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JVMAH Articles

Experimental studies on the effect of long-acting oxytetracycline treatment in the development of sequestra in contagious bovine pleuropneumonia-infected cattle

November 2010

The effect of long-acting oxytetracycline treatment in the development of sequestra in contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP)-infected animals was determined. Thirty five clinically healthy zebu cattle, negative for CBPP antibodies (as tested by a competitive ELISA), were infected with Mycoplasma mycoides subsp. mycoidessmall colony variant - field isolate. All the animals were...

Author(s): M. Niang, A. Sery, M. Doucouré, M. Koné, M. N’Diaye, W. Amanfu and F. Thiaucourt

Seroepidemiological investigation of foot-and-mouth disease virus serotypes in cattle around Lake Mburo National Park in South-western Uganda

November 2010

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreaks in cattle occur annually in Uganda. In this study the authors investigated antibodies against FMD virus (FMDV) in cattle in surrounding areas of Lake Mburo National Park in South-western Uganda. Two hundred and eleven serum samples from 23 cattle herds were examined for the presence of antibodies against FMDV non-structural proteins and structural proteins using...

Author(s): Frank Norbert Mwiine, Chrisostom Ayebazibwe, Soren Alexandersen, William Olaho-Mukani, A. R. Okurut Ademun and Kirsten Tjornehoj

Comparison of serum and salivary cortisol in restrained ewe lambs after (Adrenocorticotropic Hormone) ACTH administration

November 2010

The objective of the current study was to compare cortisol concentrations in serum and salivary samples taken concurrently from halter-restrained lambs administered ACTH (100 IU, i.v.) or saline. Although cortisol appeared elevated in all animals, it tended to increase after ACTH administration in both serum (p = 0.085) and saliva (p = 0.078). Additionally, correlation (r = 0.66; p < 0.001) and regression (R2 =...

Author(s): D. T. Yates, L. J. Yates, R. A. Halalsheh, R. L. Wesley, D. M. Hallford and T. T. Ross

Pseudomonas infection in Chickens

November 2010

Pseudomonas aeuroginosa is a motile, gram negative, oxidase positive bacteria, grows well on MacConkey agar media. It is a rod shaped bacteria occurring singly or in short chains, microscopically, margins of the colonies are having hook like projections. The organism is a strict aerobe, also grows readily on other common bacteriological media. The bacteria usually produces a water soluble green pigment composed of...

Author(s): Fekadu Kebede

Amelioration of heat stress induced disturbances of the antioxidant defense system in broilers

April 2010

A comparative study on antistressor and antioxidative effects of synthetic vitamin C and polyherbal feed premix supplementation in broilers was conducted during the summer months of June-July when the mean temperature-humidity index was 84.74 ± 2.51. Day old broiler chicks (n = 60) were randomly divided into three groups. Control group I was given basal diet and treatment groups (II and III) were supplemented...

Author(s): V. Sujatha, Jayant Pandurang Korde, Sunil K. Rastogi, Shivi Maini, Kotagiri Ravikanth and Dhananjay Shyamrao Rekhe

Isolation and identification of Staphylococcus aureus from bovine mastitic milk and their drug resistance patterns in Adama town, Ethiopia

April 2010

A cross-sectional study was carried out from November 2008 - April 2009 to estimate the prevalence of mastitis caused by Staphylococcus aureus, to assess the associated risk factors and to determine the antimicrobial resistance pattern in Adama town, East Shoa, Ethiopia. From 102 markets oriented small holder dairy farms, a total of 300 lactating cows were tested for mastitis using the California Mastitis Test...

Author(s): M. Abera,  B. Demie, K. Aragaw, F. Regassa and A. Regassa

Blood profiles from wild populations of green sea turtles in Taiwan

February 2010

Blood samples were obtained from twenty seven clinically healthy by-catched green turtles (Chelonia mydas). The packed cell volume (PCV) and 14 plasma biochemistry parameters were determined from these samples. The PCV values were lower in sub-adult green turtles than in the adults while the plasma AST concentration was higher in the sub-adults than in the adults. These variations may be due to the age of the...

Author(s): Chia-ling Fong, Ho-Chang Chen and I-Jiunn Cheng

Effects of dietary vitamin E on daily intake, serum testosterone and epididymal sperm quality in Sprague-Dawley rats subjected to heat stress

February 2010

This study examined the effects of vitamin E on daily intake, serum testosterone levels, and epididymal sperm quality in heat stressed male rats.  Rats were heat stressed (HS; 35°C) or housed at room temperature (control; 24°C) for 20 days and offered one of the following dietary vitamin E concentrations: 42 (low), 242 (med-low), 2,042 (med-high), or 20,042 (high) IU/kg diet. On day 21, rats were...

Author(s): D. T. Yates, A. F. Montoya, L. J. Yates, C. A. Warner, A. R. Otis, L. M. Lankford, R. A. Halalsheh, D. M. Hallford and T. T. Ross

Serological survey of etiological agents associated with abortion in two Algerian dairy cattle breeding farms

January 2010

In Algeria, there is a lack of information about the frequency and etiology of abortions in breeding cattle. In order to improve this situation, we sent a questionnaire to veterinary practitioners, and followed it up with a serological survey on two dairy farms (A and B) that had reported abortions. The serological survey was undertaken to detect the main abortive agents with particular emphasis on Neospora...

Author(s): A. Dechicha, , S. Gharbi, S. Kebbal, G. Chatagnon, D. Tainturier, R. Ouzrout and D. Guetarni

Situs inversus totalis in a wistar albino rat

January 2010

Situs inversus totalis is a rare congenital condition in which the major organs are reversed in relation to their normal position. A 12-weeks-old Wistar albino rat that had no clinical signs of disease was examined macroscopically. It was observed that the location of the heart, liver, spleen and stomach was the opposite of their normal position and that the aorta and caudal vena cava were in a reverse orientation to...

Author(s): Bülent Salman, Tugan Tezcaner, Bahadır Ege, Mustafa Kerem, ÇaÄŸdaÅŸ Oto and Tonguç Utku Yılmaz

Comparative efficacy of doxycycline and flumequine against experimentally induced colibacillosis in broiler chicks

August 2009

  This study sought to determine comparative efficacy of doxycycline and flumequine for the treatment of colibacillosis, which is an acute septicaemic disease caused by pathogenic Escherichia coli. This disease has illness coming on in the range widely, death rate is relatively high and some are up to more than 30%, have caused the enormous economic losses. The birds were infected...

Author(s): Haji Akbar, Murad Khan, Ayaz Ali Khan, Muhammad Ali Khan, Muhammad Shuaib, Shamaila Fazal Akbar, Sobia Manzoor, Irshad-ur-rehman, Shakeel Ahmad, Liaqat Ali, Rehmana Khalid and Muhammad Idrees

Protective efficacy of commercial live vaccines against very virulent infectious bursal disease virus (vvIBDV) in Ghana

August 2009

  In spite of the intensive and varied vaccination procedures to control Infectious Bursa Disease (IBD), the emergence of a very virulent (vv) IBD pathotype in Ghana has led to high economic losses in the poultry industry. The potencies of two live intermediate IBD vaccine strains (TAD and Nobilis D78) and an intermediate-plus (hot) vaccine strain (228E) used in Ghana were evaluated by challenging Specific...

Author(s): H. R. Otsyina, J. Amakye-Anim and K. G. Aning

A rapid method for testing the efficacy of teat dip formulations as bactericidal agents for the control of bovine mastitis

July 2009

A nylon membrane-based filter technique was developed to evaluate the bactericidal efficacy of mastitis control teat dip products. Using this method, we were able to determine that this protocol was both a rapid and effective method for evaluating the efficacy of our iodine- and bronopol-containing teat dips against a variety of mastitis-causing strains of bacteria such as E. coli, S. aureus, P. aeruginosa, S....

Author(s): Pasquale P. Vicario, Irina A. Grigorian and John Pascoe B. S.

Seroprevalence of foot and mouth disease in Bench Maji zone, Southwestern Ethiopia

July 2009

  A cross-sectional sero-epidemological study was conducted in two districts of the Bench Maji Zone, Southwestern Ethiopia between November 2007 and February 2008 with the objective of determining the seroprevalence of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) in cattle and identifying the potential risk factors associated with the disease. Sera samples were collected from a total of 273 cattle in 98 herds. The sera were...

Author(s): Esayas Gelaye, Gelagay Ayelet, Tsegalem Abera and Kassahun Asmare

Toxicological assessment of Cryptolepis sanguinolenta for possible use in veterinary medicine

July 2009

  Acute and sub-acute oral toxicity assessment of the aqueous root extract ofCryptolepis sanguinolenta was studied in Sprague Dawley rats for possible use as animal medication. The extract (250 - 3000 mg/kg, p.o) was administered daily for a period of 72 h and (500 - 2000 mg/kg, p.o) for 14 days for acute and sub-acute studies respectively.  Acute administration of the extract did not produce any...

Author(s): C. Ansah, H. R. Otsyina, M. Duwiejua, E. Woode, F. A.  Aboagye and K. G. Aning

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