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Table of Content: 23 October, 2011; 5(23)

October 2011

The effect of Ivermectin pour-on administration against natural Nematodirus spathiger infestations and prevalent rate of that in cattle

  These days one of the real problems that cause the prejudice-economy in animal farms yearly is parasitic disease. For that reason and to prevent these problems the use of antiparasitic drugs is necessary. Ivermectin is a broad spectrum antiparasitic agent and is in different dosage forms such as injection, oral and pour-on. The aims of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of ivermectin pour-on...

Author(s): Khayatnouri Mirhadi, Garedaghi Yagoob and Safarmashaei Saeid

October 2011

Identify potential chronic heart failure related transcription factors by network analysis

  Chronic heart failure (CHF) is characterized by diminished cardiac output and pooling of blood in the venous system. Using transcriptome data, we constructed a regulation network to identify the potential genes that related to heart failure. In the network, some of transcription factors and its’ target genes have been proved to be related...

Author(s): Wu Gang, Xie Qiang#, Cheng Mian, Jiang Xuejun, Yang Bo and Huang He

October 2011

Density functional theory (DFT) study of C7 Si5 Ge3 cluster as a novel material for vitamin C nano carrier

  In the present study, structural properties of C7 Si5 Ge3 cluster and interaction between this cluster and vitamin C have been studied extensively utilizing density functional theory (DFT) employing B3LYP exchange correlation. Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) properties are calculated by using density functional method (B3LYP) with 6-31G, 6-311G* and cc-pvdz as basis sets....

Author(s):   M. Monajjemi, T. Ardalan, H. Seyed Hosseini Ghaheh and F. Mollaamin  

October 2011

Effects of lactic acid, fumaric acid and chlorine dioxide on shelf-life of broiler wings during storage

  In this study, effects of chlorine dioxide (0.3 and 0.5%), lactic acid (0.5 and 1.0%) and fumaric acid (0.5 and 1.0%) on the shelf-life of broiler wings were investigated. The samples were dipped into the experimental solutions for 10 min. and stored at +4°C for 9 days. Microbiologically, the counts of total aerobic mesophilic bacteria (TAMB), total psychrophilic bacteria (TPB) and Escherichia...

Author(s): Canan HECER and Metin GULDAS

October 2011

In vitro evaluation of antimicrobial activity of methanolic extract from selected species of Cephalopods on clinical isolates

  Bioactive substances from marine biota have been found useful as special tools in pharmacological and biomedical research. In the present study, the in vitro antimicrobial activity of crude methanolic extracts of six species of cephalopods (Sepia kobiensis,Sepiella inermis, Sepioteuthis lessoniana, Octopus aegina, Octopus aerolatus, Octopus dollfusi) from Cuddalore (Southeast...

Author(s):   Pasiyappazham Ramasamy, Namasivayam Subhapradha, Alagiri Srinivasan, Vairamani Shanmugam, Jayalakshmi Krishnamoorthy and   Annaian Shanmugam  

October 2011

Metaproteomic evaluation on the microbial community functions in a mesoscale cyclonic eddy perturbation

  Eddy pumping is a process by which mesoscale eddies induce isopycnal displacements that lift nutrient-replete waters into the euphotic zone, driving a set of biogeochemical processes in the ocean. To investigate the potential effect of physical processes on the microbial community functions, the microbial community metaproteomic profiles were determined in a cold-core cyclonic eddy in the South China Sea...

Author(s): Yong-Yu Zhang, Zheng-hao Chen, Zhuo Zhen and Jun Yang

October 2011

Epidemiology and socio-economic consequences of malaria in pregnant women in Imo State Nigeria

  Human infected with malaria parasites (Plasmoodium sp.) and its socio-economic consequences were investigated in parts of Imo State Nigeria between August 2007 and September 2008 using standard parasitological and socio-economic methods. Blood samples were collected by vein puncture from 2,871 consenting pregnant women registered for ante natal care at Federal Medical Centre, Owerri, Imo State University...

Author(s): Ohalete C. N., Dozie I. N. S., Nwachukwu M. I. and Obiukwu, C. E.

October 2011

Evaluation of different selective media for enumeration of probiotic micro-organisms in combination with yogurt starter cultures in fermented milk

  The aim of this study is to assess selective plating methodologies for the enumeration and identification of Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus delbrueckii ssp. bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Bifidobacterium animalis ssp.lactis in fermented milks. Seven agar media (MRS with added sorbitol, clindamycin or vancomycin,...

Author(s):   Daniela Marques Saccaro,Claudia Y. Hirota, Adnan Y. Tamime and Maricê Nogueira de Oliveira

October 2011

Salmonella genomic island 1 and class 1 integron in Salmonella isolates from stray dogs

  Stray dogs may be asymptomatic carriers of Salmonella. We identified 160 Salmonellaisolates, representing 28 different serovars, from stray dogs of central Taiwan. A total of 42 (27%) of the isolates (15 different serovars) were positive for class 1 integrons, with four kinds of gene cassettes. SGI1 were present in 22 of the class 1 integron-positive isolates. This study...

Author(s):   Yi-Chih Chang, Hsiao-Li Chuang, Chien-Chao Chiu, Kuang-Sheng Yeh, Chao-Chin Chang, Shih-Ling Hsuan, Tan-Chen Lai, Chih-Wei Liao, Tung-Ching Chung, Yu-Chih Wang and Ter-Hsin Chen,

October 2011

First characterisation in Tunisia of plasmid mediated AmpC bêta-lactamase DHA-1 coexpressed TEM-24 and QnrA6 in a multidrug resistant Proteus mirabilis clinical strain

  The aim of the study was to investigate the coresistance of qnrA6 determinants and DHA-1, TEM-24 β-lactamases in a multidrug-resistant Proteus mirabilis SM18575 strainisolated from Tunisia with reduced succeptibility to oximinocephalosporins. The strain with an inducible phenotype was detected in March 2007 in a Tunisian hospital. The isolate was tested for broth minimum inhibitory...

Author(s):   Sihem Mahrouki, Hela Chihi, Amel Bourouis, Mohamed Ben-Moussa, Farouk Barguellil and Omrane Belhadj

October 2011

Galena biooxidation by moderate sulphur bacteria

  Bioremediation is a simple and effective technology for metal extraction from low-grade contaminated soils and mineral concentrates. Metal remove from sulfide minerals is based on the activity of mesophilic and chemolithotrophic bacteria, mainlyAcidithiobacillus ferrooxidans which convert insoluble metal sulfides into soluble metal sulfates. In this study bioremediation experiments carried out in 1 L...

Author(s): Salari Hassan, Afzali Daryoush and Oliaie Mohammad Sadegh

October 2011

Endophytic fungi from the hybrid 'Neva' of Populus deltoides Marsh × Populus nigra L. and their antimicrobial activity

  Forty-three endophytic fungal isolates were separated from the healthy twigs and barks of the hybrid poplar 'Neva' of Populus deltoides Marsh × Populus nigra L. Eleven distinct isolates were selected for further taxonomical identification by morphological traits and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) rRNA gene sequence analysis. Eight genera namely Alternaria, Aureobasidium,...

Author(s): Lingyun Zhong, Yufan Zhou, Shan Gao, Liang Xu, Jianglin Zhao, Tijiang Shan, Wei He and Ligang Zhou

October 2011

Detection of Enterococcus species in groundwater from some rural communities in the Mmabatho area, South Africa: A risk analysis

  In South Africa, individuals who reside in most rural areas do not have access to portable water and they rely on untreated water from boreholes. This exposes them to disease causing microorganisms. The aim of the study was to isolate and determine the antibiotic susceptibility profiles of enterococcus in ground water from three rural communities in the Mmabatho area, North-West Province of South Africa....

Author(s): Collins Njie Ateba and Merapelo Duke Maribeng

October 2011

New mechanism for complement killing of Gram-negative bacteria

  The complement system plays a strategic role in the vertebrate immune system in protecting the host from infection by numerous pathogenic agents. The system consists of at least 30 proteins that orchestrate attack on pathogenic agents. Although the susceptibility of Gram-negative bacteria to complement attack has been under investigation for over 100 years, the mechanism(s) by which the complement directly...

Author(s): Earl F. Bloch, Shelly McDonald-Pinkett, Stephanie Campbell, Sheena Baskin, Sandra Dillahunt, Sharla Peters, Shantelle Lucas, Dia Evans, Christina Johnson, Taira Everett and Yasmine Kanaan

October 2011

An unexpected low Hepatitis B seroprevalence in pregnant women from the rural Southeastern Turkey

  The purpose of this study was to investigate the sero-prevalence of Hepatıtıs B virus (HBV) infection among pregnant women in city of Hakkari that lies in the Southeastern border of Turkey in which the socioeconomic status of people is too low. Hepatitis Bseroprevalence antigen (HBs Ag) positivity, anti HBs positivity and demographic datas of the women...

Author(s): Ali Yavuzcan, Akif Altınbas and Sibel Altınbas

October 2011

Effect of bradyrhizobial inoculation on growth and seed yield of mungbean in Fluvisol and Humofluvisol

  Nitrogen fixing effectiveness of selected Bradyrhizobium spp. strains to mungbean, Vigna radiata L. for better quantity and quality of grain and shoot dry matter was investigated in field conditions in two soil types with the aim of introducing of mungbean as a new crop in Republic of Serbia. Seed inoculation was done with four active strains both individually and in combination with...

Author(s): Dušica Delić, Olivera Stajković-Srbinović[], Djordje Kuzmanović, Nataša Rasulić, Vesna Mrvić, Srdjan Andjelović and Jelena Knežević-Vukčević

October 2011

Identification of Klebsiella species isolated from Modimola dam (Mafikeng) North West Province – South Africa

  Life on earth depends on water. However, there is scarcity of portable water supplies in South Africa especially in rural areas. This results to the consumption of untreated water that may be contaminated with microbial species such as Klebsiella. The aim of the study was to investigate Klebsiella contamination levels in water from the Modimola dam situated adjacent the Modimola village, in the...

Author(s): Gladys Penn Siri, Nomathamsanqa Patricia Sithebe and Collins Njie Ateba

October 2011

Seroprevalence of Q fever in dairy cows in northeastern China

  A total of 564 serum samples were randomly collected from 29 farms located in the nine main dairying districts in China’s north-eastern Heilongjiang Province from 2009 to 2010, and the seroprevalence of antibodies against Coxiella burnetii was determined by indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). The average seroprevalence of C. burnetii in dairy cattle was...

Author(s):   Hong-Bo NI, Si-Guo LIU, Hai-Fang JIANG, Chun-Ren WANG and Ai-Dong QIAN

October 2011

Thermo-alkaliphilic halotolerant detergent compatible protease(s) of Bacillus tequilensis MTCC 9585

  An extra-cellular thermo-alkaliphillic protease producing Bacillus was isolated from the soil and identified to be Bacillus tequilensis MTCC 9585 by microscopic, colony morphology, biochemical and 16S ribotyping. B. tequilensis MTCC 9585 produces protease up to 21 h of growth but interestingly 90% of the protease production occurred, just after 6 h of growth. The organism grew as well...

Author(s): Imran Khan, Puja Gupta and Jyoti Vakhlu

October 2011

Comparative diagnosis of ovine brucellosis using single step blood-PCR with old and new serological tools

  Brucellosis is an important disease affecting mainly sheep and goats. Diagnosis based on isolation of Brucella organisms from the suspected animals is the golden standard but has a limited sensitivity, expensive and unpractical to apply on a large scale in control campaigns. Accordingly, the indirect diagnosis of disease based on serological tests is the method of choice in the eradication programs....

Author(s):   Salama M. Abdel Hafez, Khaled A. Abd El-Razik, Hany M. Hassan and Ibrahim Gad

October 2011

Comparison and evaluation of steroid alkaloid solasodine on in vivo and in vitro cultures of Solanum surattense Burm L.

  Steroid alkaloid solasodine is a nitrogen analogue of diosgenin that is used as a raw material for synthesis of steroid drugs. Plant medicinal Solanum surattense (Solanaceae) is a rich source of solasodine. The purpose of this study was production and maintenance of callus from leaves and comparison of solasodine steroid alkaloid production in outdoor plants and in vitro calli. The...

Author(s):   Mahmood Solouki, Hajar Hoshyar, Mahmood Ramroudi and Abolfazl Tavassoli  

October 2011

Anti-Aspergillus properties of different extracts from selected plants

  In vitro antifungal activity of methanol, acetone and ethyl-acetate extracts from Equisetum telmateia Ehrh., Allium flavum L., Sedum acre L., Sideritis montana L., Marubium peregrinum L. and Xeranthemum anuum L. grown in Serbia, were investigated by microdilution method. Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) and minimum...

Author(s): Ivana D. Radojević, Milan S. Stanković, Olgica D. Stefanović, Marina D. Topuzović, Ljiljana R. ÄŒomić and  Aleksandar M. Ostojić

October 2011

Evaluation of serological response of chicks against angara disease agent through indirect haemaglutination test

  Indirect Haemaglutination test is a reliable quantitative serological test for measuring antibodies against angara disease. The etiological agent contained in the liver of affected chick did not directly haemaglutinate erythrocyte of chickens. The antibody titre measured through IHA varied from 1:8-1: 128, in the sera (samples) of experimentally infected chickens at days 7, 14 and 21 post...

Author(s):   Shahzad Akbar Khan, Tarique Hussain, Muhammad Akhtar Qureshi, Gulzar Ahmed, Sarfaraz Ali Fazlani, Ijaz Ahmed and Farhan Anwar Khan  

October 2011

Virulence factors and antibiotic resistance in Staphylococcus aureus and Clostridium perfringens from landfill leachate

  A total of 34 isolates of bacteria, 20 Staphylococus aureus and 14 Clostridium perfringensfrom leachate samples, were investigated for virulence factors and antibiotic resistance. Majority (>70%) of the isolates produced enterotoxins. Many of the S. aureus isolates tested positive for deoxyribonuclease, haemolysins and slime production. Staphylococcal enterotoxin A (SEA) was the...

Author(s): Efuntoye M. O., Bakare A. A. and Sowunmi A. A.

October 2011

Bacterial contamination of computer keyboards and mice, elevator buttons and shopping carts

  This study aims at investigating the status of bacterial contamination of four daily used objects, computer keyboards, computer mice, elevator buttons and shopping carts handles. A total of 400 samples were collected from 4 different objects; 100 from each. Samples were collected from different places (offices, internet cafes, homes, buildings and supermarkets) in the city of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. 95.5% of...

Author(s): A. K. Al-Ghamdi, S. M. A. Abdelmalek A. M. Ashshi, H. Faidah, H. Shukri   and A. A. Jiman-Fatani

October 2011

Characterization of the recombinant group 3 alcohol dehydrogenase from Thermotoga lettingae TMO

  The gene encoding a thermophilic group 3 alcohol dehydrogenase from Thermotoga lettingae TMO was cloned and over-expressed in Escherichia coli. The full-length DNA sequence of TlADH was 1086-bp encoding a polypeptide of 361 amino acids. Comparative and bioinformatic analysis revealed that TlADH showed high similarity to group 3 ADHs from thermophilic and mesophilic alcohol...

Author(s):   Rong Chen, Xiaopu Yin, Chunna Yu, Qiuyan Wang, Xiaori Zhan and Tian Xie  

October 2011

Two methods for extraction of high-purity genomic DNA from mucoid Gram-negative bacteria

  Due to the production of abundant capsular polysaccharides and or exopolysaccharides, some bacteria form mucoid and opaque colonies on solid agar medium. Polysaccharides interfere with the isolation and characterization of DNA. Extraction of polysaccharide-free DNA from the mucoid bacteria is required for genetic and biochemical studies. In this study, mucoid Vibrio...

Author(s): Xiao Xiao, Jingling Zhang, Quanyi Zhang, Li Wang, Yafang Tan, Zhaobiao Guo, Ruifu Yang, Jingfu Qiu and Dongsheng Zhou

October 2011

Effect of different concentrations of bacterial suspensions on biocontrol efficacy and storage stability of Bacillus cereus AR156, Pantoea ananatis YT11 and Pseudomonas fluorescens ABc9

  The influence of bacterial suspension concentration on biocontrol efficacies and storage stabilities of three biocontrol agents, including Bacillus cereus AR156, Pantoea ananatisYT11 and Pseudomonas fluorescens ABc9, were studied. The results indicated that biocontrol efficacy and storage stability did not increase along with the enhancement of the concentration of...

Author(s): Yi Zhan, Quan Xu, Hongxia Liu, Yunpeng Wang and Jianhua Guo

October 2011

Isolation and characterization of microsatellite loci for Rhyacionia leptotubula (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae)

  Microsatellite as one of the most popular molecular markers provides a useful tool for population genetic structure analysis in insects. But few microsatellite loci have been developed for Lepidoptera. Here we isolated and characterized 9 polymorphic microsatellite loci in Rhyacionia leptotubula (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae). The number of alleles of these loci ranged from 2 to 11. Observed and...

Author(s): Jia-Ying Zhu, Song Yang, Qin-Wen Li and Yong-He Li