synthesis of 85 research articles, aiming to comprehend the...

Author(s): Sunita Ananda Raste and Sahana Murthy

The perception of junior secondary school teacher to their level of motivation in Bo District, Southern Region of Sierra Leone

December 2023

The study assessed the perception of junior secondary school teacher to their level of motivation in Bo district, Southern Region of Sierra Leone. It adopted a descriptive research design to collect data on a sample size of 298 teachers. Self-administered perception questionnaire on teacher motivation (SAPQTM) was developed on the basis of the objectives of the study. Data was collected and analyzed using descriptive...

Author(s): Tony Patrick George

Meta-cognitive knowledge, locus of control and understanding mathematical jokes: A study in students with and without learning disabilities

December 2023

This study examined how metacognitive knowledge and locus of control are associated with understanding mathematical jokes in students with and without learning disabilities. This study looked at a sample of 60 ninth-grade students of which 30 had a learning disability diagnosis and 30 had no learning disabilities. Students were tested using three instruments: a metacognitive knowledge questionnaire, a locus of control...

Author(s): Saied Bishara

Teacher professional development in Zimbabwe: Bridging resources to serve young children

December 2023

This bounded case study illuminates the planning, delivery, and evaluation of early childhood professional development sessions conducted by the educational experts with a Zimbabwean non-profit organization in response to a need for professional development for early childhood teachers. Ethnographic and grounded theory methods were used by participant observers to collect and analyze data, including observational notes...

Author(s): Lea Ann Christenson and Patrick Makokoro

The perception of junior secondary school teachers on their performance in Bo District, Southern Sierra Leone

December 2023

The study investigated the effects of motivation on the performance of Junior Secondary School teachers in Bo district, Southern Sierra Leone. It adopted a descriptive research design to collect data on a sample size of 298 teachers. The descriptive statistics analysis revealed that the performance of teachers was high; this implies that teachers rated their performance as of a high standard. They indicated that most...

Author(s): Tony Patrick George

The effect of differentiated instruction on gifted students' critical thinking skills and mathematics problem solving attitudes

December 2023

It is known that a significant portion of the world's child population is gifted. Studies on the applications that can be used in the education of these gifted students have been given importance in recent years. In this study, the effect of differentiated instruction method on mathematics problem solving attitude and critical thinking skills of gifted students at primary school level was examined. The research is a...

Author(s): Aybala Çayir and Emine Balci

Examining e-learning adoption intention among academic staff in higher education institutions: A developing country context

December 2023

E-learning presents a significant opportunity for developing countries to rapidly increase the availability of higher education to their population. However, e-learning is not widely adopted in many developing countries such as Nigeria. This study aims to advance our understanding of the determinants of e-learning adoption by examining the factors influencing e-learning adoption intentions among academic staff in higher...

Author(s): Thomas Tega Tonukari and Hod Anyigba

Review of the mathematical thinking levels of gifted and non-gifted students

November 2023

This study aimed to determine the mathematical thinking levels of gifted and non-gifted students and to compare them according to some variables. In this study, screening model was used from quantitative research methods. The study group of the study consists of 194 gifted students and 168 non-gifted students studying in grades 5-8 in a province in the southern region of Turkey in the 2022 to 2023 academic...

Author(s): Zübeyde ER

Research on the influence of teachers' perceived transformational leadership on knowledge sharing behavior in colleges and universities in Anhui, China

November 2023

This study aims to explore the impact of perceived transformational leadership on knowledge sharing behavior among university teachers in Anhui Province, China. Using a questionnaire survey method, convenient sampling was conducted among college teachers in Anhui Province. With 326 teachers as the research subjects, SPSS software was used to analyze the relationship between teachers' perception of transformational...

Author(s): Li-bin Chen, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

Teacher placement and its impact on students’ performance: The perception of teachers at Junior High Schools of the Kassena/Nankana Municipality

November 2023

This study assessed the teacher placement and utilization and their impact on Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) performance in the Kassena/Nankana Municipality. The study has the following objectives: Factors influencing teacher placement in public basic schools and the impact of teacher placement on BECE performance. The study gathered data from 99 teachers from 10 Junior High Schools in the Municipality...

Author(s): Mary-Magdalene Wompakeah, Flora Chirani and Scholastica W Azuah  

Focus group method for examaining the reading habits of high-level readers

November 2023

The state of reading to meet a person's needs develops over time, and this habit becomes a part of the person's life. In this study, a focus group interview was the preferred method of qualitative research. High-level readers who read more than 30 books a year were included in the study. Even though they read about 30 to 100 books a year, they still think they should improve in some respects. Their reading...

Author(s): Betül Keray Dinçel  

Leader's duties in an effective schools

November 2023

In this study, the aim is to reflect the perspectives of education stakeholders regarding the leader's duties in creating an effective school within the context of organizational culture. In this regard, existing studies in the literature on the interaction between corporate or school culture and leadership have been compiled. As a result, it was concluded that the team leader should adopt the concept of culture,...

Author(s): Emre Çaliskan

Research on interpersonal interaction and school adaptation of the new second-generation vocational high school students in Taiwan: A moderated mediating model

November 2023

As the population of new residents in Taiwan continues to increase due to the increasingly severe trend of having fewer children, the life and school adaptation of the second generation of new residents in vocational high school (VHS) has received significant attention. This study explores the correlation between interpersonal interaction and school adaptation of Taiwan's new second-generation VHS students. Based on...

Author(s): Chiang Sumei

Chemistry of petroleum products: Assessment of fuel attendants’ knowledge around Sapele metropolis

October 2023

Petroleum products are very flammable and can ignite at extremely low temperatures if exposed to an open flame source or not handled appropriately. Individuals who handle petroleum products in the petroleum industry and fuelling stations are known as "petrol station attendants". The study was a descriptive cross-sectional study carried out among petrol station attendants working in a filling station owned by...

Author(s): Odor Kingsley NDUBUISI and Jocelyn Okeroghene EMERHO

Influence of perceived organizational support on work engagement of university physical education teachers in Hubei Province, China

October 2023

Physical education teachers in colleges and universities have the crucial responsibility of acting as mentors and guides for the healthy growth of students. The work engagement of these teachers affects the quality of higher education personnel training and health education. Based on the job demand-resource model, this study conducted a questionnaire survey on 500 physical education teachers in 20 colleges and...

Author(s): Ying Zhang, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

The influence of physical education teachers' perceived organization support on innovation behavior: The mediating role of learning goal orientation

October 2023

Physical education teachers are the practitioners of physical education curriculum reform who work at the front line of teaching, and their innovation behavior play a crucial role in promoting the smooth implementation of physical education curriculum reform. This study uses goal orientation theory as a theoretical basis to explore the mediation effect of learning goal orientation in the influence of...

Author(s): Jia Liu,  and Yuan-Cheng Chang

Perceived school support and online learning outcomes among Chinese college students: The serial mediating role of academic self-efficacy and online learning engagement

October 2023

The purpose of this study is to investigate the factors that influence the online learning outcomes of Chinese college students. The study was guided by Bandura's social cognitive theory. This study collected 959 valid questionnaires from college students in Hainan Province of China and used 4 scales to evaluate perceived school support, ASE online learning engagement, and online learning outcomes. The results of...

Author(s): Lili Chen, and Jian-Hao Huang

Philosophy of education: Aims, theory, common sense and research (Richard Pring, 2004. London: Continuum, 289 pages; $20.85)

October 2023

This paper evaluated a Richard Pring’s book titiled “Philosophy of Education: Aims, Theory, Common Sense and Research”, specifically part three of the book. In this review, we found that the book is valuable for anybody interested in education, especially professionals, practitioners, and researchers. Throught out the book, the author advocates his ideas consistently regarding educational theory,...

Author(s): Kindu Ayechew Ayenalem and Samuel Zinabu Desta

The relationship between work-family conflict and job satisfaction of female university teachers in China: A moderated mediating model

September 2023

Work and family are two of the most important parts in one's life. Individuals cannot fulfill their work requirements and family responsibilities at the same time, so they are faced with the dilemma of timing and role conflict. Based on the conservation theory, this study explored the relationship between work-family conflict and job satisfaction in 422 female university teachers in China, and proposed a moderating...

Author(s): Qiaolan Su, and Man Jiang

Becoming a dreamcatcher: Pre-service EFL teachers’ experience of culturally relevant pedagogy as agents of flexibility

September 2023

The dynamics of the 21st century human life calls for adaptability to diversity, change and the ability to remove borders. Teacher education, in the midst of changes in social life, also calls for raising questions about pedagogical practices that can serve as a tool to make a difference. In this study, culturally relevant pedagogy is demonstrated as a promising strategy in promoting a positive environment in EFL...

Author(s): Esin Kumlu

Comparison of career adapt-abilities of students from faculty of education with emotional intelligence levels

September 2023

This study aims to examine whether the career adaptation score averages of 1st and 4th-year students studying in different departments of the Faculty of Education differ significantly from the average scores of interest, control, curiosity, and confidence sub-scales aimed at measuring the sources of adaptation compared to the emotional intelligence score averages. Research is a descriptive study in the relational...

Author(s): Meshude Sentürk, Oguzhan Kirdök and Oguzhan Çolakkadioglu

Research on metacognition and innovation behavior of vocational college students in Hainan

September 2023

Strengthening the cultivation of students’ innovation ability is an urgent requirement for the construction of China’s innovation system, and vocational colleges are a crucial driving force for cultivating technical innovation talents. Therefore, this study aims to explore the influence of metacognition on innovative behavior among vocational college students in Hainan, China and the differences between the...

Author(s): Ling Pan, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

Gender Parity Approaches in Uganda’s Education System: A Case of Public Secondary Schools in Bugiri District

August 2023

The study examined the available approaches to improving gender parity in public secondary schools in Bugiri District. It specifically focused on the approaches put in place to improve gender parities in Public secondary schools, their effectiveness and challenges faced by stakeholder. The study was rooted in the interpretive paradigm and employed a qualitative methodology. Data were obtained from head teachers,...

Author(s): Muweesi Charles, Mugenyi Disan Kuteesa, Kaweesi Muhamadi, Kintu George, Tomusange Robert, Isabirye Christopher, Namagero Tendo Shira, Kaahwa Yuda Taddeo, Sserwadda Lawrence, Wanyana Mercy, Nakonde Justine, and Nakasaawe Victoria

Development in technical and vocational education and training: Synopsis and implications of education policies for right skills in Kenya

August 2023

This article presents implications of education and training policies on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) from the pre-colonial Kenya to date based on systematic review of education policies and related literature. In the pre-colonial period the non-formal and informal vocational training was demand driven, relevant and flexible. Throughout the colonial period, the Kenyan natives developed negative...

Author(s): Beatrice Amondi Osumbah and Peter Wekesa

A study on the relationship between teacher competency and job performance under human resource management in higher education

August 2023

This study aimed to investigate the effects of Jiangsu University teachers’ competency and engagement on their job performance and determine whether teacher competency affects job performance through the mediating role of engagement. We constructed a theoretical model based on self-determination theory (SDT) and the job demand–resource model and validated it using structural equation modeling (SEM). The...

Author(s): Yan Yang, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

A study on the competency of physical education teachers at the basic education level in China

August 2023

The aim of this study was to investigate the competency of physical education teachers at the basic education level in China. The study was conducted using a qualitative approach, using purposive sampling to conduct in-depth interviews with 12 physical education teachers from schools at the basic education level in China using the behavioral event interview method and extracting themes using coding techniques with the...

Author(s): Lei Peng, and Man Jiang

Education for sustainable development: Investigation of preschool children’s metaphorical perceptions and views regarding “global problem” concept

July 2023

This research will explore preschool children’s metaphorical perceptions and views about the concept of “global problem” in the context of education for sustainable development. The study will involve 20 preschool children, who are aged between 60 and 70 months and are attending a public kindergarten in ?zmir, Turkey, during the Spring of 2021-2022 academic year. The data collection process involved...

Author(s): Duygu ÇETÌNGÖZ and Tugçe ÖZCAN

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”: Graffiti and civic education among youths in Nigeria

July 2023

This paper explored the relationship between graffiti arts and civic education among young people in Nigeria. A mixed methods approach was employed to generate and synthesize empirical data. The study was guided by Barbara Rogoff's social constructivism theory. Findings indicated that graffiti arts and artists were present in Nigeria, driven by desires for self-expression, financial gain, and training opportunities...

Author(s): Patrick Edem Okon, Okon Effiong Udoyo and John Agbor Nje

Relationship between Chinese college students’ perceived transformational leadership by physical education teachers and their exercise adherence: The mediating role of physical self-efficacy

July 2023

The interruption of regular physical exercise among Chinese college students is a key cause of the lack of motivation to exercise. Therefore, on the basis of self-efficacy theory, this study analysed the interrelationships between the perception of transformational leadership in physical education (PE) by teachers, physical self-efficacy, and exercise adherence among Chinese college students. A questionnaire survey was...

Author(s): Wei Ke, and Jianhao Huang

Effect of college students’ perceived authentic leadership on innovation behavior: The serial mediation effects of trust climate and creative self-efficacy

June 2023

This study investigated the relationship between the perceived authentic leadership of college students and their innovation behavior according to social cognitive theory and further explored the mediating effect of trust climate and creative self-efficacy on this relationship. A questionnaire survey was conducted, and more than 847 samples were collected from college students in China. The results revealed that the...

Author(s): Zhen-Lei Xiao and Jian-Hao Huang

Principal characteristics' effect on teacher retention: A systematic review

June 2023

Teacher attrition and retention are among the major problems in schools worldwide. Particularly in the United States, there is a great demand for teachers in elementary and secondary schools because of teachers transferring to new schools or resigning from the teaching profession altogether. This systematic review focuses on research on the prevalent decline of teacher retention in American elementary and secondary...

Author(s): Darron L. Shell, Carletta S. Hurt and Hiraetta White

21st Century Skills and Learning Environments: ELT Students' Perceptions

June 2023

This study aimed to explore the perceptions of English Language Teaching (ELT) students regarding 21st century skills and learning environments. A qualitative content analysis method was used, which involved conducting semi-structured interviews with 62 ELT students. The findings of the study revealed that ELT students perceive critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, creativity, and effective communication as...

Author(s): Feyza Nur Ekizer and Seyda Sari Yildirim

The investigation of the relationship between positive childhood experiences and family values

May 2023

This study aims to investigate the relationship between the positive childhood experiences of young people and family values. In the quantitative research design, descriptive and relational screening method was used in the study, and the study group consisted of 753 university students aged 18-25. Data were collected using the Positive Childhood Experiences Scale and the Family Values Scale. T-test, ANAVO, and Pearson...

Author(s): Adem ARSLAN and Arzu ÖZYÜREK

Locus of control on mental health of college students in Guangxi, China: The chain mediating effect of grit and self-esteem

May 2023

This study aims to explore the relationship between locus of control, grit, self-esteem and mental health among college students. A questionnaire survey was used to conduct a study on the mental health of 923 E-learning college students from 10 universities in Guangxi, China. In this study, Pearson correlation analysis was used to test the correlation between the study variables, and Bootstrap was used to test the...

Author(s): Zhi-An Dong, Man Jiang and Zi-Ming Liu

The relationship between innovative self-efficacy and innovative ability of dance majors’ students in Chinese Universities research

May 2023

The cultivation of innovative ability is an important part of China's current long-term education planning and innovative development-driven strategy, as well as an important issue of university teaching reform. The cultivation of innovative ability of dance professionals in colleges and universities is a problem of great concern for dance majors in terms of innovative teaching and new curriculum reform. The purpose...

Author(s): Le Li, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

A conceptual research of college students’ boredom, learning attitude, academic achievement, and behavior

April 2023

Boredom is a topic worth studying, especially the impact of boredom on college students' study is worthy of further study. This research explained the related concepts of boredom firstly. According to the research content of previous researchers, boredom was divided into external influences and internal influences. The researcher also combined the 4 variables of boredom and college students' learning attitude,...

Author(s): Zhengyan Guo and Yuan-Cheng Chang

An analysis of student decision making for educational recommender systems

April 2023

Recommender systems in education aim to help students make good decisions about the direction of their learning. The design of such systems in conventional research has treated the decision making process of students as a black box and assumes the best recommendations to be those that accurately predict student choices. Such an approach overlooks potentially valuable use cases for supporting optimal decision making,...

Author(s): Robert Wesley Songer and Tomohito Yamamoto

Cognizance of collective bargaining and its benefits in relation to teacher’s welfare and working condition in public secondary schools in Delta State

April 2023

The study focus mainly on the cognizance of collective bargaining and its benefits in relation to teacher’s welfare and working condition in public secondary school in Delta State, Nigeria. Two research questions were asked and answered in regard to the extent of awareness of Delta State public secondary school teachers of the principle of collective bargaining and the benefits of collective bargaining in public...

Author(s): Patience Okoro

A study on the development of creativity of teachers in Shaanxi Universities in China in the context of demographic variables

March 2023

This study was to explore the current state of creativity among university teachers in Shaanxi, China. The study was based on creativity systems theory and a questionnaire survey was conducted with a convenience sample of university teachers in Shaanxi Province. A total of 711 teachers from 30 universities were sampled to compare the effects of demographic variables such as gender, title, subject background, and...

Author(s): Xinyao Li, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

An investigation of the relationship between digital obesity and digital literacy levels of individuals in the context of Turkey

March 2023

The concepts of digital obesity and digital literacy, which are interconnected in influencing human beings, can find their place in all areas of life with the virtualized life industry in the globalizing world. Having these competencies, awareness can be explained by the orientation process between these concepts and the individual. In this direction, this study, which aims to examine the relationship between digital...

Author(s): Fatima Betül Demir, Ülkü Ulukaya Öteles and Erol Koçoglu

Sustainable interior design learning during the Covid-19 era: From theory into practice

March 2023

The three pillars of sustainability, social, environmental and economic developments, are global trends in education. The emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic is a critical indication of nature's resistance. Developing a sustainable interior design learning approach is not a prerequisite for a sustainable education perspective but may bring solutions to environmental concerns. Therefore, developing a curriculum for...

Author(s): Shu Fen Chou

Knowledge of high school female students about breast self-examination

February 2023

It is important for high school female students, to be familiar with their own bodies and regularly examine their own breasts to check for any changes that could potentially be indicative of breast cancer. It is important to educate students about breast self-examination (BSE) as a means of detecting potential breast cancer early. A quasi-experimental pre and post-test design were implemented to evaluate the...

Author(s): Sara Elsadig Ibrahem Mohamed, Alhanof Ahmed Majashi, Sharifa Ali Ozran and Sara Mohammed Jeli

Training program on knowledge and attitude of students regarding premenstrual syndromes and the effects on absenteeism

January 2023

The study aimed to assess the consequences of an academic educational program on the scholars' knowledge and attitude regarding premenstrual syndromes and, its effect on the absenteeism of scholars in Sabya University College. A quasi-experimental study of 0.97 students recruited study group; data were collected then recollected after the tutorial program session was provided. Data were interred into spss...

Author(s): Mohammed Amani Abdelgader, Omair Layla Mohmmad Ebrihem, Otife Amal Adel, Hassani Rim Rahouma, Bashir Wafa Abdein Humza, Ali Maha Abdalla and Hamid Hawa Ibrahim

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