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Table of Content: 4 August, 2011; 5(15)

August 2011

Anti-fungal activity of Ardisia crispa (Thunb.) A.DC. against several fungi responsible for athlete’s foot

The body normally hosts a variety of saprotrophic micro-organisms that may cause infection. Athlete's foot causes scaling, flaking and itching of the affected skin. Blisters and cracked skin may also occur, leading to exposed raw tissue, pain, swelling and inflammation. Secondary bacterial infection can accompany the fungal infection. This work examined the anti-fungal activity of Ardisia crispa (AC)...

Author(s): M. N. Somchit, Y. Adam, H. C. Yee, A. Zuraini, A. K. Arifah and Z. A. Zakaria

August 2011

Effect of oligosaccharides and isoflavones aglycones in defatted soy meal fermented by Lactobacillus paracasei and Bifidobacterium longum

The study determined bacterial population, pH value, oligosaccharides and isoflavone in defatted soy meal fermented by Lactobacillus paracasei and Bifidobacterium longum at 37°C for 48 h. B. longum and L. paracasei fermented in defatted soy meal has significantly increased the maximum bacterial population over 9.6 log CFU/h and reduced pH to 4.9. Furthermore, content of...

Author(s): T. R. Chen, Q. K. Wei, and Z. X. Chi

August 2011

Characterization of thermostable 2-deoxy-D-ribose-5-phosphate aldolase with broad temperature adaptability from Thermococcus onnurineus NA1

The 2-deoxy-D-ribose-5-phosphate aldolase gene from Thermococcus onnurineus NA1was sub cloned, over expressed in Escherichia coli and purified to apparent homogeneity. Analysis of the sequence of gene revealed an n of 681 base pairs encoding 227 amino acids predicted to yield a protein having molecular mass 25.3 kDa. The enzyme activity was optimal at 60°C and showed broad temperature...

Author(s): Xiao-pu Yin, Qiu-yan Wang, Shu-juan Zhao, Peng-fei Du, Kai-lin Xie, Lihua Yang, Peng Jin, Jin-hua Liu and Tian Xie

August 2011

Comparison of the electro transformation of plasmids and plasmid stability between Zymomonas mobilis ZM4 and CP4

Four different plasmids were electro transformed into Zymomonas mobilis ZM4 and CP4, two important ethanol-producing strains. The results showed that the best source strain for preparing plasmids was the transformed host strain itself, and Escherichia coli JM110 as the source strain could yield significantly higher transformation efficiencies than Top10. The optimal recovery time of transformed ZM4...

Author(s): Shaolan Zou, Minhua Zhang, Jiefang Hong, Yuanyuan Ma and Weina Zhang

August 2011

Salt tolerance and mycorrhization of Bacopa monneiri grown under sodium chloride saline conditions

Salinity of soil is a serious problem affecting plant growth and is increasing steadily in many parts of the world, particularly in arid and semi-arid areas. Arbuscular mycorrhiza (A M) is the most wide spread and significant mutualistic fungi having universal in their association including plants of agricultural and medicinal importance. A. mycorrhiza fungi have been shown to promote plant...

Author(s): Khaliel A. S., Shine K. and Vijayakumar K.,

August 2011

Seroprevalance of Coxiellosis in cows, sheep, goats and humans in Diyarbakir region of Turkey

This study aims at determining the seroprevalance of Coxiella burnetii in cows, sheep, goats and staff, working in the stock breeding sector in Diyarbakir region. Therefore, C. burnetii antibodies were investigated in sera samples of 612 sheep, 700 goats, 584 cows and 90 staff by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA). In the study, seropositivity was obtained as 25.4, 38.6, 20.0 and 6.6% in...

Author(s): Neval Berrin Arserim, Simten YeÅŸilmen, Osman YaÅŸar TEL, Tuncer Özekinci, Oktay Keskin, Hüseyin Pulat and Aydin Vural

August 2011

Isolation of a bacteriophage against Salmonella Dublin and determination of its physical resistance under varied in vitro conditions

In the present study a phage against Salmonella Dublin was isolated using agar overlay technique. On physical characterization of the phage (pH, temperature and sun light exposure) it was found that the phage could survive at varied pH conditions with reduction in its numbers. A temperature of above 50°C and direct sunlight beyond 5 days was found to be deleterious for survival of the...

Author(s): Mudit Chandra, Sunita Thakur, Deepti Narang and H. M. Saxena

August 2011

Pulmonary tuberculosis associated with increased number and percentage of natural killer and B cells in the peripheral blood

Host defense against Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) is essentially a cell mediated immune response. The aim of this study is to assess immune abnormalities in the peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis. Flowcytometry data for peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in ten patients (mean age of 27 ± 6 years) with pulmonary tuberculosis were compared with similar data...

Author(s): Adel Almogren

August 2011

Study on differential display gene expression of Eimeria tenella multiple resistance strain isolated from Tangshan in chicken

Total RNA of Eimeria tenella drug-resistant strain from Tangshan was extracted with Trizol. Differential-display reverse transcription- polymerase chain reaction (DDRT-PCR) was established by 3 anchored primers and 20 arbitrary primers. The products ofpolymerase chain reaction (PCR) were analyzed on the denaturing polyacrylamide gels by silver-straining. Ten differential bands were excised...

Author(s): Zhang Yanying, Zhang xiangzhai, Jia Qinghui, Li Yunyu, Li Peiguo, Zhang Wenxiang and Chen Juan

August 2011

Influence of growth conditions and nutritional requirements on the production of hydrogen peroxide by lactic acid bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria (LAB) were isolated from raw and fermented milk samples. They were evaluated for hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) production. Sixty–three strains of LAB belonging to the genera Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc, Lactococcus and Streptococcuswere isolated and all the isolates produce H2O2 with Lactococcus lactis having the highest yield of 0.4279 mg/L in de Mann Rogosa Sharpe...

Author(s): Abimbola Enitan, Josiah Adeyemo and S. T. Ogunbanwo

August 2011

Detection of blaSHV and blaTEM beta-lactamase genes in multi-resistant Pseudomonas isolates from environmental sources

The activity of 13 antimicrobials was studied, to determine multiple antimicrobial resistances, against 208 Pseudomonas strains (125 Pseudomonas sp and 83Pseudomonas aeruginosa) isolated from river and aquaculture samples. Isolates were confirmed with API 20 NE. Isolates from both sources reported high resistance rates for similar antibiotics. These were: Ampicillin (100, 100%), cefuroxime (96.8,...

Author(s): Chikwendu C. I., S. N. Ibe and G. C. Okpokwasili

August 2011

Isolation, identification and characterization of oleaginous fungi from the soil of Qinghai Plateau that utilize D-xylose

We established a new screening method for oleaginous fungus, which was consistent with sudan black B stained but more convenient and faster. 11 strains of oleaginous fungi that utilize D-xylose were isolated from the soil of Qinghai Plateau by this method. These strains belong to 7 species by molecular identifying, they are Tilletiopsis albescens,Backusella ctenidia, lectosphaerella sp., Gibberella...

Author(s): Shi Lin Li, Shun Li Feng, Zeng Ting Li, Hui Xu, Ying Peng Yu, Dai Rong Qiao and Yi Cao

August 2011

The mRNA quantitative analysis, prokaryotic expression and structure prediction of hepatocarcinogenesis related gene idh3α under AFB1 stress

By differential proteomics analysis, it was found that the expression level of IDH3α (Isocitrate dehydrogenase 3α) in mouse liver was significantly increased under the stress of Aflatoxin B1. To validate the result of differential proteomics analysis, fluorescence quantitative PCR was used to detect the changing trend of idh3α mRNA volume induced by Aflatoxin B1 in mouse liver. The...

Author(s): Zhuang Zhenhong, Zhang Feng, Li Yanyun, Yuan Jun, Yang Yanling, Lin Ling and Wang Shihua

August 2011

Bacillus cereus and Enterobacter cancerogenus screened for their efficient plant growth promoting traits rhizobacteria (PGPR) and antagonistic traits among sixteen bacterial isolates from rhizospheric soils of Pigeon Pea

Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) are beneficial bacteria that colonize plant roots and enhance plant growth by a wide variety of mechanisms. The use of PGPR is steadily increasing in agriculture and offers an attractive way to replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Here, we have isolated and characterized PGPR traits from the rhizosphere soil of pigeon pea and tested for the growth enhancement of pigeon...

Author(s): M. Usha Rani, Arundhathi and Gopal Reddy

August 2011

Rapid detection of Salmonella species using an improved gel-based DNA microarray method

Salmonella, widely distributed in nature, is a great human and animal health hazard of a class of pathogens. Culture-based methods may require many days to detect Salmonella. Traditional microbiology could advantageously be replaced by DNA microarray technology. We described an improved 3-D polyacrylamide gel-based DNA microarray assay based on gyrB gene (DNA gyrase B subunit gene)...

Author(s): Xuhong Ye, Yiming Wang and Xiangui Lin

August 2011

Helicobacter pylori and CagAantibodies in Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)

In order to determine whether infection with Helicobacter pylori and CagA strain is associated with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), a study was conducted in Al- Zahra obstetrics and gynecology hospital in Tabriz, Iran between May 2007 and February 2008. Forty-four (44) pregnant women with the diagnosis of HG and forty-four (44) normal pregnant women of matched gestational age were included in this prospective...

Author(s): Fatemeh Abbasalizadeh, Shamsi  Abbasalizadeh, Parvin Bastani and Mohammad RezaBonyadi

August 2011

Molecular study for detection of Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) in Iranian cats

Feline leukemia virus (FeLV) is a retrovirus that infects cats. This infectious disease is a form of cancer of blood cells called lymphocytes. FeLV occurs in nature not as a single genomic species but as a family of closely related viruses. The aim of present study was to detect FeLV in Iranian domestic cats Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). Fifty six blood samples were...

Author(s): Farzad Shahrani, Abbas Doosti, and Asghar Arshi

August 2011

Highly virulent Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida isolated from Taiwan paradise fish, Macropodus opercularis (L.), in Taiwan

In Taiwan, a fish conservation farm had about 6,250 Taiwan paradise fishes, Macropodus opercularis (L.), which were separately cultivated in an outdoor tank containing 3,250 fishes, and an indoor tank containing the rest. The water supplying both tanks was the same running water source from the adjacent hills. Following a change in the fish feed (the commercial aquaculture feed became eel’s feed) to all...

Author(s): Pan-Chen Liu, Shao-Wen Hung, Ming-Hui Chen, Ching-Fu Cheng, Cheng-Chung Lin,Chen-Hsuan Chang, Shiun-Long Lin, Ching-Yu Tu, Yu-Hsing Lin and Way-Shyan Wang

August 2011

Medium formulation and impeller design on the biosynthesis of high molecular weight hyaluronic acid by Streptococcus zooepidemicus ATCC 39920

The effects of medium formulation and impeller design (Rushton turbine and helical ribbon) on hyaluronic acid (HA) biosynthesis by Streptococcus zooepidemicus ATCC 39920 were investigated using a 2 L stirred-tank bioreactor. The effect of different glucose concentrations (20, 30, 50 and 60 g/L), nitrogen sources ((NH4)2S2O8, (NH4)2PO4, yeast extract, and tryptone) and carbon/nitrogen ratios on...

Author(s): Zee-Wei Lai, Raha Abdul Rahim, Arbakariya Ariff, and Rosfarizan Mohamad,

August 2011

Ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction promotes proliferative vitreoretinopathy induced by RPE-J cells and platelet-rich plasma

Ultrasound-targeted microbubble destruction (UTMD) has been considered as a new approach to the gene therapy of proliferative vitreoretinopathy (PVR), but whether it affect the in vivo PVR model induction remains unknown. In this study, 90 Wistar rats were averagely divided into three groups according to the content of intravitreal injection: normal saline (Group 1), retinal pigmented epithelial -J cells and...

Author(s): Xiaozhi Zheng, Ping Ji and Jianqun Hu

August 2011

Optimization of growth conditions for mycelial yield and exopolysaccharride production by Pleurotus ostreatus cultivated in Nigeria

Optimum culture condition for mycelia and exopolysaccharides production (EPS) byPleurotus ostreatus in submerged liquid culture was investigated. The optimum temperature for mycelia yield and exopolysaccharide production was 25 and 15°C in day 14 with yields of 1.40 g/ml and 2700 mg/l respectively. Optimum pH was found to be 8 with respective yields of 2.5 g/ml and 2665 mg/l in day 12 for mycelia and EPS...

Author(s): Adebayo-Tayo B. C., Jonathan S. G., Popoola O. O. and Egbomuche R. C.

August 2011

Survey of 3rd generation cephalosporin genes in multi-resistant Salmonella serotypes from septic poultry and an asymptomatic healthy pig from Nigeria

Occurrence and spread of Salmonella genes encoding AmpC and extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (ESBL) is a major public health problem worldwide. These genes have been identified in Salmonella serotypes all over the world yet there is paucity of reports on these genes in Nigeria, despite the phenotypic evidence of resistance to beta-lactam drugs. The current work used a multiplex PCR to identify...

Author(s): Akinlabi O. Ogunleye and Steve A. Carlson

August 2011

Evaluation of specimens in which the urine sediment analysis was conducted by full-automatic systems and a manual method together with urine culture results

The aim of the present study is to assess leukocyte and bacterial counts, and urine strip leukocyte esterase and as well as nitrite results from IQ200 and UriSed full-automatic urine sediment analyzers, with urine culture results. Six hundred urine cultures were performed in accordance with the routine laboratory procedures of the hospital. A growth <104 CFU/mL in the culture was considered negative. After the...

Author(s): Okhan Kadir AKIN, Muhittin A. SERDAR, Zeynep CIZMECI and Ozlem GENC

August 2011

Oral Candida colonization in patients with fixed orthodontic appliances: The importance of some nutritional and salivary factors

We investigated the relationship between fixed orthodontic appliances and oral Candidacolonization.  The influence of some important nutritional and salivary factors was also investigated. These factors included: hemoglobin, vitamin B12, ferritin and folate levels, salivary flow rate, salivary pH, tobacco smoking and dietary habits. Patients enrolled in this study were adolescent patients aged 12-18 years...

Author(s): Najla Dar-Odeh, Asem Shehabi, Zaid Al-Bitar, Iyad Al-Omari, Serene Badran, Mahmoud Al-Omiri, Moayyad Naser, Mohammad Al-Beyari and Osama Abu-Hammad

August 2011

Characteristics of the secretory expression of pectate lyase A from Aspergillus nidulans in Escherichia coli

Pectate lyases from Aspergillus spp. are a major kind of industrial pectinases, can improve the surface properties of natural fibers and have promising applications in medicine, food, textile and other industries. Pectate lyases catalyze the eliminative cleavage of de-esterified pectin, which is a major component of the primary cell walls of many higher plants. The Pectate lyase A (PelA) gene without an...

Author(s): Zhihua Han, Qingxin Zhao, Huanli Wang, and Yijun Kang,

August 2011

Screening for antibacterial activities in some marine algae from the red sea (Hurghada, Egypt)

Methanolic and ethyl acetate extracts from eight different seaweeds collected from the red sea Hurghada, Egypt (June, 2009) were screened for their antibacterial activities against both gram positive bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus NCIMB 50080 and Bacillus cereus) and gram negative bacteria (Escherichia coli NCIMB 50034, Enterococcus feacalisNCIMB 50030, Salmonella sp....

Author(s): Salem, W. M., Galal, H. and Nasr El-deen, F.

August 2011

Mycobacterium tuberculosis TLR2 agonists LprA, LM and Man-LAM induce notch1 and socs3 transcription

Mycobacterium tuberculosis employs a number of strategies to subvert host signaling events, leading to its persistence within macrophages. Upon infection, Mycobacterium bovis BCG induce the expression of suppressor of cytokine signaling 3 (socs3), in a Toll-like receptor 2 (TLR2)-Notch1-dependent manner. Purified phosphatidyl inositol di-mannosides (a TLR2 agonist) act as an inducer for...

Author(s): Erika Nahomy Marino-Marmolejo, Citlalli Tornez-Benítez, Vania Elvira Bonifaz-Peña,Mabel Guzmán-Rodríguez, Hugo Enrique López-González, Abel Gutiérrez-Ortega, Leticia Santos and Mario Alberto Flores-Valdez

August 2011

Rapid detection of Salmonella enterica in food of animal origins collected from Riyadh, King Saudi Arabia

The present study is aimed to investigate Salmonella species in food of animal origin collected from Riyadh, King Saudi Arabia (KSA) using conventional methods and polymerase chain reaction (PCR), targeting fimA gene specific for members of genus Salmonella. Salmonellaisolation revealed 20 Salmonella serovars (8%) out of 250 examined samples. Nine strains (6, 92%) were recovered...

Author(s): Moussa I. M., Ashgan M. H., Mahmoud M. H. and Al-Doss A. A.

August 2011

Microbial and physicochemical quality of an urban reclaimed wastewater used for irrigation and aquaculture in South Africa

We evaluated the microbial (listerial) and physicochemical quality of a reclaimed municipal wastewater (RW) used for irrigation and aquaculture in South Africa between August 2007 and July 2008. Listerial density in RW ranged between 9.6 × 103 and 2.8 × 105 cfu/100 ml. pH varied from 6.7 to 7.75 while temperature ranged between 18 and 27°C. Turbidity varied between 1.6 and 19 NTU whereas...

Author(s): Odjadjare E. E. O., Igbinosa E. O. and Okoh A. I.

August 2011

Statistical optimization of cultural conditions for decolorization of methylene blue by mono and mixed bacterial culture techniques

Acinetobacter baumannii, Corynebacterium sp., Cytophaga columnaris, Escherichia coli,Pseudomonas fluorescence and Pseudomonas luteola were locally isolated bacteria from sewage Disposal Lake at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and they can decolorize methylene blue.E. coli was the most potent MB decolorizing and to a lesser extend P. luteola. Five different media were tested to elucidate...

Author(s): Khaled M. Ghanem, Saleh M. Al-Garni and Abdulghafoor K. Biag