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JPHE Articles

Review and thematic analysis of guiding principles for effective crisis communication using social media

April 2022

Effective crisis communication on social media targets and tailor’s crisis information to influence risk perception and ensures messages are accepted. The aim of the current research is to map the research available and summarize key findings of the guiding principles and strategies for social media-based risk and crisis communication during emerging infectious diseases. North American-focused literature assessing...

Author(s): Melissa MacKay, Jillian Jaworski, Jennifer E. McWhirter, Daniel Gillis and Andrew Papadopoulos

An analysis of average temperature and elevation on tuberculosis incidence within the Appalachian region

April 2022

This research has demonstrated conflicting findings related to how environmental factors may affect the spread of tuberculosis (TB). A better understanding of this may have implications for health planning given the changing world climate. This study examines environmental factors, specifically elevation and temperature, demographic and income covariates and their association with TB incidence within the Appalachian...

Author(s): Michaela Gross, Skai Schwartz and Benjamin Jacob  

Mothers’ opinion on local and orthodox management of children infected with Tinea capitis in Southern Nigeria

April 2022

Tinea capitis  is a common infection among children in Nigeria and appropriate management will reduce its incidence among the pediatric population. The study assessed the opinions of mothers on the local and orthodox management of children infected with Tinea capitis. The study adopted a cross-sectional descriptive survey design and was conducted among 390 women in two states in Southern Nigeria. Pretested,...

Author(s): Lauretta Sonia Daramola, Adesola Adenike Ogunfowokan, Timothy Titilayo Famakinwa and Mathew Idowu Olatubi  

Prevalence of vulvo-vaginal candidiasis among women attending clinics in selected Hospitals in Oyo State, Southwest, Nigeria

March 2022

Vulvo-vaginal candidiasis (VVC) is a pathogenic fungal infection with a high burden among women of reproductive age (WRA). Healthcare delivery system related constraints in developing countries have made its diagnosis and management unnecessarily complicated leading to poor management of the infection. The study was conducted to determine the prevalence of VVC among women attending clinics in selected hospitals in Oyo...

Author(s): Michael Oladimeji Idowu, Gabriel Ifeoluwa Makinde, Olayinka Oluyemi Oluranti, Matthew Ayodeji Adebayo and Olajide Ayodele Adekunle  

Assessment of factors contributing to Californians’ perceptions of COVID-19 information dissemination

March 2022

Research suggests that inappropriate approaches to information dissemination can negatively affect containment of an outbreak, including Ebola, norovirus, SARS, influenza, and now Coronavirus. The objective of this study was to examine how COVID-19 information disseminated to the public was perceived by Californians during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. A cross sectional study of 207 California residents was...

Author(s): Ogbochi McKinney, Victoria Joubi, Dominick Sturz and Janet Bonome  

The epidemiological characteristics of positive COVID-19 patients in Trinidad and Tobago

March 2022

This study sought to determine the epidemiology of COVID-19 in Trinidad and Tobago by the socio-demographic and clinical characterization and comparison of local and imported cases. There have been limited prior studies on COVID-19 in the Caribbean. As such, this paper attempts to discuss the patterns associated with COVID-19 patients in this Caribbean territory. A retrospective study of 113 patients with confirmed...

Author(s): Chavin D. Gopaul, Dale Ventour, Michelle Trotman and Davlin Thomas  

Associated factors with early pregnancies in school settings in the southwestern region of Benin

February 2022

Early pregnancy in school settings is a social, economic and health phenomenon that can hamper the development of countries. This study aims to determine the factors associated with this phenomenon in the health district of Lokossa-Athiémé in southwestern Benin in 2018. The study employed a case-control method. The participants were secondary school girls aged 10 to 19 at the time of the study, enrolled in...

Author(s): Virginie Mongbo, Judicael Adadja, Jacques Saizonou, Alphonse Biaou, Patrick Makoutode, Charles Sossa-Jerome and Edgard-Marius Ouendo

Epidemiological profile of road traffic accidents victims received at the emergency reception service of the Regional Hospital of Kindia, Guinea, 2012-2016

February 2022

Road traffic accidents are frequent in Kindia. Information from police records is insufficient, hospital data are available but not thoroughly analyzed and previous studies are incomplete. We decided to supplement these previous studies with an in-depth analysis of the available data in order to guide appropriate actions. We conducted a cross-sectional study. We used survey of data from 2012 to 2016. We collected...

Author(s): Gbamou Nouonan, Pauline Kiswendsida Yanogo, , Cheik Tidiane Sidibé, Fadima Diallo, Bernard Sawadogo and Simon Antara  

Frequency of hepatitis C and D virus among chronic hepatitis B virus carriers in a Nigerian tertiary hospital

January 2022

Hepatitis B virus co-infection with Hepatitis C virus and/or Hepatitis D virus is known to result in a more deleterious disease than chronic HBV mono-infection, resulting in faster disease progression to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. This study aimed at determining the serological prevalence of Hepatitis C and D virus infections among chronic Hepatitis B virus carriers and the frequency of Hepatitis B e...

Author(s): Chinenye Jennifer Mbamalu, Ifeoma Mercy Ekejindu, Ifeoma Bessie Enweani-Nwokelo, Obiefuna Ikechukwu Okeke, Chukwudi Amaechi Ofodile and Stephen Okorafor Kalu  

Impact of a patient-centered care model implemented in public health facilities in Chile: A real world evidence evaluation

January 2022

Health systems face multimorbidity as the leading cause of the burden of disease and demand for healthcare services. Although non-communicable diseases are well known, and countries in Latin America have implemented strategies to its approach, tackling multimorbidity is still a challenge and an emerging topic. In response to this, Centro de Innovación en Salud ANCORA UC, in association with Servicio de Salud...

Author(s): Paula Zamorano, Teresita Varela, Alvaro Tellez, Manuel Espinoza, Paulina Muñoz and Francisco Suarez   

Virological outcome in HIV-1 infected patients: 5-year follow-up experience in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa

December 2021

Although viral load (VL) measurement has become the reference tool for monitoring antiretroviral treatment in patients living with HIV, most West African countries do not have it systematically. Long-term virological data are rare. Here, the matter is to describe virological outcomes and resistance patterns at 5 years in HIV-1+ patients and to identify early factors associated with long-term virological outcome. This is...

Author(s): Raoul Moh,, Eugène Messou,, Camille Montfort, Delphine Gabillard, Amani Anzian, Albert Minga, Anani Badjé, Jean-Baptiste Ntakpé, Arlette Ahoubet Yayo-Emieme, Toni Thomas d’Aquin, and Xavier Anglaret,  

Determinants of anaemia in 3-59 months old children after a seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign in rural area in Burkina Faso

December 2021

Anaemia remains a major public health problem worldwide and malaria represents one of its main causes in malaria endemic areas. To determine the prevalence of anaemia and its associated factors after a campaign of seasonal malaria chemoprevention combined or not with azithromycin a secondary analysis was conducted on data from a cross-sectional survey at the end of the 2014 seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign in...

Author(s): Yves Daniel Compaoré, Issaka Zongo, Bintou Soaré, Alassane Haro, Abdoul Aziz Siénou, R. Serge Yerbanga, Matthew Cairn, Daniel Chandramohan, Brian Greenwood and Jean Bosco Ouédraogo  

Occurrence and relevance of orthorexic eating behaviour in clients of complementary and alternative medicine

November 2021

Orthorexia is put forward as a new variant of disordered eating behavior, characterized by a fixation on only eating food that is considered to be healthy. First studies evaluating its clinical relevance revealed that orthorexic individuals seek help from health professionals and nutritionists. However, practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) have not been considered yet. Hence, the aim of this...

Author(s): Friederike Barthels, Sandra Gahlmann, Tabitha Schwabe and Reinhard Pietrowsky  

What can 27 years of Niger cancer registry tell us about breast cancer epidemiology? Incidence of breast cancer from 1992 to 2018 in Niger

November 2021

Breast cancer (BC) is a leading cause of cancer morbidity and mortality within the female population in sub-Saharan Africa. Growing cancer incidence and mortality are multidimensional, and often associated with the so-called ‘’westernization’’ of lifestyle in African countries, including Niger, where there is no recent update of the cancer registry. The intent of this paper was to analyze 27...

Author(s): Aissami Abdou, Guido Van Hal, Hassan Nouhou and Malam Abari M  

Seasonal malaria chemoprevention in older children: magnitude, consequences and opportunities

November 2021

Seasonal malaria chemoprevention is tailored for children 3 to 59 months in areas of high transmission of malaria between July and October. However, SMC was administrated to children outside the pre-defined age range. This study aims to evaluate to which extent the treatment was given to these children. The authors carried out a cross sectional survey in November 2018 in eight (8) health regions. Sampled of 944...

Author(s): Issaka Zongo, Yves D. Compaoré, Somé N. Eric, Haro Alassane, Sienou A. Aziz, Rakiswendé S. Yerbanga, Moussa Zongo, Jean B. Ouédraogo  

Risk factors and treatment for migraine in adults in Ouagadougou: A cross-sectional survey

November 2021

The aim of this study was to describe the migraine treatments implemented in Burkina Faso. It was a descriptive cross-sectional study with a prospective data collection from August to November, 2019 in Burkina Faso. The study included 653 randomly selected participants aged 16 years and over. Female gender, high socioeconomic status, coffee and alcohol consumption, high blood pressure and smoking were significantly and...

Author(s): Somé Nagaonlé Eric, Lompo Djingri Labodi, Bertrand Méda, Kabore Raphael Marie Patrick, Kouanda Moumouni, Napon Christian, Drabo Maxime and Kaboré Jean  

The distribution of disease in the Republic of Suriname - a pharmacoepidemiological analysis using the claims database of the State Health Foundation of the year 2017

November 2021

The patterns of prescription drug use in Suriname in the year 2017 have been determined with the purpose of obtaining indications about the distribution of disease in the country. The claims database of the State Health Foundation (Staatsziekenfonds, SZF) of Suriname was used for calculations of prescription rates of the fifty most prescribed drugs overall and after stratification according to gender, age, and residence...

Author(s): Vinoj H. Sewberath Misser, Arti Shankar, Ashna Hindori-Mohangoo, Jeffrey Wickliffe, Maureen Lichtveld, and Dennis R. A. Mans

Epidemiological and clinical features associated to the survival of COVID-19 patients in the department of Littoral in Benin from March to July 2020

November 2021

The epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic outcomes of COVID-19 vary across countries from March 16th to July 30, 2020, 1805 cases were registered in Benin, and among these cases, about 36 deaths occurred. The aim of this work was to study the epidemiological and clinical features associated with the survival of people with COVID-19 in the Department of Littoral in Republic of Benin, from March to July 2020. This was...

Author(s): Josiane Carolle Fifamè Folayimi AZE, Ghislain Emmanuel SOPOH, Pauline Kiswendsida YANOGO, Sourakatou SALIFOU, Benjamin HOUNKPATIN, Joseph Omasumbu Blaise OTSHUDIANDJEKA, Mariane LAURENT, Fadima DIALLO and Nicolas MEDA  

Water, sanitation, and hygiene practices in secondary schools in the Buea Health District of Cameroon

November 2021

This study assessed water, sanitation and hygiene practices in public and private secondary schools in Buea. A cross-sectional descriptive study was conducted from November 2017 to June 2018 in Buea. Students from Baptist High School Buea, Government Bilingual High School Muea, Buea, Government Technical High School Molyko, Buea and Summerset Secondary School Buea were assessed on water, sanitation and hygiene...

Author(s): Ekun William Ashu, Verla Vincent Siysi and Nsagha Dickson Shey  

Molecular characterization of sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine resistant malaria parasites among pregnant women in Anambra State, Nigeria

October 2021

The study determined the prevalence of malaria parasitemia among pregnant women using Sulphadoxine-pyrimethamine (SP) for intermittent preventive treatment (IPT) and assessed Plasmodium falciparum dihydropteroate reductase (Pfdhfr) and dihydropteroate synthetase (Pfdhps) resistance genes among the subjects. Three hundred and ninety consenting pregnant women attending antenatal clinics in Nnewi, Anambra State, Nigeria...

Author(s): Isaac Okezie Godwin, Ifeoma Mercy Ekejindu, George Uchenna Eleje, Christian Chibuzo Ibeh, Dorothy Amauche Ezeagwuna, Chigozie Geoffrey Okafor and Ahaneku Iherue Osuji  

Prevalence and factors associated with psychoactive drugs use among employees in 2019 in two companies in Cotonou, Benin

October 2021

The use of psychoactive drugs remains a public health and social issue in Benin and impacts health, medical and social life at working place. The study aims to determine the prevalence and the factors associated with psychoactive drugs use in 2019 in two companies based in Cotonou, Benin. A cross-sectional survey was carried out from 09 to 31 December 2019. The study involved 455 workers aged 22 to 60 in two companies,...

Author(s): Badirou Aguemon, Barikissou Georgia Damien, Vikkey Hinson, Alex Zonsiga and Paul Ayelo

Alternative water treatment using organic polymers associated with the solar disinfection method

September 2021

The objective of this study was to carry out an alternative treatment of low-cost water using organic polymers, Moringa oleifera seed, Opuntia cochenillifera and Cereus jamacaru, associated with the technique of solar water disinfection. From July to November 2020, the samples were collected within the university campus of the Federal University of Recôncavo from Bahia. The count of total coliforms, Escherichia...

Author(s): Danuza das Virgens Lima and Ludmilla Santana Soares e Barros

Factors associated with malnutrition among children under 5 years of age in the Health Care District of Danané, Ivory Coast, January 1 to March 31, 2017: A case control study

September 2021

Child malnutrition is a public health problem in Côte d’Ivoire. The persistence of malnutrition, sometimes looking like an epidemic, seems contradictory in view of the many natural potentialities available in the Health Care District of Danané. The level of rainfall conducive to cereal production is satisfactory; this should normally guarantee minimum food availability. Through this work, we aim to...

Author(s): Kouamé Apolinaire N&#;Guettia, Pauline Kiswendsida Yanogo, Jean Kaboré and Nicolas Meda,

Integrated approach in the control of neglected tropical diseases with cutaneous manifestations in four municipalities in Benin: A cross-sectional study

September 2021

The integrated approach is the new recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the control of neglected tropical diseases. The goal of this cross-sectional study was to implement this approach in 4 municipalities with a high prevalence of leprosy in Benin from September 2019 to August 2020. Mobile medical consultations were organized in these municipalities following the mobilization and sensitization of...

Author(s): Parfait DJOSSOU, Ghislain Emmanuel SOPOH, Ronald Sètondji GNIMAVO, Esaï Gimatal ANAGONOU, Zoulkifl Salou BACHIROU, Franck Zinsou Maurille MIGNANWANDE, Horace DEGNONVI, Flora Sylvie HOUNDJREBO, Jean Gabin HOUEZO, Akpéédjé Carolle WADAGNI, Yves Thierry BAROGUI and Roch Christian JOHNSON

A qualitative study on experiences of HIV vaccine trial participants in a phase I/II double-blinded, randomized placebo-controlled clinical trial in Tanzania: Lessons for COVID-19 vaccine testing

August 2021

HIV remains a major public health problem in Sub-Saharan Africa. About 54.5% of all people living with HIV live in Eastern and Southern Africa. There is no HIV vaccine or cure available yet despite ongoing research to develop one and uptake of vaccines is critical in the global society. It is imperative to describe the perceptions and experiences of the vaccines trial participants, as they may give lessons for COVID-19...

Author(s): Erica S. Sanga,, Brian Van Wyk, Leonard L. Maboko, and Simukai Shamu,

Musculoskeletal disorders and associated factors among dockers and handlers in the cotonou port companies in 2020

August 2021

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are one of the main causes of occupational diseases. The sea port and maritime sectors seem to be among the most affected. The objective of this study is to determine the prevalence of MSDs among workers in this sector and the risk factors. A cross-sectional study was conducted among the 576 dockers and 38 boaters selected by non-probability sampling for convenience. A questionnaire was...

Author(s): Aguemon Badirou, Hinson Vikkey, Damien Barikissou Georgia, Sossa Jérôme Charles and Nobime God-Power

Epidemiology of female breast cancer in Niger: A literature review

August 2021

Breast cancer (BC) is a public health concern in sub-Saharan Africa with rising incidence and mortality. In Niger, BC is identified as the leading cancer morbidity and mortality within female population. Its epidemiological literature remains limited or not structured. The aim of this work was to summarize evidence in relation to epidemiology of female breast cancer in Niger. The idea was to know how much was published...

Author(s): Aissami Abdou and Guido Van Hal

Preventing prematurity: The power of determining factors and challenges in a rural district hospital in Benin

July 2021

Preterm births remain a major public health issue due to its weight in neonatal mortality and the significant socio-economic costs for its care. The aim of the current study was to identify factors associated with preterm births at Allada-Toffo-Zè zone hospital in Benin. This was a case-controlling study, which took place in April 2019. A total of 222 women's files were examined, including 74 cases and 148...

Author(s): SAIZONOU Jacques, MONGBO Virginie, AFFO Alphonse, MAKOUTODE Patrick and HOUESSOU Gad  

Comparative assessment of fluid intake of sedentary and manual workers in Anambra State, Southeast Nigeria

July 2021

Daily fluid intake in individuals is known to be influenced by several factors such as climatic conditions, physical activities, nature of fluid and its availability, and behavioural responses. The high temperature of the tropics is expected to increase fluid intake, and more so for labor-intensive workers. The fluid intake of sedentary and manual workers in southeast Nigeria was assessed and compared with international...

Author(s): Ibeh, Christian Chibuzo, Florence Obiageli Emelumadu,  Chigozie Ifeadike, Mary Jane Umeh, Christian Ejike Onah, Ahoma Victor Mbanuzuru, Anugo Ogbuagu, Chijioke Ezenyeaku and Chioma Ajator, Jisieike – OnuigboNonyelum, Obi Darlington, Okonkwo Kenechukwu  

Ordinal logistic regression analysis of hypertension data and identifying factors that influence the incidence of hypertension in Gondar University Teaching Hospital, North- west Ethiopia

July 2021

Hypertension is the force of blood pushing up against the walls of blood vessels and it is defined as a systolic blood pressure ≥ 140 mm Hg and/or diastolic blood pressure ≥ 90 mm Hg. It is estimated to cause 9.4 million deaths every year. This study aims to conduct ordinal logistic regression analysis of hypertension severity and identifying associated factors for severity of hypertension, using the data of...

Author(s): Demozie Mebetu, Asrat Atsedeweyn and Dawit Abathun

Comparative screening for cervical cancer and women’s knowledge of the disease at the Douala General Hospital, Cameroon

May 2021

Cervical cancer screening is not routinely done in Cameroon because of poor knowledge of the disease. This study evaluated the validity of VIA test, assessed women’s knowledge on cervical cancer and assessed the relationship between knowledge score and previous screening participation. Between June and September 2018, this cross-sectional study enrolled 256 women aged between 25 and 65 years at the Douala General...

Author(s): Bernard Wabo, Dickson Shey Nsagha, Théophile Njamen Nana and Clement Jules Nguedia Assob  

Analysis of the environmental factors associated with deaths from road traffic crashes in Benin from 2008 to 2015

May 2021

In most African countries, road safety policies are mainly focused on the human factor. In order to inform policy makers about the role of other factors in road mortality, this study aims to analyse the road and environmental factors associated with traffic mortalities in Benin. This is a cross-sectional study using secondary data from road accidents collected by the police between 2008 and 2015. The database included...

Author(s): Donatien Daddah, Yolaine Glèlè Ahanhanzo, Alphonse Kpozehouen, Bella Hounkpe Dos Santos, Huguette Tédji, Edgard-Marius Ouendo and Alain Leveque  

Prevalence and correlates of physical health conditions in Jamaica and Guyana

May 2021

The increasing prevalence of non-communicable diseases remains an important source of concern in the Caribbean and Latin American regions. This study examines rates and the associated socio-demographic correlates of physical health indicators in Jamaica and Guyana. Area probability cross-sectional data were collected on 1,218 Jamaicans and 2,068 Guyanese participants in 2005. Physician- diagnosed hypertension, diabetes...

Author(s): Krim K. Lacey, Karen P. Sears, Tazhmoye V. Crawford, Letroy O. Cummings, Sasha R. Drummond-Lewis, Rohan D. Jeremiah and James S. Jackson  

Impact of family planning on maternal and infant mortality in Cameroon: Protocol for a clustered non-randomized controlled trial

May 2021

The study aimed to assess the impact of family planning on maternal and infant mortality in Tiko CDC plantation camp. This is a clustered non-randomized controlled trial with a predetermined intervention site (Tiko CDC plantation camp) and a control site (Pena Mboko camp). Four clusters were randomly selected in each group using simple ballot and the intervention administered in all clusters in the intervention...

Author(s): Agbor Nathan Emeh, Ngouakam Hermann and Nsagha Dickson Shey  

Knowledge and adherence to social distancing guidelines in Nigeria during the COVID-19 pandemic

April 2021

Social distancing refers to actions or steps taken by an individual or groups of individuals with the main purpose of reducing physical and social interaction to curb the spread of infectious disease. This study sought to determine Nigerians’ knowledge of social distancing and why most people do not adhere to the guidelines amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A non-probability sampling method was used for this study; data...

Author(s): Ebidor U. Lawani-Luwaji, Pere-ere F. T. Victor and Dorcas B. Esene  

Environmental and behavioural factors associated with Mycobacterium ulcerans infection in the district of Lalo in Benin: A case-control study

April 2021

The mode of transmission of Buruli ulcer (BU) is not yet well understood. This study aimed to identify risk factors for BU in the district of Lalo in Benin. This is a case-control study taking into account all cases of BU detected from 2013 to 2018 and treated at the Buruli’s ulcer Screening and Treatment Center (CDTUB) of Lalo. For each case, two controls were matched according to age and sex. Conditional...

Author(s): Anagonou Gimatal Esaï, Sopoh Ghislain Emmanuel, Biaou Chabi Alphonse, Barogui Yves Thierry, Wadagni Anita Carolle, Gnimavo Sètondji Ronald, Ayelo Gilbert Adjimon, Saka Kora Eric, Houezo Jean Gabin and Johnson Roch Christian,  

Prevalence of tobacco use and associated risk factors among pregnant women in Maracha District, Uganda

April 2021

Globally, tobacco use has become the largest public health threat that kills around 7 million people annually, of which about 6 million deaths are due to direct tobacco use, and 890,000 are attributed to passive smoking. This study assessed  prevalence and associated risk factors of tobacco use among pregnant women, 15 to 49 years.  Health facility-based  analytical cross-sectional study was conducted...

Author(s): John Bosco Alege, Russall Okudra Jurua, and Judith Drazidio  

Awareness of sleeping sickness by the populations of the Bipindi historic focus: Lessons for ownership and sustainability of control interventions

April 2021

Socio-economic and socio-demographic factors have been considered as critical in disease epidemiology and need to be taken into consideration when designing health interventions. It is therefore strongly recommended to investigate population ownership to ensure sustainability of a given intervention. To this end, a household-based cross sectional survey was conducted to assess knowledge and perceptions regarding...

Author(s): Guy R Njitchouang, André Domche, Laurentine Sumo, Jeanne C Sondi-Dissake, Cédric G. Lenou-Nanga , Alphonse Acho and Hugues C. Nana-Djeunga,  

HIV-positive status disclosure with stable sexual partner at Gabriel Touré University Hospital, Bamako, Mali, 2017

April 2021

Preventing new cases of HIV infection and mother-to-child HIV transmission requires knowledge of the factors associated with HIV-positive status disclosure with the sexual partner. Our objective was to determine the factors associated with HIV-positive status disclosure with the stable sexual partner at Gabriel Touré University Hospital, Mali. We conducted a cross-sectional study from February to March 2017 at...

Author(s): Yaya Ballayira, Pauline Kiswendsida Yanogo, Fadima Diallo, Bernard Sawadogo, Simon Antara and Seydou Doumbia

Determinants of internet-based resources for sex education among in-school and out-of-school adolescents in Kogi State, Nigeria

April 2021

Sex education is a vital aspect of health education. It provides factual knowledge to assist adolescents to avoid sex related problems. Due to the sensitive nature of sex education many adolescents rely on internet resources for information on sex education because it offers information in a confidential manner. The study assessed and compared the determinants of internet based resources for sex education among in and...

Author(s): Fehintola F. O., Ogundele O.A., Uwaila C. U., Adegbenro C. A. and Olowookere S. A.

Knowledge, attitudes and perceptions related to covid-19 among Beninese military

April 2021

The aim of this study was to assess the level of knowledge guiding attitudes, and to highlight the perceptions of Beninese military personnel towards COVID-19. This is a cross-sectional study conducted from May 18 to June 16, 2020 in the garrison of Cotonou through the administration of an anonymous questionnaire to 836 participants. To assess the level of knowledge, major and minor criterion were defined. The level of...

Author(s): Agnès Angélique Houéfa KPADE, Alexis do SANTOS ZOUNON, Léonce AHOUANVOEKE and Félix ATADOKPEDE

Factors associated with chronic respiratory disorders in the saleswomen working near Dantokpa’s market highways in Cotonou, Benin

April 2021

Sales around roads, a common activity mainly carried out by women in African urban areas, expose these later to outdoor air pollution (OAP), leading to chronic respiratory diseases (CRD). This research aims at studying associated factors with CRD among these professionals. A cross-sectional, analytical study was conducted among 396 saleswomen working on the outskirts of the main track of Dantokpa’s market in...

Author(s): Hervé Agbomakou Gbegnide, Ghislain Emmanuel Sopoh, Denise Assiba Davou,  Michel Makoutode, and Gildas Agodokpessi

Alcohol use and compliance with road safety rules among commercial motorcyclists in Southwest Nigeria

March 2021

Alcohol has been identified as one of the major causes of traffic accident as those driving under the influence of alcohol barely comply with road safety rules and regulations. This study investigated the influence of alcohol use on compliance with road safety rules among commercial motorcyclists in Southwest Nigeria. Cross sectional descriptive research of the survey type was used to conduct the study. The sample size...

Author(s): Awosusi A. O., Adegboyega J. A., Adebimpe W. O. and Osunmakinwa O. O.  

Impact of the home-based management of malaria on morbidity and mortality in under-five children in Penka-Michel and Santchou Health Districts of Cameroon

March 2021

In Cameroon in 2017, malaria accounted for 53% of hospitalizations, 61% of deaths among under-five children. The National Program adopted since 2015 the integrated Community Directed Interventions (CDI) for the control of malaria. This study determined the impact of the home-based management of childhood malaria morbidity and mortality in the Penka-Michel and Santchou Health Districts of the West Region in Cameroon. A...

Author(s): Esther Kenfack Dongmo, Nicholas Tendongfor and Dickson Shey Nsagha  

Knowledge and risk factors for Lassa fever amongst students of Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria

March 2021

Lassa fever (LF) is an acute, viral hemorrhagic illness which is common in West Africa. Students of tertiary institutions are also exposed to risk factors. Hence, the study aimed to assess the knowledge and risk factors for Lassa fever amongst students of the Federal Polytechnic Auchi, Edo State, Nigeria. This descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 240 undergraduate students of the Federal Polytechnic,...

Author(s): Alenoghena Osi Innocent, Ehighalua Destiny, Awunor Nyemike Simon and Yerumoh Sunday  

COVID-19: Correlation between gross domestic product, number of tests, and confirmed cases in 13 African countries

February 2021

This study aimed to analyze the relationship between gross domestic product (GDP) per capita, the number of tests, and confirmed cases of COVID-19 in South Africa, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Togo, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe. The database data on COVID-19 (coronavirus) (GitHub platform) was the source of information on GDP per capita, the number of tests, and confirmed...

Author(s): Edgar Manuel Cambaza and Gabriel Chico Viegas  

The prevalence, knowledge of health effect and attitude towards smoking among undergraduates in a Nigerian University

February 2021

Smoking prevalence has been on the rise among university students in Nigeria despite the high awareness of harmful effects of smoking on health irrespective of the substance smoked, leading to death of millions annually. The aim of this study is to determine the prevalence, knowledge of health effect and attitude towards smoking among students of Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu Alike, Ebonyi State. This was a...

Author(s): Chima Uzoma Igwe, Japheth Chukwuebuka David, Oghenevwede Anderson Okuma and Vivian Chizoma Njemanze  

Knowledge, attitudes, perception and behaviours of HIV/AIDS among end-cycle students in Cote d’Ivoire: Cross-sectional survey

January 2021

In Cote d’Ivoire, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS has declined significantly in the last decade as a result of public health actions. An assessment of knowledge, attitudes, perception and behaviours was carried out to assess the outcome of the strategies for raising awareness and communicating with students about HIV/AIDS. A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted in 2014 among students enrolled in third year...

Author(s): Man-Koumba Soumahoro, Harvey Attoh-Touré, Kouamé Mathias N&#;Dri, N’Dri Anatole Mian, Mariam Diomandé, Constant Joseph Koné, Amadou Ouattara, Souleymane Sidibé, Chantal Akoua-Koffi,et Mireille Dosso  

Traditional inoculation practices that led to the development of modern vaccination Techniques: A review

January 2021

Most developments in biotechnology during the last few decades focused on the potential applications of human health, vaccination being the most prominent invention to date. Disease prevention is the most convenient and highly effective approach to promoting human health and prolonging life. Vaccinations have prevented millions of deaths worldwide every year and diseases that used to kill, disable or debilitate millions...

Author(s): Tadesse Mehari  

Meteorological factors associated with a high prevalence of leishmaniasis in Nicaragua

December 2020

Nicaragua has an alarmingly high prevalence of cutaneous (CL) and mucocutaneous (MCL) leishmaniasis in recent years with environmental factors creating a perfect habitat for vector-mammalian reservoirs and transmission of the parasite. The aim of this study is to identify environmental risk factors that may play a role in the high prevalence of CL in Nicaragua. The epidemiological, clinical, and tissue sample diagnosis...

Author(s): Santiago E. Hernandez, Jeegan Parikh, Gerardo Blass-Alfaro, Marissa Anne Rickloff and  Benjamin G. Jacob  

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