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  • ISSN: 1991-637X
  • DOI: 10.5897/AJAR
  • Start Year: 2006

AJAR Articles in press

Diversity Analysis and Identification of Promising Powdery mildew Resistance Genotypes for Hybridization in Field Pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Article in Press

In the present study, seventy-one field pea gene pools including three released varieties were evaluated in an augmented block design for assessing genetic divergence and level of resistance to powdery mildew for exploitation in a breeding program aimed at improving yield potential of field pea by using cluster and principal component analysis. Among the 10 studied traits, four (Eigenvalue >1.0) contributed more than...

Author(s):Kedir Yimam Assen

Economics and Development of Palm Dates Marketing in Sudan

Article in Press

The main purpose of this research is to study the date products marketing, obstacles faced and how the dates business could be promoted in the Sudan, in particular, and in other producing countries in the region as general. The study based mainly on primary data from River Nile State of Northern Sudan. Secondary data was also employed. Descriptive statistical analysis has been applied to achieve the objectives of the...

Author(s):Elgilany A. Ahmed, Hamid Hussein M. Faki

Evaluation of pure breeds and crossed caprine genotypes by new synthetic productivity indexes for growth and dairy performances under oases breeding mode

Article in Press

The study aims to establish some evaluation indexes of the effectiveness of different genetic groups issued from the local goat crossbreeding program. The proposed indexes adjust, for each genotype, dairy and meat performances by the reproductive parameters and metabolic weight. A total of 1654 body weights and 993 dairy performances in the caprine herd of the Arid Areas Institute of Médenine were used. Proposed bio...

Author(s):Najari S. Atoui, A. & Abdennebi, Moldi

Comparative studies of cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp) varieties to varying population densities in Southern Guinea Ecology of Nigeria

Article in Press

Field experiments were conducted at Teaching and Research farm of Landmark University in 2012 and 2013 to investigate the influence of three population densities (88,000, 44,000, and 29,000 plants/ha) on the growth and yield of five cowpea varieties (IT97K-461, IT97K-568-18, IT98K-131-2, IT99K-1060 and IT99K-`245). Plant growth parameters such as plant height, and number of trifoliate leaves per plant and flower production...

Author(s):Afolabi, M. S.

The occurrence and pathological characterization of rust causing fungi infecting brachiaria grass in Kenya.

Article in Press

Brachiaria grass is one of the most important grasses distributed throughout the tropics especially in Africa. The quality of forage yields and biomass of brachiaria is negatively affected by diseases among which leaf spot, leaf blight and leaf rust are the most common. This research was conducted to characterize the rust pathogen of bracharia grass infecting selected cultivars in Kenya based on pathological and...

Author(s):Cherunya JA., Kipsumbai P K., Rop N

Design and Fabrication of an Electrically Powered Maize Planter

Article in Press

Maize is a staple cereal in many parts of the world. In Nigeria, it is most commonly used as livestock feed and in the production of ethanol, sweeteners and other related products. It can also be consumed as food either by roasting or boiling. Production of maize successfully depends on the correct application of production inputs that will sustain the environment as well as agricultural production. An electrically powered...

Author(s):Babatunde Oluwamayokun Soyoye

Studies on Integrated Nutrient Management of French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) under sub tropical conditions of Uttarakhand

Article in Press

The present experiment was carried out at Horticulture Research Block, Shri Guru Ram Rai School of Agricultural Sciences, Shri Guru Ram Rai University, Dehradun, to study the effect of integrated nutrient management on growth and yield of French bean cultivar Pusa Parvati under subtropical conditions of Dehradun. Treatments included twelve combinations viz. T1 (Without any organic, inorganic or biofertilizer application),...

Author(s):Suneeta Singh, Anil Kumar Saxena

Interaction of phosphorus and foliar zinc on seed quality and aspergillus infection on groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) genotypes in dryland area of Tanqua Abergelle, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Groundnut is an important oil and protein crop in Ethiopia. Abergelle is one of the dryland part of Ethiopia that is agro ecological potential to groundnut production. Management practice and Lake of improved varieties are a major limitation for low yield and seed quality. Due to this intervention, field experiment was implementing at Sheka Tekli, dry land area of Abergelle, in 2017-2018 cropping season to investigate the...

Author(s):Hintsa Meresa, Yemane Tsehaye

Determinants of capacity utilization among agribusiness firms in Nigeria

Article in Press

For agribusinesses in developing economies to realize their potential, enhancing their overall performance in terms of capacity utilisation is essential. The objective of the paper is to provide information on the determinants of capacity utilization among agribusinesses in Nigeria. This study adopted the survey design. Data were collected from 2014 the World Bank Enterprise survey. Purposive sampling technique was used to...

Author(s):UME Chukwuma

Evaluation of agronomic response of Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) varieties to Phosphorus Fertilizer Rates and Inter Row Spacing Under Irrigation at Tselemti District, Northern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Objective of the studies was to evaluate agronomic response of chickpea varieties to phosphorus fertilizers rates and row spacing under irrigation condition. The study was done using split plot design spacing as a main plot, and fertilizer and variety as a subplot, where three row spacing (20cm, 30cm and 40cm) was assigned to the main plot while the factorial combination four triple super phosphate (0kg/ha,...

Author(s):Tesfahun Mekuanint Kifle

Evaluation of Toxicity of Extract of Brew the willow tree bark (Salix alba) on Mitosis Index and Chromosomal Abnormalities in Plant Cell Model

Article in Press

The use of medicinal plants has been widespread since ancient times to the present by the public, so the study of the effects of cytotoxicity and genotoxicity (chromosomal abnormalities) is necessary. The aim of this study was to evaluate the toxicity of extract of Brew the bark and branch of willow of Hamadan (Salix alba) in plant cell model. Plant samples were collected from Hamadan and the bark skin was dried at room...

Author(s):Mohammad Jafar Manteshloo, Ali Deljou, Khosro Piri

Skin and Leather Quality Attributes of Rutana, Gumuz and Washera sheep of Ethiopia supplemented with Two Levels of Concentrate

Article in Press

The study was undertaken to determine the chemical and physico-mechanical quality of leather produced from Rutana, Gumuz and Washera sheep breeds of Ethiopia under Low (300 g/day) and High (450 g/day) levels of concentrate supplementation. The supplement contains 45% wheat bran, 26% maize grain and 29% Noug cake. A total of 36 sheep (12 from each breed) were used in 3x2 factorial treatment arrangement in a completely...

Author(s):Anteneh Worku, Mengistu Urge, Getachew Animut Getnet Asefa

Effect of Fungicide Seed Treatments on Rhizobium Strain Performance, Nodulation, and Yield and Yield Components of Soybean in Western Ethiopia

Article in Press

The effect of fungicides on type of Rhizobia inoculted for optimum soybean production under field condition were investigated. In the present study, statistically significant interaction between seed applied fungicide and Rhizobial inoculant were detected for nodulation and yield of soybean. Application of Rhizobial inoculants alone were provided the highest nodulation and shoot dry weight performance as well as seed...

Author(s):Zerihun Getachew, Lijalem Abeble

Phytoremediation Potential of Four Tropical Plant Species Grown in Copper-Contaminated Soil

Article in Press

Despite being an essential element, at higher concentrations, Cu is highly toxic to plants, microorganisms, and invertebrates. Phytoremediation is a low-cost and effective strategy to clean up contaminated soils. This study was conducted to evaluate the potential of Jatropha curcas; Acacia mangium, Dyera costulata and H. odorata for remediation of soils contaminated with Cu. Seedlings were planted in growth media treated...

Author(s):Parisa Ahmadpour, Arifin Abdu, Nik M. Majid, Daljit Singh Karam Singh, Hazandy Abdul-Hamid, Nur Nazirah Patek Mohd, Osumanu Haruna Ahmed, Keeren Sundara Rajoo, Fatemeh Ahmadpour, Mohsen Soleimani

Identification of resistant sources in lentil against Fusarium wilt under field condition

Article in Press

Fusarium wilt can cause yield losses up to 50% of the production to complete yield loss if severely affected. The use of resistant variety is one of the best option of disease management. Therefore, studies were planned to find out the genotypes against Fusarium wilt through sick plot technique. Keeping this point in view, one hundred fifty two genotypes of lentil were tested for the resistance against Fusarium oxysporum...

Author(s):Tolesa Bedasa, Asrat Zewdie

Spatial Distribution and Sampling Size for African Maize Stem Borer, Busseola fusca (Fuller) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Maize is one of the most important crops in southern Ethiopia. Africa maize stem borer, Busseola fusca is one of the important biotic constraints. Knowledge of its spatial distribution is important for improving sampling procedures and designing correct control strategies. The spatial distribution pattern of B. fusca was studied in southern Ethiopia during 2015 and 2016 cropping seasons. A total of 24 maize farms were...

Author(s):Abrham Taddele, Ferdu Azerefegne, Yibrah Beyene

Genetic Divergence Study in Agro-Morphological Traits among Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Genotypes at Raya Valley of Southern Tigray, Ethiopia

Article in Press

Assessment of genetic divergence in crop species is one of the major activities of plant breeding which helps to analysis to quantify the genetic distance among the selected germplasm and reflects the relative contribution of specific traits towards the total divergence. Therefore, this field experiment was conducted to assess the genetic divergence in bread wheat genotypes, to determine the extent of genetic variation...

Author(s):Girma Degife, Wassu Mohammed, Kebebew Assefa

Modeling Weather Differentials and Discount Rate on Farmers’ Net Revenue. Evidence from Different Agroclimatic Zones in Ghana

Article in Press

In the developing Countries, weather differentials and discount rate had played an integral role in the decision making of farmers, which mostly affect their net revenue. This study hypothesized that weather differentials and discount rate has a significant influence on the farmers’ net revenue across three agroclimatic zones in Ghana. Using data from three different agroclimatic zones, we found discount rate...


Evaluation of Sequential Intercropping of Maize with Common bean followed by Chickpea

Article in Press

Food insecurity is increased by adverse weather condition. Intercropping has been practiced traditionally by small-scale farmers in the tropics. Most previous studies focused on intercropping systems involving two-crop associations. However, there is much scope to improve existing cropping systems by devising and evaluating modifications that allow more effective use of the season. Hence, this research aimed to improve the...

Author(s):Bezabih Woldekiros

Propagation of cashew (Anacardium occidental L.) by softwood grafting in Ghana.

Article in Press

An investigation was done to assess the graft success on seedlings and canopy substitution using grafting techniques, retention of basal leaves on the rootstock, age of rootstock and period of grafting in a randomize complete block design with twenty plants per treatment and replicated three times. Young vigorously growing cashew seedlings were used for grafting whilst poor performing cashew trees (in yield and young...

Author(s):J. Yeboah, A. M. Dadzie, M. A. D. Segbefia, S. T. Lowor F. M. Amoah, S. Osei-Akoto, F. Owusu- Ansah, B. K. B. Banful, L. Atuah

Determination of Nitrogen and Phosphorous fertilizer rates on lowland rice Production

Article in Press

The national average yield of rice in Ethiopia is about 2.8 t ha-1 which is lower compared to the world average productivity of 4.6 t ha-1. Soil nutrient deficiencies are among the major yield limiting factors of the rice production. In order to recommend appropriate rate of soil nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers application experiment was conducted on rainfed lowland rice production at Fogera plain in two...

Author(s):Tilahun Tadesse, Zelalem Tadesse, Habtamu Assega, Desta Abaychew

Response of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas l.) cultivars to sweet potato feathery mottle virus in Kebbi state, Nigeria

Article in Press

This research was conducted to evaluate the response of local cultivars of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatas L) to sweet potato feathery mottle virus (SPFMV) infection. The treatments consisted of five local cultivars of sweet potato designated as CV1, CV2, CV3, CV4 and CV5 respectively. The experiment was laid out in Completely Randomized Design (CRD) and replicated three times. Result obtained from the statistical analysis...

Author(s):I.U. Mohammed, M. U. Tanimum, A. Muhammad, A. Musa, A.S. Muhammad

Performace of lowland green super rice genotypes for the lowland rice Ecosystem in North-West Ethiopia

Article in Press

The field experiment was conducted in two locations i. e.Pawe and Assosa from 2016-2018 main cropping seasons withthe main objectives of identifying high yielding and disease resistant GSR lines in the lowland production system. A total of 20 genotypes including two checks were used for the study.The combined analysis revealed that no genotype significant difference than the standard check on grain yield. This revealed...

Author(s):Abebaw Dessie

Financial Performances analysis of Multipurpose Farmers Cooperatives at Enemorna Ener Woreda, Gurage Zone, Southern Ethiopia

Article in Press

Performance measurement is defined as the process of quantifying efficiency and effectiveness. Effectiveness is compliance with customer requirements, and efficiency is how the organization’s resources are used to achieve customers’ satisfaction levels. Agricultural multipurpose farmer’s cooperatives could play classical roles to increase smallholder productivity and incomes which lead to economic empowerment. The...

Author(s):Abdelhadi Tashega, D/r Tewodros Tefera

Effects of vitamin E administration on some milk constituents and physicochemical parameters of lactating West African Dwarf (WAD) Goats

Article in Press

Lactating animals are exposed to oxidative stress (OS) which influences milk composition and physicochemical properties. Administration of vitamin E could mitigate the effects of the OS and improve milk production. This study was conducted to determine the effects of vitamin E administration on some milk constituents and physicochemical parameters of lactating West African Dwarf (WAD) goats. Eighteen WAD does with mean...

Author(s):Y.O. Falade, I. J. James, A.O. Adelabu, S.O. Adeoye

Effect of Partial Substitution of Noug Seed Cake with Brewers Dried Grain and Yeast Mixture on Egg Quality of Bovans Brown Layers

Article in Press

This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of partial substitution of Noug Seed Cake (NSC) with a mix of Brewery Dried Grain and Brewery dried Yeast (BDGY) on egg qualitiesof Bovans Brown layers. A total of 120 Bovans Brown layers of 28 weeks of age, were randomly divided into 12 groups each with 10 layers of comparable body weight. Three isocaloric and iso-nitrogenous treatment rations in which 5% (T2), 10 %( T3)...

Author(s):Yemsrach Yimer, Solomon Demeke, Meseret Molla

Prevalence of Honeybee Diseases and Pests in Selected Districts of East Wollega Zone, Oromia National Regional State, Ethiopia

Article in Press

The study was conducted in the selected districts of East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia, to determine the prevalence of honeybee disease and pests. A questionnaire survey and laboratory diagnostic methods were used for the study. The questionnaire was administered to 146 beekeepers (97.1% males). Two honeybee colony samples from each beekeeper, totally (292 honeybee colonies), were collected from...

Author(s):Amsalu Arega

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity of Foxtail Millet [Setaria italica (L.) P. Beauv.] Germplasm based on Different Agronomic Traits

Article in Press

The present study aimed to investigate the genetic diversity of foxtail millet germplasm and select superior genotypes. To this end, 130 foxtail millet were studied under an augmented complete block design at Shahid Bahonar University Research Farm. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was also carried out on the genotypes to determine the homogeneity of experimental field. The results proved that there were significant...

Author(s):Akram Aminizadeh

Reproductive performance of Arsi x Holstein Friesian crossbred dairy cattle

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to evaluate the reproductive performance of Arsi-Holstein-Friesian crossbred dairy cows at Assela Model Agricultural Enterprise (AMAE). A retrospective study was carried out using data recorded from 1996 to 2011 to evaluate number of services per conception (NSPC), days open (DO), calving interval (CI), age at first service (AFS), and age at first calving (AFC). Fixed factors considered were...

Author(s):Teshome Gedefa, Ajebu Nurfeta, Nega Tola

Correlation of agronomic and anatomic characters of maize stalk for maize selection

Article in Press

The stalk of a maize plant may directly interfere in productivity, due to its storage capacity for photo-assimilates and transport capacity of water and nutrients to all parts of the plant. Thus, the aim of this study was to quantify the associations between agronomical and anatomical characters of the maize stalk, for possible use selection in the early stage of breeding program. The field experiment was conducted in the...

Author(s):Ivanildo Ramalho do Nascimento Júnior, Gustavo Vitti Moro, Fabíola Vitti Moro

Adoption of sustainable agricultural practices among farmers in Ohaukwu L.G.A of Ebonyi State

Article in Press

The study determined the adoption level of sustainable agricultural practices among farmers in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State. Multi-stage, random and systematic sampling procedures were employed to select 160 respondents for the study. The collected data were analyzed using relevant descriptive and inferential statistics. Result showed that majority of the respondents were females who were married, having...

Author(s):Umeh GN, Igwe GVC, Nwabunike MO, Agbo KF

The adoption of improved cassava technologies in Central Liberia

Article in Press

The study focused on adoption of improved cassava technologies in Central Liberia by the Central Agricultural Research institute (CARI). Farmer’s level of awareness on the adoption of cassava technologies and investigated factors influencing adoption behaviour of cassava farmers towards the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) cassava varieties. A multi-stage sampling technique was used in selecting the...

Author(s):Abibatu Turay Kromah, A. J. Farinde

Evaluation of Soybean (Glycine max L.) varieties for yield performance and adaptability over different growing seasons at Tselemti district, northern

Article in Press

A field experiment was carried out in 2015 and 2016 cropping season on Ten soybean varieties in Randomized Complete Block design with the objective of evaluation of soybean varieties for yield performance and adaptability considering number of days to 50% flowering, days to 95% maturity, plant height, pods per plant, plant height biomass and grain yield. Those varieties were superior overall the testing varieties such as...

Author(s):Tesfahun Mekuanint,Abadi Girmay

Socio-economic Characterization of Mitkie learning watershed of Pawe District, North Western Ethiopia

Article in Press

Conducting Baseline study before implementing of any project is crucial to evaluate and monitor the impacts of project intervention on socioeconomic of the beneficiaries of the project The purpose of this study was to characterize the socio economic condition of Mitkie learning watershed in Pawe district with objective of identify and document the current status, potentials and constraints of Mitkie learning watershed and...

Author(s):Welay Tesfay , Yenesew Assaye, Desalegn Teshale, Rehima Mussema

Impact of climate variability on coffee (Coffea arabica L.) productivity in Habro District, West HarerghE Zone, Eastern Ethiopia

Article in Press

This study was undertaken to investigate the relationship between rainfall and temperature characteristics and Coffee productivity. Daily rainfall and temperature and production data of Sixteen years were used for analysis. Correlation, regression, variability and trend were analyzed by Instat V3.37 and XLStat software. Seasonal and annual rainfall totals were highly variable. Pearson correlation revealed belg rainy day...

Author(s):Wasihun Gizaw Fantaye, Mengistu Mengesha, Lisanework Nigatu

Factors influencing effectiveness of agricultural communication methods among women farmers in Chanchaga Local Government Area of Niger State, Nigeria

Article in Press

The study examined the factors influencing agricultural communication methods among women farmers in Chanchaga Local Government Area of Niger State. Data for the study were obtained by means of household survey using structured questionnaires administered to 80 respondents. Data analysis was done using descriptive statistics and logit regression analysis. The result of the study showed that 58.8% of the women farmers were...

Author(s):Ajayi, O. J., Muhammed, Y., Jibrin, S., Muhammad, H. U.

Genetic erosion of cultivated common bean (Pharsalus vulgaris L.) landraces in South Western Kenya

Article in Press

Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris, L.) landraces derived from local tropical germplasm and represent an important source of genetic and phenotypic diversity. This germplasm is at present poorly understood and under-exploited by Kenyan crop breeding programs besides of being threatened by diseases, pests, genetic erosion and effects of climate change. The loss of landraces results in decreased genetic base of the remaining...

Author(s):Henry N. Anunda, Evans N. Nyaboga, Nelson O. Amugune

Composition and in vitro digestibility of cassava shoots and their potential use for ruminant nutrition

Article in Press

The objective of this study was to evaluate the chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) shoots as feed for ruminants. The experiment was conducted at the Sheep Technology Centre (CTO), in the municipality of Campo Grande – MS - Brazil. Cassava variety IAC was planted on 03.05.2014, with the aerial part of cassava used as silage, hay, and in natura. The percentage of crude...

Author(s):Luiz Carlos Pereira, Luís Carlos Vinhas Ítavo, Rodrigo Gonçalves Mateus, Cleber Junior Cleber Junior Jadosk, José Alexandre Agiova da Costa, José Antonio Maior Bono, Marcos Barbosa-Ferreira, Cristiano Marcelo Espinola Carvalho

Field screening of sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] inbred lines for resistance to striga [Striga hermonthica (Del.)] in East Hararghe, Ethiopia

Article in Press

ABSTRACT Drought and the obligate Striga root parasite are two of the most important constraints to sorghum production in the northern and north eastern parts of Ethiopia. This study assessed the field reaction of selected advanced lines under Striga hermonthica infestation condition. Twenty-two sorghum genotypes with two resistant checks (Gobiye and SRN-39) and one susceptible check (Teshale) were evaluated under Striga...

Author(s):Zeleke Legesse, Bulti Tesso, Taye Tadesse

Functional diversity and bioactive effect of ACC deaminase positive Bacillus pumilus and Mesorhizobium ciceri with chemical fertilizer on the performance of field grown

Article in Press

Indiscriminate and over application of agrochemicals in agricultural practices is one of the major global threats that has resulted in reduced soil fertility and poor crop productivity. The ACC deaminase positive and phosphate solubilizing bacterial strain ES3 isolated from chilli rhizosphere was identified as Bacillus pumilus using 16S rRNA sequence analysis. The ACC deaminase positive B. pumilus and Mesorhizobium ciceri...

Author(s):Khan Saghir

Assessment of Milk Production and Marketing System in Horro District of Horro Guduru Wollega Zone, Western Ethiopia

Article in Press

The study was conducted to assess dairy production and marketing system of Horro district of Horro Guduru Wollega zone. A structured questionnaire was used and the study area was stratified into highland and Mid-highland agro-ecology. The means and standard deviations of livestock holding was found 12.17±8.69, 13.54±13.98, 3.22±5.25, 2.79±2.84 and 0.96±1.34 for cattle, sheep, goats, horse and donkey, respectively....

Author(s):Demissu Hundie

Estimation of Infield Cane Stalk Loss at Wonji Shoa Sugar Estate

Article in Press

In Ethiopian sugar estates sugarcane harvesting period varies according to precipitation patterns to ensure that cutting and transportation takes place when the plant contains the highest accumulation of sugar and it is manually cut and mechanically loaded for haulage. The objective of this work was to assess the losses incurred at Wonji Shoa sugar estate as a result of cane stalks being lost in the field without being...


Tree growth and fruit quality changes in Midknight Valencia (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) grown on different rootstocks under Punjab conditions

Article in Press

Study was conducted at Punjab Agricultural University’s – Fruit Research Station, Jallowal to evaluate the performance of sweet orange cultivar Midknight Valencia on three different rootstocks. Plants on Rubidoux Trifoliate (RTF) were observed to be tallest with height of 3.15m while Rich 16-6 (R 16-6) contributed for maximum dwarfing effect with plant height of 2.27m. Highest level of east-west spread to the tune of...

Author(s):Chahal Tanjeet Singh

Evaluation of pruning time and its intensity on growth dynamics and budding success of Kinnow (Citrus reticulata Blanco) mother plant

Article in Press

North-West (Punjab) part of India has been facing a major problem of unavailability of healthy bud wood. Therefore it is logical to develop a technique which can help to improve the mother plant’s bud production as well as its health. Pruning is technique, if performed appropriate can result into the improvement of plant architecture, shoot production, and its health. Randomized Block Design with Factorial arrangement...

Author(s):Sharma Lakesh

Investigation on mass transfer kinetics of oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus sajor-caju) during osmotic dehydration process

Article in Press

Study on osmotic dehydration of mushroom (Pleurotus sajor-caju) slices was carried out for partial removal of moisture prior to the further hybrid microwave drying. The effect of various process parameters on mass transfer kinetics was studied. Sodium chloride concentration (10–20%), solution temperature (30–60° C) immersion time (15–240 min) and solution to fruit ratio (4:1 to 8:1) were taken as independent process...

Author(s):Ramya HG

Enhancement of Rice Productivity, Profitability, Carbon budget and Soil fertility through Integrated Nutrient Management

Article in Press

ABSTRACT A field experiment was conducted at Research Farm of ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Nagaland Centre, Medziphema during 2010 and 2011 for “Enhancement of Rice Productivity, Profitability, Carbon budget and Soil fertility through Integrated Nutrient Management” in Eastern Himalayan Region on a sandy loam soil. Among the organic sources of nutrient poultry manure (2.5t/ha) was found to be most profitable...


Analysis of ranking of different herbicide formulations in response of farmer's and retailer's by using SWOT and Spearman's rank correlation index

Article in Press

This study involves the application of SWOT and Spearman’s analysis models to identify the farmer-retailer responses with reference to factors affecting the adoption and intensity of herbicide use in rice production in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand being Tarai region of India. Results broadly indicate significant correlation in the degree to which important explanatory variables of herbicide’s technical...

Author(s):Kumar Manish

Gene action and combining ability of yield and its components in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Article in Press

Knowledge on the genetic system controlling the quantitative traits is important for devising an efficient selection program through the use of a suitable mating design. This study aims to determine the best parental combinations, by evaluating the effects of general and specific combining ability of the studied genotypes, for traits viz., days to 50 % flowering, plant height, number of primary branches, number of flowers...

Author(s):Sahu Mayuri

Constraints perceived and suggestions offered in the adoption of mixed farming

Article in Press

Mixed farming is an agrarian system that mixes arable farming with the raising of livestock. The live stock enterprises are complementary to crop production so as to provide a balance and productive system of farming. The present study was conducted in Anand taluka of Anand district of Central Gujarat to analyze constraints perceived and suggestions offered in the adoption of mixed farming. From the selected Anand taluka,...

Author(s):Vadakke Thodikayil Onima

Application of DSSAT models for climate change impact assessment– calibration and validation test of CERES-wheat model in Ethiopia

Article in Press

Crops exhibit known responses in their growth and development to local weather and climate that bear large impacts on crop productivity. Since recent decades, crop simulation models have been widely put to use in assessing the impacts of a changing climate variables (temperature, rainfall solar radiation etc) on crop production, while also targeting appropriate adaptation and mitigation responses. The objective of this...

Author(s):Fasil Mequanint

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