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JPHE Articles

Knowledge, attitude, and perception towards social health insurance and associated factors among health professionals working at public health facilities in Gondar City, North West Ethiopia

May 2024

Willingness to pay for and accept social health insurance varies across regions due to differences in knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions among employees. Ethiopia has introduced a social health insurance scheme despite facing challenges in its acceptance by the formal sector. However, little is known about the knowledge, attitudes, and perceptions of social health insurance. Therefore, this study aimed to assess the...

Author(s): Bayih Endalew Bitew, Birhanu Demeke workineh and Segenet Zewudie

Insights from Cuba's public health achievements: Implications for African countries

April 2024

Cuba's health system has enabled remarkable population health achievements despite resource limitations. This analysis explores Cuba's model to discern insights for healthcare reform in developing nations seeking to enhance access and equity. A scoping review was conducted to synthesize existing literature on Cuba's health system post-1959 revolution. Policy documents were analyzed to trace systemic reforms....

Author(s): Aly Dramé  

Health needs assessment of urban areas and the key interventions: A case study of Nairobi City County

January 2024

Urbanization has led to complex challenges in healthcare in many cities globally. This study involved a health needs assessment of Nairobi City County to elucidate the health dynamics among the diverse Nairobi City population. The health needs assessment encompassed profiling the Nairobi City County population, identifying the prevailing health priorities, and recommending strategic interventions. The findings show high...

Author(s): Martha W. Kiarie-Makara and Collince Odero Omondi

Prevalence and determinants of repeat pregnancy among adolescent girls in selected health areas of the Limbe Health District of Cameroon: A community-based cross-sectional study

January 2024

Repeat pregnancy is a significant public health concern due to its association with adverse maternal and child health outcomes. Understanding the factors contributing to repeat pregnancy is crucial for developing effective interventions and improving reproductive health services. This study aims to provide valuable insights into the prevalence and determinants of repeat pregnancy in the Limbe Health District, which can...

Author(s): Chrisantus E. Ukah,Vanessa Tabe Orock-Benem, Claudine M. Shei, Claudia N. Ngeha, Franck Donald T. Nangue, Syveline Z. Dang, Myra M. Mande and Malika Ekeme

COVID-19 vaccine uptake among healthcare workers in the Limbe Health district of Cameroon

January 2024

Several efforts are made to control spread of COVID-19. Vaccines are one of the tools currently used to control spread of the disease. This study aimed to assess the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines and determinants among healthcare workers in the Limbe health district of Cameroon. A cross-sectional study was carried out among 405 health workers in selected health facilities. A multi-stage sampling technique was used to...

Author(s): Chrisantus E Ukah, Joshua Tambe, Elvis A Tanue, Claudia N Ngeha, Claudine M Shei Tabe Orock-Benim Vanessa, Mirabelle Pandong Feguem, Dickson S Nsagha  

Factors associated with tuberculosis among people who inject drugs (IDUs) in Senegal in 2022

January 2024

Drug use is a major public health issue. It can promote the transmission of infectious diseases. The aim of this study was to determine the factors associated with tuberculosis among injecting drug users supervised at the addiction treatment center in Dakar. This was a cross-sectional, descriptive and analytical study in injecting drug users supervised at the Addictology Unit of Fann Hospital from January 1st, 2015 to...

Author(s): Mbayang Ndiaye, Amadou Ibra Diallo, Idrissa B. A., Mouhamadou Faly Ba, Fatoumata Bintou Diongue and Adama Faye,  

Prevalence of sexual dysfunction, factors, and psychological effects on adult males in the Buea Health District, Cameroon

December 2023

The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence of sexual dysfunction, associated factors, quality of life and health seeking habit of males in the Buea Health District (BHD). A community-based cross-sectional study was carried out on sexually active males. Sexual dysfunction and quality of life were assessed using the International Index for Erectile Function (IIEF) and the Sexual Quality of Life Scale-Male...

Author(s): Tanze Shella Nkafu, Simo Wambo André Gaetan, Enoru Eyong Eta Divine and Tendongfor Nicholas  

Factors associated with viral suppression and rebound in adult HIV patients on antiretroviral therapy

December 2023

Suppression of viral load and its maintenance are necessary for reducing morbidity and mortality linked to HIV infection. The present study aims to investigate the factors associated with viral load rebound in adults receiving antiretroviral treatment. The study was conducted in two outpatient treatment centers (CTAs) in Bangui. This cross-sectional analytical study was conducted from August 1 to 31, 2023. The study...

Author(s): Diemer Saint Calvaire Henri, Longo Jean de Dieu, Woromogo Sylvain Honore, Doyama-Woza Rodrigue Herman, Fandema Emmanuel and Gérard Grésenguet  

Prevalence, determinants, and consequences of teenage pregnancy on teenage girls in selected health areas of the Limbe Health District in Cameroon

December 2023

Teenage pregnancy is a significant public health concern in many low- and middle-income countries, including Cameroon. It leads to adverse health outcomes for both the mother and child, as well as social, economic, and educational challenges. Little is known about teenage pregnancy in the Limbe Health District. This study aimed to address this gap by determining the prevalence of teenage pregnancy, identifying the...

Author(s): Myra M. Mande, Malika Ekeme, Chrisantus E. Ukah, Claudine M. Shei, Syveline Z. Dang, Sylvester N. Atanga    

Employing an Eigenfunction Eigendecomposition algorithm to cartographically and statistically delineate traffic-related carbon monoxide pollution in Hillsborough County, Florida

November 2023

The traffic-related carbon monoxide (CO) pollution in Hillsborough County, Florida, has yet to be analyzed with high-resolution satellite data or algorithmic geo-spatiotemporal autocorrelation methods. This study aims to detect the association between traffic volume and CO pollution in Hillsborough County in 2022. It is hypothesized that daytime outdoor CO pollution positively correlates with traffic volume....

Author(s): Jing Liu, Namit Choudhari, Brooke Yost and Benjamin G. Jacob  

Unintended pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections amongst adolescents and young adults in Douala IV municipality, Cameroon: Prevalence, knowledge, and associated factors

October 2023

Adolescent pregnancy remains a significant public health challenge especially in sub-Saharan Africa, with a resultant significant morbidity and mortality. The aim of this study was to determine the prevalence and knowledge of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) amongst adolescents and young adults in the Douala IV municipality. A school-based cross-sectional study was carried out in the...

Author(s): Mohnchimbare Christina Mbongueh, Tendongfor Nicholas, Asu Carine Ndum, Etame Loe Gisèle, Assob Nguedia and Jules Clement  

Association between adiposity indices and hypertension in an urban population of adults in the north west region of Cameroon

October 2023

The rising prevalence of obesity globally is becoming worrisome as excess weight is associated with hypertension and other adverse cardiovascular outcomes. This study therefore set out to determine the prevalence of hypertension in relation to some measures of adiposity (BMI, WC and WHtR) and to examine the association between blood pressure (BP) and the adiposity indices amongst adults in the North West Region of...

Author(s): Loveline Lum Niba, Njiawah Austin Chi and Lifoter Kenneth Navti,

Frequency of different types of intimate partner violence in selected health units of the National Health Service of Mozambique: A retrospective study

October 2023

Intimate partner violence (IPV) includes a wide range of abusive behaviours perpetrated by someone involved or who was involved in an intimate relationship with the victim, and is a serious and preventable public health problem globally. This article reports on the frequency of different types of IPV in selected health units of the Mozambican National Health Service. The study was based on a cross-sectional and...

Author(s): Joaquim Matavel, Gércio Bila, Khátia Munguambe, James G. Linn and Osvaldo Loquiha  

Epidemiological, entomological and evolutionary aspects of confirmed yellow fever cases from 2021 to 2022 in CAR

October 2023

Ten countries in the African region, including the Central African Republic (CAR), were in epidemics. The objective of this study was to describe the epidemiological, entomological and evolutionary aspects of the yellow fever epidemic in CAR. This is a retrospective study for descriptive purposes. The survey population consists of confirmed yellow fever cases from 2021 to 2022 in CAR. The data came from the basics of...

Author(s): E. Kalthan, T. D. Koyazengbe, C. M. Pamatika, C. Ngoagouni, A. O. Kpahina, J. D. Boyo, G. Grewa, Z. Vogbia Dalingat, F. E. Moussa Yagata and D. B. Rawago  

Study of risk factors in adolescence in terms of demographic changes

September 2023

Adolescence is addressed as a life phase where the prospects for health are tremendous and future patterns of adult health are confirmed. Health in youth is the consequence of communications between prenatal and early childhood development and the precise biological, social-role, and demographical changes that accompany puberty, molded by social determinants, risk, and protective factors that affect the uptake of...

Author(s): Noshin Tarannum, F. M. Shafiqur Rahman, Mehnaz Hossain M., Fahariaz Tasnim T., Shaila Islam, Nabila Afrin, Noshin Tabassum and Mohammed Abu K. S.

Prevalence of occupational disorders in low socio-economic manual stone crushers and healthcare seeking behaviour among quarry workers in North-Central Nigeria

September 2023

Manual stone crushing is an established small-scale industry in Northern Nigeria with workers exposed to several hazards that place them at high risk of several medical conditions.  The study aimed to describe health-related conditions of manual stone crushers in North Central Nigeria through a cross-sectional study.  Workers were selected using a multistage sampling technique with 151 participants....

Author(s): Elizabeth O. Okoh, Mariam D. Solomon, Jaryum H. Kiri, Jonathan D. Dabak, Samuel Y. Gazuwa, Simon G. Mafulul, Raymond I. Daspan, Isaac S. Laka, Jane-Rose Oche and Isa S. Wuti  

Knowledge and practice of road safety regulation by commercial motorbike riders in Douala-Cameroon

August 2023

To assess the knowledge and practice of commercial motorbike riders on road safety regulation and capture their challenges towards its implementation. This was a qualitative study with a narrative design and focus group discussion (FGD) and in-depth interview (IDI) as data collection methods. Two focus group discussions (n=22) were held constituting of commercial motorbike riders who had been purposefully recruited and...

Author(s): Ginyu Innocentia Kwalar, Verla Vincent Siysi, Tanue Elvis Asangbeng, Assob Nguedia Jules-Clement and Nsagha Dickson Shey  

Investigation of cluster cases of urinary bilharziasis in the health area of Klemeklo, Northwest Bouake, 2017

August 2023

Bilharzia is one of the major neglected tropical diseases with high morbidity in poor countries in tropical regions. In Côte d'Ivoire, the prevalence of bilharziasis varies from less than 1% to over 90%, depending on the region. It is the highest among school-age children. In March 2017, an epidemiological investigation of clustered cases of urinary bilharziasis was conducted in the village of Gbangaoukpli, a...

Author(s): S. I. Soumahoro, D. P. Kouassi, K. D. Zika, M. Coulibaly, A. D. Kouame, , S. Yéo , A. M. Sokodogo , E. A. E. Amani , M. S. M. L. Tanoh , A. Moumouni ,G. H. A. Yao, , M. -E. Ebouat, K.D Adoubryn, N. S. Dagnan  

Perceived quality of healthcare provided by patent medicine vendors in rural and remote communities of low- and medium-Income countries (LMICs): A perspective from Nigeria

August 2023

Perceived quality of healthcare is a strong predictor of continuous utilization of healthcare. There is dearth of current evidence on the perception of the quality of the healthcare received from patent medicine vendors (PMVs) in low- and medium-income countries (LMICs). This study, therefore, through the lens of hard-to-reach communities in Nigeria seeks to assess the perception of the quality of healthcare provided by...

Author(s): Oluwasegun John Ibitoye, Onoja Mathew Akpa, Olugbenga Asaolu, Gbadegesin O. Alawode, Adeniyi Adeniran, Mustapha Bello, Nannim Nalda, Olubunmi Ojelade, Adebusola Oyeyemi, Oluwagbemiga Obembe,  Adaeze Ugwu and Chisom Emeka, Abdulmalik Abubakar, Christopher Obanubi, Adebayo O. Amao and Ishaq K. Salako  

Underage vaping behaviors and perceptions: Evidence from a social media survey of youth and young adults in New York State

July 2023

Vaping products, or “vapes,” remain the most commonly used tobacco product among youth and young adults in the United States.  In 2020, we used social media advertisements to recruit current vape users aged 15 to 20 years in New York State. The online survey assessed vaping behaviors, dependence, harm perceptions, and cessation-related outcomes. Disposable vapes were the most commonly used type of...

Author(s): Ellen M. Coats, Matthew Farrelly, Amy Henes, Jessica Sobolewski, Michaela Fogarty, Elizabeth M. Brown, James Nonnemaker and OlaOluwa Fajobi

Drug resistant tuberculosis treatment service alignment with health seeking behaviour in selected states in Nigeria

July 2023

Nigeria is among the fourteen countries with the highest MDR-TB burden, and accounts for 12% of the global gap in DRTB diagnosis. Several control strategies have been put in place to ensure that all DRTB patients are diagnosed and placed on treatment, but this has not significantly closed this diagnostic gap. This study seeks to identify the drug resistant TB treatment service alignment with health seeking behavior of...

Author(s): Bethrand Odume, Michael Sheshi, Ogoamaka Chukwuogo, Useni Sani, Chidubem Ogbudebe, Elias Aniwada, Ubochioma Emperor, Debby Nongo, Rupert Eneogu, Omoselewa Oyelaran, Egwuma Efo, Degu Dare, Chukwuma Anyaike  

Predictive factors of loss to follow-up and mortality in HIV-infected patients after initiation of antiretroviral therapy at district hospital of Boromo, Burkina Faso

July 2023

Loss to follow-up (LTFU) and mortality after initiating antiretroviral therapy (ART) remain major problem. We described predictive factors of LTFU and mortality after initiating ART among people living with HIV (PLHIV) and were followed in the district hospital of Boromo. This was a retrospective cohort study design of PLHIV enrolled for care and treatment in the district hospital of Boromo between 1 January 2015 and 31...

Author(s): I. Yaméogo, N. F. Kaboré, M. Tassembedo, A. Sogli, A. M. Nyambré, T. T. E. Dah and N. Méda  

Modifiable lifestyle factors and their relationships with metabolic disorders among adults in Burkina Faso: Findings from the First National Survey

July 2023

Modifiable lifestyle factors should primarily be targeted for the cardiovascular diseases’ prevention. This study aimed to report the magnitude of modifiable lifestyle factors, their relationships with metabolic disorders in Burkinabè adults using nationally representative data. This cross-sectional study included 4100 adults selected through multistage cluster sampling performed during the first national...

Author(s): Jeoffray Diendéré, Jean Kaboré, Augustin Nawidimbasba Zeba, William Kofi Bosu, Jérôme Winbetouréfâ Somé, Franck Garanet, Pingdéwendé Victor Ouédraogo, Abdoul Aziz Savadogo and Athanase Millogo  

Excess deaths within the context of COVID 19 pandemic in Aden in May 2020

June 2023

The civil registration office in Aden (at Southern Yemen) reported unexpected high number of deaths in May 2020 that made people and authorities worry about this tragedy and the causes behind it. The study aims to explore the relationship of these excess deaths with COVID 19. The study used a review of the death related data from the civil registration records in Aden. Other sources reviewed were the surveillance data...

Author(s): Abdulla Salem Bin Ghouth

The impact of inter-professional education for HIV course in the preservice health care professionals using the jigsaw technique

June 2023

Lack of inter-professional collaboration and practice among Health care professionals could impede effective HIV health services delivery leading to poor health outcomes in people living with HIV. Adopting Inter-professional Education by using innovative teaching methods such as the jigsaw technique could foster collaboration among health care professional. The School of Nursing Sciences at the University of Zambia in...

Author(s): Catherine M. Ngoma, Ruth Wahila, Maureen M. Makoleka, Namayipo W. S. Nankamba and Michael M. Kanyanta

Knowledge and determinants of non-communicable disease risk factors among adolescents in Jos North Local Government Area, Plateau State

June 2023

Risk factors for non-communicable diseases pose a huge burden among adolescents. This study used a qualitative approach to assess the knowledge and factors associated with non-communicable disease risk factors among adolescents in Jos North Local Government Area, Plateau State. Four focus group discussions were conducted, with sixteen (eight males and eight females) in-school and out-of-school adolescents, each selected...

Author(s): Olutomi Yewande SODIPO, Hadiza Abigail AGBO, Emilia Asuquo UDOFIA and Ayuba Ibrahim ZOAKAH

Malaria and typhoid co-infection: Prevalence, awareness and associated risk factors in patients attending Bafmeng Medicalised Health Centre in Fungom subdivision, North West region, Cameroon

June 2023

Malaria and typhoid coexists in communities, with varied risk factors. This study aimed to analyse the situation of malaria/typhoid co-infection in Bafmeng, Cameroon. 367 participants, were given questionnaires, and venous blood collected from January To March 2021 for Plasmodium screening and Widal test. The malaria prevalence was 27.5% (101/367) and 32.7% (120/367) for typhoid. Malaria prevalence in males 33.9%...

Author(s): Ebanga Echi Joan Eyong, Terence Foncham Sama and Gangue Tiburce  

Prevalence of Toxocara canis eggs in hairs of dogs in Saki Southwestern Nigeria

June 2023

Toxocara canis is one of the most prevalent gastrointestinal parasites of dogs and other canids worldwide. The closeness shared between humans and their companion animals (dogs) exposes humans to high risk of T. canis eggs, which leads to Visceral Larva Migrans (VLM) and Ocular Larval Migrans (OLM). This cross-sectional study was design to determine the prevalence and intensity of Toxocara canis eggs on the hair of dogs...

Author(s): Salawu, S. A. and Akeredolu, A. B  

Factors associated with detection of measles-specific immunoglobulin M (IgM-positive) in Côte d'Ivoire from 2015 to 2019: A nested case-control study from a measles national surveillance programme

May 2023

Measles outbreaks are regularly reported in Côte d’Ivoire districts although on-going measles vaccination coverage has increased. The objective was to identify the factors associated with measles IgM-positive in a population with suspected measles. A case-control study nested in the national surveillance of 9337 registered measles suspected cases from 2015 to 2019 in Côte d'Ivoire was conducted for...

Author(s): Eric Martial Kouakou AHOUSSOU, Kouadio Daniel EKRA, Cédric DANANCHE, Lépri Bernardin Nicaise AKA, Muriel RABILLOUD and Philippe VANHEMS,  

Use of anabolic-androgenic steroids among university student athletes in a Nigerian community

May 2023

Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids (AAS) are synthetic forms of male sex hormone used by athletes as performance enhancement drugs. The study aimed to assess the characteristics of university student athletes that use AAS and other substances they use. It also assessed their knowledge of the health effects of AAS and their attitude towards use of AAS. Cross-sectional study was conducted among 157 student athletes from...

Author(s): Adesola Adenike Ogunfowokan, Goodness Ayomide Aribisala, Kehinde Olunike Adewole, Monisola Omoyeni Oginni, Oluwayemisi Elizabeth Olagunju Cecilia Bukola Bello and Love Bukola Ayamolowo  

The state of cervical cancer screening services and barriers to uptake in Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire in 2017: A mixed methods study

May 2023

Cervical cancer (CC) remains a public health concern in Cote d’Ivoire. The national policy for the prevention of cervical cancer has been introduced more than 10 years ago, while the coverage of the target population is still suboptimal. We aimed at describing the barriers to screening among women in Abidjan. A mixed method study was completed from February to August 2016. Stakeholders were interviewed according...

Author(s): Simon Pierre Boni, Rodrigue Willy Simo, Alexandra Bitty-Anderson, Jean-Claude Kouassi Comoe, Innocent Adoubi, Apollinaire Horo, and Boris Kevin Tchounga

Molecular and serological pattern of Toxoplasma gondii among rural population in four regions of Gabon

April 2023

Toxoplasma gondii is an obligatory intracellular parasite that causes a zoonotic disease capable of infecting nearly all warm-blooded hosts, including humans. However, reports on the molecular prevalence of T. gondii in humans are rare in Gabon. The present study aimed to evaluate the serological and molecular prevalence of T. gondii among apparently healthy rural populations in four regions of Gabon. This study...

Author(s): Patrice Makouloutou-Nzassi, Barthelemy Ngoubangoye, Boris Kevin Makanga, Larson Boundenga, Silas Sevidzem Lendzele, Gael Darren Maganga, and Jean Paul Akue  

Covid-19 infection: Successful global spread, challenges to public health surveillance, and lessons learnt

April 2023

The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 is a highly communicable disease that emerged in the twilight of 2019 in Wuhan, China but rapidly spread globally, resulting in a pandemic. Given its novelty, scientific information about its origin, biology, spread and preventive measures trickled over time, which could have been responsible for the successful global spread. In this paper, relevant literature related...

Author(s): Taofik Ogunkunle, Surajudeen Bello, Rasheedat Ibraheem, Sherifat Katibi, Tajudeen Ibrahim, Abdulazeez Imam and Rasaq Olaosebikan

Self-medication among inhabitants of Yaounde, Cameroon: Pull and push factors

April 2023

The rampant practice of self-medication is indicative of very strong existing push and pulls factors. These factors could be economic, social or systemic. Despite having some beneficial effects, self-medication has life-threatening consequences. This study was aimed to determine the factors which push users to medicine sources or factors at the sources which pull users. A pre-validated questionnaire was administered to...

Author(s): Jato Denis Mbako  

Correlation between nutritional awareness and food consumption behavior of the elderly in Samut Prakarn Province, Thailand

April 2023

This study was conducted to study the correlating factors between personal nutritional awareness and consumption behavior of the elderly in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.  Members of the elderly society of Samutprakarn Province were interviewed with a rating scale questionnaire to know about their personal data, nutritional awareness and the factors that influence their food consumption behaviors. 400 elderlies...

Author(s): Sorasun Rungsiyanont and Serena Sakoolnamarka  

Tends of "Zero-dose" children aged 12-23 months in Togo from 2000 to 2017 and predictions for 2030

April 2023

Guided by the principle of leaving no one behind by improving equitable access and use of new and existing vaccines, the Immunization Agenda 2030 aims, among other things, to halve the incidence of “zero-dose” at the national level. This study aimed at studying the tends of the prevalence of "zero-dose" children from 2000 to 2017 and making predictions for 2030. The study consisted of secondary...

Author(s): Nyulelen Toyi Mangbassim, Alphonse Kpozehouen, Jacques Zinsou Saizonou, Nicolas Gaffan, Aissata Ba Sidibe, Marie Therese Guigui, Yaovi Temfan Toke and Dadja Essoya Landoh

Sexually transmitted infection (STI): A malady with skewed marital unfaithfulness, the Nigerian experience

March 2023

Marital unfaithfulness is a major contributor to sexually transmitted infections in both sexes; however, societal view of the menace seems to use various lenses for the different sexes. Globally, evidence suggests that marital infidelity has existed in history. In Africa, as well as in Western society, infidelity is a problem facing many families and accounts for high incidence of divorce. This narrative review...

Author(s): Ubochi Nneka Edith, Osuchukwu Easter Chukwudi, Nnamani Anuli Jennifer and Chinweuba Anthonia Ukamaka  

Health implications of patronage of open markets: A survey of Shasha market, Oba-ile, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria

January 2023

Most often, patronage of open markets attracts huge populations of buyers in Nigeria. These markets are numerous in each state of the country but largely share similar characteristics in poor hygiene and sanitation. Health Impact Assessment (HIA) was conducted at Shasha market, Oba-Ile, Akure to assess the health implication of patronage of open markets, an emerging public health concern. Air, water and selected food...

Author(s): M. O. Oniya, Kareem O. I. and O. J. Afolabi  

Knowledge, attitude and perception of mothers of under-five towards vaccination during supplementary immunization activities in Ibadan North-West Local Government Area, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria

January 2023

Supplementary immunization activities campaigns provide children with an additional dose of vaccine and deliver other interventions. However, there is dearth of information on knowledge, attitude and perception of mothers of under-five towards vaccination during supplementary immunization activities. A descriptive cross-sectional study which employed multistage sampling technique was designed to fill this gap. Four...

Author(s): Abimbola Jamiu Solagbade and Musibau Ayoade Titiloye  

Knowledge and management of WEEE by independent repairers in the city of Bouake in a context of health and environmental risk, 2022

December 2022

Studies on waste management in Côte d'Ivoire are mostly focused on household and solid waste. It is appropriate to take a sustained look at the management of electrical and electronic equipment waste to better guide policies in this area. This work is a cross-sectional study covering the period from April 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022. The aim was to determine the knowledge and practices of the independent...

Author(s): S. I. Soumahoro, D. P. Kouassi, A. M. Sokodogo, M. Coulibaly, A. D. Kouame, W. A. Tuo, S. Yéo, A. Ouattara, J. F. Konan Koffi, N. J. Soumahoro, A. Moumouni, G. H. A. Yao, M-E. Ebouat, and  N. S. Dagnan  

Seasonal malaria chemoprevention coverage in Burkina Faso in 2018: Descriptive analysis of mothers' knowledge and attitude during cross sectional survey

November 2022

Seasonal malaria chemoprevention (SMC) is effective to prevent malaria in children 3 to 59 months in the Sahel region. Mother’s seasonal malaria chemoprevention related knowledge and attitudes and  the coverage of the strategy among targeted children were assessed. A cross-sectional survey was conducted in 1828 children aged 3 to 59 months from November 7 to 18, 2018 in eight health regions of Burkina Faso...

Author(s): Zongo Issaka, Some Eric Nagaonle, Haro Alassane and Ouedraogo Jean Bosco  

Abnormal liver function test in patients with diabetes and hypertension on treatment at the Laquintinie and Douala General Hospitals

November 2022

Comorbidity of diabetes mellitus and hypertension is common, with both diseases and their treatment being able to cause liver function abnormalities, which can lead to liver failure. This study aims to access the effect of drugs used in the management of these diseases on liver function. A cross-sectional study will be conducted, followed by a case-control design. Ethical clearance will be obtained from the Faculty of...

Author(s): Fidele Kenfack, Dickson Shey Nsagha and Jules Clement Assob

Perception on cervical cancer and enhancing strategies to screening uptake among women in Bamenda, Cameroon: A qualitative method

October 2022

The treatment of cervical cancer has a good prognosis if diagnosed early. Hence, screening is very vital. The aim of this study was to evaluate the perception of women on cervical cancer and strategies to enhance its screening uptake in the city of Bamenda, Cameroon. Qualitative study was carried out from July, 2019 to August, 2019. Eight focus group discussions were organized in five different quarters in the city of...

Author(s): Fongang Che Landis, Nya Yolande-Blandine Fai, George Enow-Orock, Njajou Omer, and Ngowe Ngowe Marcelin,  

Assessing compliance with standard radiation protection processes in medical imaging units in southern Benin

September 2022

Poor compliance with standard radiation protection procedures induces risk to the safety and the health of the population and the medical staff. This study aims to assess compliance with standard radiation protection processes in medical imaging (MI) units in the Atlantique and Littoral departments of Benin in 2019. This was a cross-sectional, descriptive, evaluative study led from March to April 2019 in the functional...

Author(s): Sopoh Ghislain Emmanuel, Ametepe Ouria, Gnimavo Setondji Ronald and Paraiso Noël Moussiliou  

Standards and regimentations of biosafety and biosecurity in medical biology laboratories in Togo, 2021

August 2022

Legal instruments are necessary for the regulation of programs such as the biosafety and biosecurity (BSS) system in a country, yet little information is available in this sector in Togo. The study conducted aimed to take an analytical look at the normative and regulatory environment of biosafety and biosecurity in medical biology laboratories in Togo. A documentary review was carried out on the web, in the Official...

Author(s): Wemboo Afiwa Halatoko, Essozimna Sondou, Ghislain Emmanuel Sopoh, Gnatoulma Katawa, Fandame Boukari, Mounérou Salou, Simplice Damintoti Karou and Egard Marius Ouendo  

Knowledge and attitudes of health workers in bouake, Cote d’ivoire on zika virus disease in the context of a global epidemic

July 2022

Since January, 2012, the Pacific region has faced a heavy burden of concurrent epidemics of dengue, chikungunya, and zika virus infections. In 2016, WHO developed a global response strategic framework to ensure that zika virus is a priority and accelerated area of public health research. This study conducted in Bouaké (Côte d'Ivoire) is part of this framework. The main objective was to assess the...

Author(s): S. I. Soumahoro, D. P. Kouassi, A. M. Sokodogo, M. Coulibaly, W. A. Tuo , A. D. Kouamé, S. Yéo and G. H. A. Yao,  

Waste management and public health: An analysis of Nigeria’s healthcare sector

June 2022

Waste management encompasses a wide range of planned procedures and activities, either from its generation to final disposal, as well as long-term strategy for ensuring environmentally sustainable waste management. While, public health, on the other hand, connotes an insight into illness prevention and personal care in connection with health promotion and social factors. In critically examining waste management and...

Author(s): Njideka Phina Onyekwelu, Onyekwelu Awel Okoro, Ngozi Doreen Nwaise and Ezieshi Francis Monyei  

Prevalence and predictors of recreational drug use in a conflict affected area in the Southwest region of Cameroon: A cross-sectional study

June 2022

Conflicts and displacements have high impact on mental health due to direct exposure to traumatic events and exposure to increased levels of daily stressors. Post-traumatic stress and other common disorders in conflict or post conflict settings have been well identified however recognition of substance use or abuse and what substances are in use, as well as predictors in conflict settings is sparse. This study aimed to...

Author(s): Atabong Emmanuel Njingu, Fombo Enjeh Jabbossung, Nyuydzedze Stanley Sunjo, Nembulefac Derick Kemndah, and Ayongi Eyong Njang Stephen,    

‘Wanting…, but not able to’: Realities of unmet needs for family planning and associated factors among postpartum women in the North of Benin

May 2022

Solving the unmet need for family planning is a challenge for improving women’s health, especially women during the postpartum period. This study aims to determine the degree of women’s unmet needs during the postpartum period and associated factors in Parakou, Northern Benin. This is a cross-sectional community study conducted in 2018 with 453 postpartum women living in Parakou. They were selected using a...

Author(s): BIAOU Chabi Olaniran Alphonse, DOS-SANTOS Candide Russel, AHOUINGNAN Aurelle, CHOKI Asséréhou Blaise, ANAGONOU Gimatal Esaï, SESSOU Nathalie Sênami,  ZINSOU Fidèle Fidégnon, GLÈLÈ AHANHANZO Yolaine and HOUNKPONOU Fanny  

Assessment of knowledge and practices on home management of malaria among selected families in Morogoro Municipality

May 2022

Knowledge and practices in preventing malaria infection were assessed in a cross-sectional study in Morogoro Municipal. Malaria is a life-threatening parasitic disease transmitted caused by plasmodial species which are plasmodium falciparum, plasmodium vivax, plasmodium ovale, and plasmodium malariae. With most of the cases of malaria being due to Plasmodium falciparum accounting for more than 95% of infections. A total...

Author(s): Julius Angelina and Mgonja Frida Richard  

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