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An investigation of the relationship between digital obesity and digital literacy levels of individuals in the context of Turkey

March 2023

The concepts of digital obesity and digital literacy, which are interconnected in influencing human beings, can find their place in all areas of life with the virtualized life industry in the globalizing world. Having these competencies, awareness can be explained by the orientation process between these concepts and the individual. In this direction, this study, which aims to examine the relationship between digital...

Author(s): Fatima Betül Demir, Ülkü Ulukaya Öteles and Erol Koçoglu

A study on the development of creativity of teachers in Shaanxi Universities in China in the context of demographic variables

March 2023

This study was to explore the current state of creativity among university teachers in Shaanxi, China. The study was based on creativity systems theory and a questionnaire survey was conducted with a convenience sample of university teachers in Shaanxi Province. A total of 711 teachers from 30 universities were sampled to compare the effects of demographic variables such as gender, title, subject background, and...

Author(s): Xinyao Li, and Yuan-Cheng Chang

Training program on knowledge and attitude of students regarding premenstrual syndromes and the effects on absenteeism

January 2023

The study aimed to assess the consequences of an academic educational program on the scholars' knowledge and attitude regarding premenstrual syndromes and, its effect on the absenteeism of scholars in Sabya University College. A quasi-experimental study of 0.97 students recruited study group; data were collected then recollected after the tutorial program session was provided. Data were interred into spss...

Author(s): Mohammed Amani Abdelgader, Omair Layla Mohmmad Ebrihem, Otife Amal Adel, Hassani Rim Rahouma, Bashir Wafa Abdein Humza, Ali Maha Abdalla and Hamid Hawa Ibrahim

Synthesis of critical thinking research of basic education level students using Meta-analysis in Thailand during 2010 to 2021

January 2023

An analysis of critical thinking research during 2010 to 2021 was conducted using effect size criteria; subsequently, a model was proposed for teaching and learning management that promoted critical thinking by students at the basic education level using the Thai digital collection data base. Based on a search of past research quality examination criteria were identified using a research quality check form. Out of 200...

Author(s): Boonsathirakul Jittinun and Kerdsomboon Chakree 

Review on the effect of online education on job motivation

December 2022

The aim of this study is to compile the literature in the context of business motivation of the online education process, the importance of which is once again understood in educational sciences during the pandemic process. When literature is looked at, it is clearly seen that the importance and effectiveness of distance education has increased with the pandemic. As a result, the quality and quantity of distance...

Author(s): Egriboyun Ramazan, Asilhan Meral, Cerit Bekir, Temiz Yasin, Ünal Canan Hancioglu and Ekici Emek Ekim

Design of a green skills scale for Chinese University students

December 2022

Based on the concept of sustainability and the aim of addressing China’s great need for talent with green skills, a green skills scale was designed with the help of Chinese university students. Students from four institutions of higher education who had agreed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) participated as research subjects. With reference to the reviewed literature, a green skills...

Author(s): Su Quan, Chang Yuan-Cheng and Chen Peng-Fei

Executive functions, gender, and personality traits in students with and without specific learning disabilities

November 2022

This study examined the associations between executive functions, gender and personality traits in students with and without specific learning disabilities (SLD). In this study, 80 sixth-grade students were sampled. Of these, 40 were students diagnosed with learning disabilities, 22 boys (55%) and 18 girls (45%) and 40 with no such diagnosis, 23 boys (57%) and 17 girls (43%). All students were tested using two...

Author(s): Bishara Saied

The account of teaching qualitative research method in accounting program in Brazil

November 2022

This study investigates the reflexive relationship between the challenges encountered during the development and teaching of the qualitative research method (QARM) program and the stories of PhD students about their experiences with the course. The study is based on a number of pedagogical issues drawn from postgraduate students combined with an auto-ethnographic account of parallel experiences of teaching qualitative...

Author(s): Imoniana Joshua Onome, Brunstein Janette and Nova Silvia Pereira Casa

Correlates in granting students loans in Uganda: Thematic selection criterion and guidelines

October 2022

This mixed research study focused on the selection criterion and guidelines used by the Higher Education Students Financing Board (HESFB) in granting students loan scheme to University Students in Uganda with a sample from Makerere University. Findings revealed that the majority of the loan beneficiaries are aware of these guidelines and one to benefit from the scheme had to formally pass A level education stage with 3...

Author(s): Charles Muweesi, Shizhou Lou, Muwagga Anthony Mugagga, Wang Cuiying, Ssali Francis Kizza, Robert Tomusange, Mugenyi Disan Kuteesa and Namagero Shira Tendo

Development of mathematics mobile learning application: Examining learning outcomes and cognitive skills through math questions

September 2022

Mobile technologies have started to be preferred as a new learning technology in teaching and learning. Considering the need for adequate and rapid feedback in solving mathematical problems that students have difficulty with reflects the need for a different educational practice and technology. In this study, based on design-based research (DBR) model, a mobile application was developed, which enables the extension of...

Author(s): Mustafa Tuncay Saritas

Motivation heightens and independent thinking deepens: Undergraduate students share their experiences of PBL while learning Microeconomics

August 2022

The aim of this study is to analyze the use of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in learning Microeconomics. It aims to answer the following research questions: What are the experiences of undergraduate students who studied with Problem-Based Learning (PBL)? Is this strategy useful at the undergraduate level? Does PBL really motivate students? Does it foster independent thinking? These questions are interesting but very...

Author(s): Rhonda Dookwah and Gabriel Julien

Fathers looking after children in Türkiye in public settings

August 2022

This study was conducted to determine the situation in Türkiye in terms of fathers looking after their children in public settings. For this purpose, natural observations of parents who came to playgrounds, movie theaters, stores, toy stores, and restaurants with their children aged 3–5 years were made in the study. Observational data were collected from 522 children and parents who came to the shopping mall...

Author(s): Tutkun Cansu 

Effects of Whatsapp group learning platform on senior secondary schools students’ learning outcomes in Science, Technology, and Mathematics (stm) in Ekiti State, Nigeria

August 2022

The study investigated the effects of the WhatsApp Group Learning Platform (WGLP) on Senior Secondary School (SSS) Students' Learning Outcomes in Science, Technology, and Mathematics (STM) in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The sample comprised 100 SS II students from two public secondary schools in Ekiti State who were randomly selected from their classrooms. A multistage sampling technique was used to pick the sample. Data...

Author(s): Lois Folasayo Ajayi and Ibironke E. Olajide

The place of education in social development and its sociological foundations

August 2022

Equipping people with desired behaviors, that is, educating them, has been the most important goal throughout the ages. Today, this phenomenon is becoming more and more complex and its effect is felt more intensely. However, unless a person's behavior develops in a valid and reliable way, it is not possible to reach a longed for life style. A person can be intertwined with all kinds of processes, from the most...

Author(s): Öztürk Eray, Kardas Mesut, Sapmaz Ali, Dönmez Ugur, Sahin Ìlhan  and Çölkesen Arif 

Reflection of policy documents in early years’ educational settings during the COVID-19 pandemic

July 2022

This study investigates the implementation of policy documents in early years’ educational settings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Governments over the entire world declared and created new disapplication to provide a clear understanding on how they can manage the pandemic process. Likewise, Turkish ministries created policy documents which help teachers keep children and themselves healthy and safe, which is the...

Author(s): Ozbay Ipek and Karaoglu Sevim

A research on the levels of perceived stress and quality of life of physical education teachers: A pilot study in Türkiye

July 2022

The study focuses on the classification of occupational stressors perceived by physical training teachers in Turkey and the correlations of these stressors between some workload, biographic and quality of life variables. This research was conducted face to face among physical education teachers in public and private schools in the cities of Bal?kesir, Kocaeli, Bursa, Kütahya, Osmaniye, Yalova, Ankara, Antalya,...

Author(s): Alpay Numan 

Pedagogical literacy scale: A scale development study

June 2022

The present study aims to develop a valid and reliable pedagogical literacy scale based on teachers’ views. It also aims to investigate the variations in pedagogical literacy levels of teachers based on gender, educational level, and professional seniority variables to test the functionality of the pedagogical literacy scale. The study was conducted with teachers employed in educational institutions at various...

Author(s): Koçoglu Erol, Tekdal Danyal and Çetinkaya Nursenem

Inclusion of green economy and sustainability programs in higher education institutions: Examining the case of Kenyatta University, Kenya

June 2022

Higher education institutions play a pivotal role in instilling green economy and sustainable development principles in students. There are complex environmental challenges, and breaking through this complexity necessitates the incorporation of green economy learning to assist students in understanding these complex connections. This study explores the inculcation of interdisciplinary learning at the Master’s...

Author(s): Ngare Innocent Osoro, Otieno Dorcas Beryl, Ogutu Emma Atieno, Omwami Duncan Ondieki, Marang&#;a Amos Atima, Otieno Edwin Odhiambo, Gikonyo Salome Wairimu and Opiyo Lamech Owino

Traits of street children

May 2022

Street children: who are they? Why are they homeless? How do they actually live on the streets? What quality of life do they enjoy? What are the characteristics of these children? These questions appear to be simple, but the answers are so very complex. Very often the public lacks proper information about these children and they instinctively judge and cast aspersion on them. This non-empirical paper presents a clear...

Author(s): Julien Gabriel

Impact of Chinese university teachers’ aesthetic experiences on their professional development

May 2022

The professional development of teachers is fundamental to educational reform and promotion, and such a development includes teachers’ aesthetic experiences. This study aims to explore the impact of Chinese teachers’ aesthetic experiences on their professional development and the differences between male and female teachers in terms of the impact of aesthetic experiences on professional development. In...

Author(s): Lin Weixin, Chang Yuan-Cheng and Chen Peng-Fei

Students’ perceptions of the impact of guidance and counselling programs on academic needs satisfaction in secondary schools within the Rift Valley Region, Kenya

April 2022

Guidance and counselling is increasingly becoming an important service in secondary schools in Kenya and the world at large. The needs of learners in secondary schools are constantly changing as the society is changing paving way for counselling services to be up scaled to address both academic and other issues. The purpose of this study is to investigate the views of students on the impact of guidance and counselling...

Author(s): Godfrey Ngeno

Entrepreneurial skills for business education graduates’ employability in Cross River State, Nigeria

April 2022

This study examined the differences between the responses of federal and state universities on entrepreneurial skills required for business education graduates’ employability in Cross River State. Specifically, the study examined the difference between the responses of federal universities and state universities on planning skills, marketing skills and management skills on the business education graduates’...

Author(s): Akeke M. N. G., Oche P. E., Akuegwu B. A., and Ushie, P. U.

Contributions of cognitive theory to the problem of automatization of grammatical structures in teaching foreign language

April 2022

Unlike traditional methods, the communicative approaches draw on implicit and incidental ways of learning and contextualised exercises of grammar which improve language performance in terms of fluency and communicative competence. However, the discursive plan implies the use of high-level units of knowledge and the automatization of low-level knowledge is not ensured. Although learners’ production achieves success...

Author(s): Canan Aydinbek

Case study of the out of school Teenage Mothers’ lived experiences and perceptions on education in Rusororo sector, Rwanda: A back to school framework

March 2022

This study purposed to investigate the lived experiences of out of school teenage mothers during pregnancy, and post-delivery in Rusororo Sector, Gasabo district, Kigali City. It is a qualitative study that used case study design to investigate the school teenage mothers (participants) on their perceived school experience with fellow students, teachers and school leaders, study courses, and parents; the psychological...

Author(s): Patrick Gatsinzi

The situation of French as a second foreign language in secondary education institutions in Turkey

March 2022

This study aims to quantitatively analyse the situation of French as a second foreign language in secondary education institutions in Turkey. Regarding presenting a comparative analysis, the study is limited to German as a second foreign language, currently included in the curriculum of secondary education institutions in Turkey, and are excluded fewer common languages such as Chinese, Spanish, Italian, etc. The...

Author(s): Nahide Arslan

Influence of marital communication on family stability of married teachers in Nsukka education zone

March 2022

This study examined the influence of marital communication on the family stability of married teachers in the Nsukka Education Zone of Enugu State. It was guided by two research questions and two hypotheses. The population comprised 1688 married teachers in Nsukka Education Zone secondary schools. A correlation design was adopted for the study. The sample was 455 respondents. Proportionate stratified sampling techniques...

Author(s): Joachim Chinweike Omeje, Benedeth Lebechi Ugwu and Chinenye Ifeoma Ogidi

The level of social acceptance of children with autism spectrum disorder integrated in regular schools from the point of view of parents and teachers in Jordan

March 2022

The present study aimed to determine the level of social acceptance of children with autism spectrum who are integrated into regular schools from the parents’ and teachers' perspectives in Jordan. The researcher built a scale of social acceptance of children with an autism spectrum disorder. It consists of (34) items distributed in three dimensions; it was applied to an exploratory sample from outside the...

Author(s): Feryal Abdel-Hadi Al-Shenikat

Cementing devices and ambiguity in the Holy Qur'an: Al-Qasas Surah as a model

February 2022

This study aims to identify the cementing devices used in the Holy Qur'an, Al-Qasas Surah, in particular. Specific cementing devices appear to connect the phrases and clauses contextualized in the verses of this Surah. Three exegeses and three different translations of the meaning of the Holy Qur'an were referred to in this study for data collection and data analysis. The study's findings indicate that these...

Author(s): Jibrel Harb Al-Saudi and Aiman Eid Al-Rawajfeh

Parent attitudes and submissive behaviors in adolescents as social anxiety predictors

February 2022

The aim of this study was to present the power of high school students' parents’ attitudes and submissive behaviors' in predicting social anxiety. The study group consisted of 298 students (159 female, 139 male) from two different high schools who were studying in the 2018-2019 academic year and voluntarily participated in the study. The study was carried out in accordance with the relational screening...

Author(s): Abdullah Mert

The level of critical thinking of a Jordanian sample of blind students and its relationship with some variables

February 2022

The present study aimed to find out the level of critical thinking skills of a Jordanian sample of blind students and its relationship with some variables, namely the gender and class level variable. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher developed the California Critical Thinking Scale in line with the characteristics of the blind, with the help of several teachers of blind students with experience and...

Author(s): Feryal Abdel-Hadi Al-Shenikat

A source for technical and musical development in piano education: Analysis of Manookian “Etudes for the Intermediate Pianist” Method

February 2022

In this study, the American pianist and composer Jeff Manookian's "Etudes for the Intermediate Pianist" method was examined. In this qualitative study, the descriptive research model was employed and the literature was scanned through document review. As a result of the examination, no study was found on Manookian's piano etudes. To that end, Jeff Manookian's "Etudes for the Intermediate...

Author(s): Ozlem Omur

Identification of the processes of preparing Individualized Education Programs (IEP) by special education teachers, and of problems encountered therein

January 2022

There are qualitative studies aimed at identifying the problems encountered in the course of preparing individualized education programs (IEP). However, these studies are conducted with only a few participants. There is a need to test the results on a larger sample size. A questionnaire based on findings of interview techniques, used in qualitative research methodology, is developed. Using this questionnaire will...

Author(s): F. Nur Akçin

Strategic cocktail: Cognition and metacognition

January 2022

This theoretical reflection implies the main proposal that the activities of planning and teaching are linked; it is the main ingredient to cognition and metacognition. Two main parts make up this article: a theoretical discussion of the linkage, detailing a descriptive letter and content to be taught in the classroom. Within this part, a flowchart related to the master, content and topic is proposed, which are the...

Author(s): Celia María del Pilar Aramburu Ceñal

Examining the attitudes and usage levels of coaches towards technology in terms of athlete education

January 2022

Today, science and technological developments play a role in the field of sports, as in all domains of life. For this reason, coaches may use technology to improve the technical, tactical, condition, and psychological performance of their athletes. Besides, pandemic conditions such as COVID-19 bring about this obligation. The aim of the present study was to examine the attitudes and levels of use of technology by...

Author(s): Bilal BICER, Muzaffer Emir ORAK and Hanifi UZUM

The awareness of the students about the concepts in the production distribution and consumption learning field in the social studies course curriculum

January 2022

In our world where unlimited human needs are tried to be met with limited resources, the effort to use resources in the most effective way is the reason for the existence of economics. The aim of this research is to examine the awareness of the concepts and topics that are planned to be taught to the 4th grade students’ social studies curriculum and to make some suggestions. The study group of the research...

Author(s): Yasar CELIK

Family support and school-to-work transition: Perceptions and experiences of university graduates in Kampala city, Uganda

December 2021

This study explored the experiences and implications of transitioning from school to work without family support for university graduates in Uganda. The research was a qualitative exploratory study in Kampala city, Uganda. The data was collected through in-depth individual interviews with university graduates (first-degree graduates). The research findings showed that young men and women, upon graduation, strongly...

Author(s): Paul Ogwang Tulibaleka, Kuluthum Nakalema and Divine Effoude Ndohtabi

Well-being and academic workload: Perceptions of Science and technology students

November 2021

University students need to find a balance between their physical, mental, social, and emotional state to do well in their academics. Student’s well-being should be one of the top priorities for any academic institute. The present study employed a sequential mixed methods approach to provide insights into students’ perceptions of well-being and academic workload. An online survey (n = 385) was conducted in...

Author(s): Karma Yangdon, Kezang Sherab, Pema Choezom, Sangey Passang and Sonam Deki

The analysis of picture storybooks aimed at pre-school children in terms of child rights violations

November 2021

Books introduce children to social life and provide them with the opportunity to expand their imaginary worlds. Pre-school children are influenced by books more than adults. Children can identify themselves with the heroes in the books and choose to act like them. Therefore, the features of the heroes in children’s picture books, what they go through, and the intended message of the story have significant...

Author(s): Duygu Yalman POLATLAR and Muhammet Ü. ÖZTABAK

Analysis of the activities used in English textbooks regarding the multiple intelligences theory in Jordan

October 2021

This study analyzes the activities used in the English series of Action Pack textbooks in accordance with multiple intelligences theory. This series is used in teaching the English language for grades nine, ten and twelve in Jordan. The researcher analyzed 608 activities to decide which type of multiple intelligences is more common in the targeted activities. The results indicate that the linguistic and spatial...

Author(s): Hamza Mohammad Ali Al Maharma

Parental and special education teachers’ influence on psychological adjustment of pupils with learning disabilities in inclusive primary schools in Kenya

September 2021

Learning disabilities (LDs) encompass a very extensive range of academic problems which can give rise to social and psychological problems. Apart from experiencing academic problems, pupils with LDs experience strong feelings of frustrations, sadness and shame as a result of repeated failure and this can lead to psychological difficulties. These psychological problems are experienced at home and at school and if not...

Author(s): Cornilla Wanja Obare and Maureen Adhiambo Winga

Are the effects of pandemics on our life always bad? Positive effects of Covid-19 on our life

September 2021

This study is conducted to investigate whether restrictons applied during Covid-19 process caused positive gains in individuals’ lives or not. In this study, data collection method used was questionnaire to reach more number of participants in a short time. Questionnaire form prepared in accordance with purpose of study was designed through “Google Forms”. During the data collection process, due to the...

Author(s): Merve Ceylan

Scholars and educational positions under criticism and praise in the Medieval Islamic Era

August 2021

This research focuses on criticism and praise in Arabic literature, history and poetry towards those in charge of the scientific movement in the Medieval Era. The research method was theoretical and qualitative. Many poets and scholars praised the rulers and sultans who established mosques and other educational institutions (madrasa-s) based on endowments, which had a role in sciences, intellectual and religious...

Author(s): Hatim Muhammad Mahamid and Younis Fareed Abu Al-Haija

Teaching of a volleyball technique and representations of physical education teachers in Sub-Saharan African environment

August 2021

The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze, based on representations of physical education teachers, the obstacles to teaching of cuff volleyball in middle schools in Brazzaville, Congo. The theoretical model of Trinquier’s representations, which is based on the "attitude" variable as an evaluative judgment variable, made it possible to distinguish the attitudes of teachers and to characterize...

Author(s): Fernandes Balou Gabin, Lembe Gorgon, Ambeto Aimé Simplice Christophe, and Itoua Okemba Jean  

The discovery teaching of the problem of finding the shortest distance with the help of Geogebra software in Vietnam

August 2021

Vietnam today is having solid innovations in the fields of science, technology, economics, and education. In particular, the Mathematical General Education program launched in 2018 has emphasized the exploitation of information technology in teaching. GeoGebra software is taught right from the 6th grade. GeoGebra software has many advantages in problems related to motion such as locus, modeling, and especially in...

Author(s): Ngoc-Giang Nguyen

Visually supported activity suggestions to develop secondary school students' story writing skills

August 2021

There are many researches, activities and other application examples, examining the effects and importance of visuals in education. Although there are studies to develop writing skills through visuals in literature, there is no study on the development of story writing through visuals. In this study, examples of activities were developed in order to develop middle school students' story writing skills with visual...

Author(s): Soyucok Mehmet and Musa Cifci

The theoretical analysis of ethical leadership lapses: A disturbing concern about school leadership in Botswana

August 2021

A school is the only place with a formal and legitimate mandate of duty of care for the learner. Schools are expected to be nurturing environments free of abuse, exploitation, violence, bullying, humiliation, discrimination, harassment, negligence, cultural stereotypes, emotional distress, socio-economic marginalisation and moral prejudices. Some concerns about governance and ethical leadership in schools are therefore...

Author(s): Nkobi Owen Pansiri, Chikezie Ignatius Ugwu and Wazha Bickie Maundeni

The effect of using word processor in teaching writing skill among secondary students in schools in Jordan

July 2021

The study aims to identify the effect of using word processor in teaching writing skill among secondary students in private schools in Jordan, clear out the differences in writing skill between the control group taught in the ordinary method and the experimental group taught using word processor. The study follows the descriptive and experimental approach to identify the effect of using word processor in teaching...

Author(s): Yaser Aladwan

Online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspectives of English as foreign language students

July 2021

This study aimed at exploring the advantages and disadvantages of the online learning system implemented during COVID-19 Pandemic from English as foreign language (EFL) students’ perspective. To achieve the objectives of the study, qualitative approach was used. The sample of the study consisted of 20 students who were chosen purposely from the World Islamic Sciences and Education University in Amman, Jordan. A...

Author(s): Talal Alodwan

The extent of use of video clip for teaching and learning in Nigerian universities: A case study of faculty of education, University of Calabar

July 2021

This study reports a survey conducted to explore the extent of use of Video Clip (VC) by academic staff for teaching and learning at the Faculty of Education, University of Calabar, Nigeria. Five Research questions were formulated to guide the study. The population of the study was made up of all lecturers in the Faculty. The data were obtained using a structured questionnaire which in random was administered to...

Author(s): Edem N. B. and Ekon E. E.

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